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    1. to enact for their own government, belonged to the town-corporate in which they were

    2. The majority of a corporation can enact a bye-law, with proper

    3. A prince, who should enact that a certain proportion of his taxes should be paid in a paper money of a certain kind, might thereby

    4. And while she could not deny the clench of anger in her gut at the sight of the rebel regalia, she also could not ignore the chance to enact a little revenge on a shared enemy

    5. To prohibit, by a perpetual law, the importation of foreign corn and cattle, is in reality to enact, that the population and industry of the country shall, at no time, exceed what the rude produce of its own soil can maintain

    6. To propose that Great Britain should voluntarily give up all authority over her colonies, and leave them to elect their own magistrates, to enact their own laws, and to make peace and war, as they might think proper, would be to propose such a measure as never was, and never will be, adopted by any nation in the world

    7. enact is done on purpose and with purpose, with

    8. made against the exportation of wool, among other things in the said act mentioned, doth enact the same to be deemed felony, by the severity of which penalty the prosecution of offenders hath not been so effectually put in execution ; be it therefore enacted, by the authority aforesaid, that so much of the said act, which relates to the making the said offence felony, be repealed and made void

    9. That was when Congress tried to enact voting rule changes that would have denied voting for new citizens

    10. If the federal government were kept out of this the separate states might enact some of these

    11. to enact the proposition

    12. agreements only need a majority to enact them

    13. something to replace it and Steve Forbes has written a book, The Flat Tax, and it could be used to enact

    14. be heavily influenced by that group and may be able to enact some of the above – or at least stop the

    15. Would those labouring men out in the thorny veld appreciate the meaning of these cookies I was baking to send them? Did they even want them? But what else was there for me to do except enact, alone, the rituals embedded in me?

    16. If he had time, he could enact it before the test was forced to run

    17. to enact what was referred to as a “Concurrent Resolution

    18. The founding fathers would have never been able to enact

    19. Last year, a similar procedure was used to enact new deficit targets for future years without an actual vote

    20. hand, enact stricter domestic legislation on the protection of pet animals and, on the

    21. Perhaps, then, it was not the best time to enact a ritual of joy? Or perhaps it was

    22. “Do you swear to enact and install the rules and infrastructure of The Game of Status, exactly as you’ve described it to me, including the oaths you described to protect non-players and to live by the spirit of your oaths, and to swear those oaths and abide by those rules yourself?”

    23. enact no laws or regulations or taxes without the

    24. 2 Jesus had found out through personal and human experience that Palestine was the best place in all the Roman world wherein to set forth the closing chapters, and to enact the final scenes, of his life on earth

    25. With perfect poise he could at one moment enact the human role or immediately assume the personality prerogatives of the divine nature

    26. Why is it that you show such disrespect for the traditions of the fathers and the laws of our elders?" And when Jesus heard him speak, he answered: "Why is it that you transgress the commandments of God by the laws of your tradition? The commandment says, `Honor your father and your mother,' and directs that you share with them your substance if necessary; but you enact a law of tradition which permits undutiful children to say that the money wherewith the parents might have been assisted has been `given to God

    27. 4 When a boy, Jesus used to ascend the hill near his home and dream of the battles which had been fought by the armies of empires on the plain of Esdraelon; now he ascended Mount Hermon to receive the endowment which was to prepare him to descend upon the plains of the Jordan to enact the closing scenes of the drama of his bestowal on Urantia

    28. And so, with the full knowledge that the Father had put all things under his authority, the Master now prepared to enact the parable of brotherly love

    29. I would only hope by 2015 most states would enact such a law

    30. “Then why is the Elite the only squad allowed to enact Free zones?” Billy knew it had been Maxi, and was sure it meant trouble

    31. This consequence, however, may sometimes take generations for nature to enact

    32. God cannot enact His promises to Israel as long as the Church is in the

    33. only to surface in places where I can enact

    34. through all this activity, we have trained ourselves to enact the martyr

    35. It was time to enact some changes

    36. Hold a review or assign a taskforce to enact any or all of the above action plans

    37. Government has to enact legislation to protect consumers, AND punish businesses that do not comply


    39. After that sniff of poison entered his body, it did not enact for along time

    40. Why then, do we not enact them? It's simple

    41. When was the last time a corporation bribed a politician to enact harsher regulatory laws on their own industry, so that the consumer might be better protected, given a quality product, have a superior good created for the people, paid its real share of taxes on all aspects of its production, and limited its profits so as to improve the lives of its employees and suppliers, rather than shareholders?

    42. Honest in that it recognizes it does not know how to do this nor can it prescribe any formula, principle or law for how to achieve, institute, or enact it

    43. The question, then, is what is the threshold of love for love to functionally predominate the social will; what are the social systems, cultures, and institutions necessary to enact a social love that is greater than any individual within it? If love is the attractor, how are we a social will to it?

    44. your state legislators and encourage them to enact the

    45. As a group, we are going to enact the plot

    46. enact the plot to overthrow there is a slim possibility that we can wake up

    47. Will the sheep enact plan ‘B’? What will be the breaking news story one

    48. We will free her upon the release of McAdams and with an oath upon the river Styx to never enact that punishment upon him

    49. “Don't you think that's what Morgan had in mind?” said Caesar as they crept back to The Bush Inn to enact Johnny's plan

    50. She wanted to fight; she felt the need to enact revenge! She scanned the room, but could not get a fix on it

    1. These often turned into fleeing patterns while larger fish enacted their eating patterns before continuing their mating patterns once again

    2. She came forward slowly, cautiously, a clear fighter’s stance enacted with every step

    3. enacted to help rehabilitate ex-felons through job placement, training and housing

    4. The masters, upon these occasions, are just as clamorous upon the other side, and never cease to call aloud for the assistance of the civil magistrate, and the rigorous execution of those laws which have been enacted with so much severity against the combination of servants, labourers, and journeymen

    5. evidently dictated by the same corporation-spirit which enacted the bye-law of Sheffield

    6. silk-weavers in London had scarce been incorporated a year, when they enacted a bye-law,

    7. By the 5th of Elizabeth, commonly called the Statute of Apprenticeship, it was enacted, that

    8. religious houses, after some other ineffectual attempts for their relief, it was enacted, by the

    9. when it was enacted, that forty days undisturbed residence

    10. It was enacted, therefore, by the 1st of James II

    11. burdened by such intruders, it was further enacted by the 3rd of William III

    12. well require less than thirty pounds, it having been enacted, that the purchase even of a

    13. it was enacted that if any person should bring a certificate from the

    14. certificated man should come to reside, it was further enacted by the same statute, that he

    15. 18, it was further enacted, that

    16. was enacted what is called the Statute of Labourers

    17. Ten shillings, therefore, containing six ounces of silver, Tower weight, and equal to about thirty shillings of our present money, must, upon this supposition, have been reckoned the middle price of the quarter of wheat when this statute was first enacted, and must have continued to be so in the 51st of Henry III

    18. Thus, in 1436, it was enacted, that wheat might be exported without a licence when the price was so low as six shillings and eightpence: and in 1463, it was enacted, that no wheat should be imported if the price was not above six shillings and eightpence the quarter: The legislature had imagined, that when the price was so low, there could be no inconveniency in exportation, but that when it rose higher, it became prudent to allow of importation

    19. In the statute of Tumbrel and Pillory, enacted nearly about the same time, the price of ale is regulated according to every sixpence rise in the price of barley, from two shillings, to four shillings the quarter

    20. Three shillings Scotch, at the time when this assize is supposed to have been enacted, were equal to about nine shillings sterling of our present money Mr Ruddiman seems {See his Preface to Anderson's Diplomata Scotiae

    21. , it was enacted, that " whosoever shall sell by retail a broad yard of the finest scarlet grained, or of other grained cloth of the finest making, above sixteen shillings, shall forfeit forty shillings for every yard so sold

    22. it was enacted, that "no servant in husbandry nor common labourer, nor servant to any artificer inhabiting out of a city or burgh, shall use or wear in their clothing any cloth above two shillings the broad yard

    23. disadvantageous exchange must have subjected their merchants, such small states, when they began to attend to the interest of trade, have frequently enacted that foreign bills of exchange of a certain value should be paid, not in common currency, but by an order upon, or by a transfer in the books of a certain bank, established upon the credit, and under the protection of the state, this bank being always obliged to pay, in good and true money, exactly according to the standard of the state

    24. It was at the same time enacted, that all bills drawn upon or negotiated at Amsterdam, of the value of 600 guilders and upwards, should be paid in bank money, which at once took away all uncertainty in the value of those bills

    25. But this law enacted, that no part of that duty should be drawn back upon the exportation to the colonies of any commodities of the growth or manufacture either of Europe or the East Indies, except wines, white calicoes, and muslins

    26. which had been enacted about five-and-twenty years before, and which had, therefore, full time to produce its effect

    27. These restraints upon importation, though prior to the establishment of the bounty, were dictated by the same spirit, by the same principles, which afterwards enacted that regulation

    28. The law for the encouragement of the coinage, by rendering it duty-free, was first enacted during the reign of Charles II

    29. The colony settled its own form of government, enacted its own laws, elected its own magistrates, and made peace or war with its neighbours, as an independent state, which had no occasion to wait for the approbation or consent of the mother city

    30. In order to counteract this notable piece of mercantile policy, and to render herself as much as possible independent, not only of Sweden, but of all the other northern powers, Great Britain gave a bounty upon the importation of naval stores from America; and the effect of this bounty was to raise the price of timber in America much more than the confinement to the home market could lower it; and as both regulations were enacted at the same time, their joint effect was rather to encourage than to discourage the clearing of land in America

    31. 15, this indulgence was a good deal abated, and it was enacted, " That no part of the duty called the old subsidy should be drawn back for any goods of the growth, production, or manufacture of Europe or the East Indies, which should be exported from this kingdom to any British colony or plantation in America; wines, white calicoes, and muslins, excepted

    32. During the first of them, the plan of that act had been but just formed; and though, before the breaking out of the second, it had been fully enacted by legal authority, yet no part of it could have had time to produce any considerable effect, and least of all that part which established the exclusive trade to the colonies

    33. The trade of the colonies, of which England, even for some time after the act of navigation, enjoyed but a part (for the act of navigation was not very strictly executed till several years after it was enacted), could not at that time be the cause of the great trade of England, nor of the great naval power which was supported by that trade

    34. The severity of many of the laws which have been enacted for the security of the revenue is very justly complained of, as imposing heavy penalties upon actions which, antecedent to the statutes that declared them to be crimes, had always been understood to be innocent

    35. made against the exportation of wool, among other things in the said act mentioned, doth enact the same to be deemed felony, by the severity of which penalty the prosecution of offenders hath not been so effectually put in execution ; be it therefore enacted, by the authority aforesaid, that so much of the said act, which relates to the making the said offence felony, be repealed and made void

    36. 18, reducing the fine for admission to twenty pounds for all persons, without any distinction of ages, or any restriction, either to mere merchants, or to the freemen of London; and granting to all such persons the liberty of exporting, from all the ports of Great Britain, to any port in Turkey, all British goods, of which the exportation was not prohibited, upon paying both the general duties of customs, and the particular duties assessed for defraying the necessary expenses of the company ; and submitting, at the same time, to the lawful authority of the British ambassador and consuls resident in Turkey, and to the bye-laws of the company duly enacted

    37. To prevent any oppression by those bye-laws, it was by the same act ordained, that if any seven members of the company conceived themselves aggrieved by any bye-law which should be enacted after the passing of this act, they might appeal to the board of trade and plantations (to the authority of which a committee of the privy council has now succeeded), provided such appeal was brought within twelve months after the bye-law was enacted; and that, if any seven members conceived themselves aggrieved by any bye-law which had been enacted before the passing of this act, they might bring a like appeal, provided it was within twelve months after the day on which this act was to take place

    38. It was enacted, that the resolution of two-thirds of these creditors in number and value should bind the rust, both with regard to the time which should be allowed to the company for the payment of their debts, and with regard to any other agreement which it might be thought proper to make with them concerning those debts

    39. The court of twenty-four directors had before been chosen annually; but it was now enacted, that each director should, for the future, be chosen for four years ; six of them, however, to go out of office by rotation every year, and not be capable of being re-chosen at the election of the six new directors for the ensuing year

    40. ’ But he knew Roidon well enough to know that the man had already set his own course, a plan that was to be enacted regardless

    41. The re-establishing this ancient order was the object of several statutes enacted in England during the course of the fourteenth century, particularly of what is called the statute of provisors ; and of the pragmatic sanction, established in France in the fifteenth century

    42. The late attempts to introduce the culture of this plant into England, have been made only in consequence of the statute, which enacted that five shillings an acre should be received in lieu of all manner of tythe upon madder

    43. The law which enacted it was, like all other laws relating to the coin, introduced and carried through the assembly of the people by a tribune, and was probably a very popular law

    44. Since I have not been able to disable it from here then the contingency plan will have to be enacted

    45. If that is not sufficient proof, I respectfully refer you to the “Sobukwe” clause enacted during the 1970s, which was a disgrace and legally designed only to keep Mr

    46. No individual is above the law but equal before the law, rather; that is to say, laws are not enacted for the private benefit of any one individual or group but conceived in a manner that seeks to promote equal protection for every citizen

    47. “And in the beginning the old man of the mountain said, ‘let there be beer,’” he declaimed majestically, and poured a small libation upon the waters, a small but important ritual he hadn’t enacted in far too many moons

    48. He supports San José legislators who labor on a bill that, if enacted, will require equitable distribution of tax revenues among all the provinces

    49. One of the laws enacted by our Congress was the Endangered Species Act

    50. The law was enacted in the 1960"s by authorizing the identification of fish and wildlife threatened with

    1. She alone could be sure that the van was still where it had been left, though fleetingly she had been carried along with the pretence she was enacting

    2. visit Professor Sidhu,” said Pritish, enacting his part to the T

    3. The government of Pennsylvania, indeed, pretended, upon their first emission of paper money, in 1722, to render their paper of equal value with gold and silver, by enacting penalties against all those who made any difference in the price of their goods when they sold them for a colony paper, and when they sold them for gold and silver, a regulation equally tyrannical, but much less, effectual, than that which it was meant to support

    4. She assigned them lands generally in the conquered provinces of Italy, where, being within the dominions of the republic, they could never form any independent state, but were at best but a sort of corporation, which, though it had the power of enacting bye-laws for its own government, was at all times subject to the correction, jurisdiction, and legislative authority of the mother city

    5. In fact, the secret of enacting The Law of Attraction to

    6. the world by enacting that knowledge in practical,

    7. Bulgarian institutions would engage in the legislative process by voting and enacting

    8. “And I’d like to point out that it’s not merely explaining our plans in full that would take too long if I don’t have command, it’s explaining and enacting many of the smaller aspects of it

    9. He held a clipboard with the enacting message for the President's signature

    10. the health-care system -- which Congress is halfway toward enacting -- would


    12. shame in enacting the other gender's role

    13. That night after dinner, Mitchell wasted little time in enacting his master plan

    14. articulate these practices in theoretical terms, my teachers were enacting a revolutionary pedagogy that was profoundly anticolonial

    15. Every day, the vans would touch fifteen to twenty villages, almost like a modern-day jatra enacting a slice of political theatre

    16. And indeed, African nations may be best served by enacting stronger local land-use policies and demanding more specific agreements, as suggested by Van Braun

    17. * Indians rejected the Simon commission report out of Hand as it did not mention anything in regard to conferring the Dominion Status – Simon Commission’s report became the basis for enacting the Government of India Act 1935

    18. Those who propose enacting abortion laws—or any law dictating to a woman how she can use her own body—are reverting to the “women are disposable chattel” concepts of ages thankfully past

    19. As that lion who took the first bite of a trapped and terrified meal was not flawed, but perfectly enacting his role, so too is the predatory, war-making, blood-sport-loving man

    20. Those who propose enacting abortion laws—or any law dictating to a woman how she can use her own body—are reverting to the "women are disposable chattel" concepts of ages thankfully long past

    21. When any class has unequal access to the representative powers of the tax enacting State, what usually results is a polarizing and paralyzing privilege of the wealthy class paying a donation toll to the powers that be so as to not have to share with the hoi polloi through the communal resource that is tax as social redistribution, i

    22. Culture is the consent of wills enacting the custom of choices

    23. Enacting change in the corporate environment,while often necessary, is always expensive

    24. in some cases the enacting of legislation limiting family

    25. The best way I find to do this is to pretend you are in a cinema and you see yourself enacting the scene, routine or event out, as it happens on the screen, and you are actually sat in the audience

    26. I took her cool metallic grasp and shook it firmly, “Partners it is then!” I said, but we both knew that we were enacting something far more than just a working relationship

    27. Here, then, is one difficulty in our law about women, which we may say that we have now escaped; the wave has not swallowed us up alive for enacting that the guardians of either sex should have all their pursuits in common; to the utility and also to the possibility of this arrangement the consistency of the argument with itself bears witness

    28. The state of Colorado to be outdone by some United States territory? The healthy and fit Coloradans would have none of this rubbish and in droves relentlessly inculcated enacting this initiative into law will immutably affirm Colorado being the first state to seriously combat obesity

    29. through the flooring of her chamber she viewed the scene that was enacting below

    30. Notwithstanding the horror excited by the presence of her captor, there was a present relief in escaping from the bloody scene enacting on the plain, to which Cora

    31. The boys had resumed their sports in the clearing, and were enacting a mimic chase to the post among themselves

    32. A fierce growl repelled the eavesdropper, and then the scout boldly threw open the covering of bark, and left the place, enacting the character of a bear as he proceeded

    33. There seems to be something puerile about enacting a long list of rules and then permitting an administrative body to waive as many of them as it sees fit

    34. If the non-intercourse system was to prevail, he thought it made much more intelligible to the revenue officers by repealing the embargo laws, and enacting the non-intercourse as a new system throughout

    35. What reason could there be for enacting this law, if the principles of the law of 1807 were correct? If it was intended, by a side blow, to repeal that law, he had rather see it done at once; and not, whilst in appearance we had such a law, to give the President a dispensing power over it

    36. It will be observed that our constitution, by its enacting clause, was ordained and established for the then United States of America

    37. Does any man believe that this frontier traffic is not as beneficial to us as to our enemies? Can your law fail of producing more injury and loss to the United States, than benefit? Have you not witnessed, sir, that while you was exercising paternal care in enacting an embargo by water, for the seaboard, that our merchants and navigators, roused as by a shock of thunder, escaped from your shores, with their vessels, as from a destroying angel—from pestilence and death?

    38. what reason for enacting this law, if the principles of the law of 1807 were correct? 164;

    39. by the enacting clause of our constitution it was ordained and established for the then United States, 322;

    40. When one night the people in Quitman, Georgia, burned over their heads the seminary for colored girls, or when the Georgia Legislature was enacting the infamy of the Glenn Bill, his heart was hot as any Babylonian furnace, aflame with indignation, as though touched with the divine wrath, the anger of love

    1. But the state at the same time enacts rules which bind itself: it thereby becomes a Rechsstaat…Now, the obvious weakness of the

    2. that Congress enacts legislation requiring all drug and device clinical

    3. What if every renter demands a jury trial? What if Congress enacts a bill not allowing jury trials for evictions? Then you will find out for once who your friends are in Washington

    4. � Language reflects, expresses, and enacts thoughts

    5. � Expressing our needs enacts a fundamental part of our natures as human beings and even as our simpler, animal selves

    6. � In the becoming model, we may find principles which we can all use, but each individual enacts those principles in ways that make sense to that individual

    7. � Our becoming self speaks and enacts the "Yes" of the unconditional

    8. It annexes the territory in question to the Orleans Territory; it creates a Governor; it enacts laws, and appropriates money

    9. This section enacts, that "the act passed the 31st day of October, entitled 'An act to enable the President of the United States to take possession of the territories ceded by France to the United States, by the treaty concluded at Paris, on the 30th day of April, 1803; and for the temporary government thereof,' shall continue in force until the 1st day of October, 1804, any thing therein to the contrary notwithstanding; on which said 1st day of October, this act shall commence, and have full force, and shall continue in force for and during the term of one year, and to the end of the next session of Congress, which may happen thereafter

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    act out enact reenact ordain perform act personify achieve execute do legislate establish dictate decree order sanction

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    order by virtue of superior authority; decree

    act out; represent or perform as if in a play