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Erstwhile in a sentence

New rulers of the erstwhile colonies not only.
Darren stared at his erstwhile friend in disbelief.
He seemed unaware of his erstwhile enemy’s nearness.
His erstwhile audience merely frowned and walked swiftly.
Don’t stop there, man! the erstwhile house-shield called.
They did indeed begin explorations, with Harry serving as erstwhile guide.
He was encouraged to get the plans of a vessel and resume his erstwhile.
On attaining majority, the erstwhile minor has to confirm the balance in.
On attaining majority, the erstwhile minor is required to confirm the balance in.
If he was murdered then the two erstwhile investigators had no alibi and would be suspect.
Worse still, their erstwhile cheerful� and lively conversation suddenly became stiff and strained.
Lorelei’s erstwhile fiancé Esmond (Tommy Noonan) has financed the trip to Paris to test her fidelity.
Danny mentioned a brief phone call he’d received from the band’s erstwhile manager, Sebastian Freyre-Danet.
I needed some lunch, then I thought I’d go see what the erstwhile Lieutenant Howard had discovered and what he.
It was over so quickly, or was it? Grunting and groaning noises suddenly came from the direction of the erstwhile leader.
Yes, I’m officially on garden leave as of ten o’clock this morning, and I have your erstwhile boss to thank for it.
I felt bad trying to command the erstwhile leader but then when leaders tend to go crazy, somebody else has to hold the reins.
After a day or so, the Government became distinctly uneasy about the mood of the country, and of some of their erstwhile friendly neighbours.
With an earsplitting grin, her erstwhile friend and neighbor, Annie Smith, chuckled and launched into the story about the contents of the box.
The same applies to the Bangladeshi Musalmans, likewise afflicted with the Decommissioned Adult syndrome of their erstwhile Pakistani masters.
It’s two in the afternoon, the time of day the erstwhile ex-owner of my shop and man who dominates the top of my lengthy shit-list never comes around.
These erstwhile pleasures are replaced with a more practical thought of all the mess and undue physical exertion that sex acts brings in a clean bedroom.
It was a new tone in his acquaintance of the man: actually imperious, as if the erstwhile voyvod and much-feared mercenary dinosaur lord was making his return.
Growling like a couple of alley cats, clawing and scratching until Alger got Begum on her knees, back a deep curve, erstwhile private parts offered to the zooming cameras.
Thus, these erstwhile Buddhists devoid of the guidance of the monks for their Nirvana could have been too eager to seek the paradise Muhammad had promised for the Musalmans.
She would accept every invitation then back out with charming apologies at the last minute, leaving her erstwhile hosts admiring her fortitude in the face of such disappointment.
A woman with fingerless gloves approached, and Mercer had foisted a handful of pocket-change on her before he recognized her as his erstwhile colleague, the one with the giant handwriting.
Therefore, erstwhile high school students are presently residing on college campuses that were once reserved for scholastically minded individuals who formerly claimed a higher academic standing.
A condition common to many Great Nations in decline is complacency; a weakening of (national) resolve that eventually causes many (erstwhile) Great Nations to gradually abandon their moral bearing.
Zeradas, her alien assistant, provided her with the virus disguised in the form of a subroutine the erstwhile computer would – hopefully – not be able to distinguish from a background monitor program.
He didn't, though, imagine there being any assistance from his erstwhile team of techies: they were either imprisoned in TIAR of killed for knowing too much and being a potential threat to the new regime.
Only one of the security guards remained at his post, steadfastly ignoring his erstwhile partner who was now banging on the gates from the outside, a large chunk of flesh missing from the side of his neck.
Perhaps its many (erstwhile) faces would provide a more accurate description of what has (now) given way to a troubling sense of ―sameness‖ that seems to typify a number of towns and cities across the nation.
Three days later he walked without assistance to the body of Bar Comas which, by custom, had not been moved from where it fell, and placing his foot upon the neck of his erstwhile ruler he assumed the title of Jeddak of Warhoon.
Their response – carefully crafted to comply with erstwhile doctrine and in so doing exploit a loophole – involved an elaborate plan to avoid direct contact with the species of that era (further detail restricted to file Mission Freedom).
A nation‘s indifference to military preparedness and its uncritical assumptions regarding the inestimable intentions of hostile nations is consistent with the erstwhile requirements of a purposeful nation that has lost the Will to Lead by example.
The longer they took to work out their options, the more likely it was that that they would realise that their quarrel lay not with Hubris, but with Reave, their erstwhile employer, and that an unsanctioned murder without payment was a poor business model.
Once upon a time that would have been a feasible option even for him, the semi-professional gambler (or erstwhile semi-pro gambler to his wife); the number of hands dealt these days made it impossible to all, he reckoned, but the most unusually gifted memory man.
If ever Krishnan was appreciated for carrying on the family tradition of being the seducer (though he had declined to call himself that as his conquests never equaled his grandfather’s, the flute maestro at the erstwhile Kingdom of Gauripur), he knew nothing of it.
Just to cite one example, as a case point, the royal palaces in Hyderabad Deccan and the chest of the Nizam’s family jewels stand in stark contrast to the social backwardness and the abject poverty even of his Musalman subjects in the erstwhile State of His Highness.

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erstwhile former old onetime quondam sometime erst formerly once

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