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Elvis in a sentence

Elvis stood up.
Elvis Presley and Mr.
My old man was Elvis.
Elvis fucking Presley.
Elvis shook his head,.
His Elvis wig was askew.

'You think so?' Elvis said.
Elvis stuck out his hand,.
Elvis nodded, then paused,.
A white-toothed Elvis smile.
memory of the legendary Elvis.
'Gee, that's nice,' Elvis said.
They call me the Son of Elvis.
Elvis was good, I replied.
And this is Elvis Costello.
Elvis stared at a spot on the table.
Elvis Morrissey…? No, too obvious.
I went home and curled up with Elvis.
Elvis raced in to attack the intruder.
The Women Who Loved Elvis All Their Lives.
• Elvis Presley - "In the Ghetto" (1969).
Is that the only Elvis song you know?.
But when I did, he called me the Son of Elvis.
Fred and Ginger have tied the knot with Elvis.
Elvis looked from one to the other, then said,.
Elvis almost broke the cup as he put it back down.
I thought he was some Elvis impersonator’s son.
just as Elvis and the Beatles had done before him.

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acid dose dot elvis pane superman zen