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Sometime in a sentence

Sometime this is due to.
I can teach you sometime.
You should try it sometime.
Sometime late in the night.
Cover and cook for sometime.
Sometime soon would be best.
Sometime I should like St.

Sometime you’ve got to stop.
It was sometime after lunch.
It was late, sometime after one.
Have to call Papa sometime soon.
I’ll have to ask him sometime.
Sometime later would he realize.
And then, sometime in the near.
It must have come off sometime.
You should come over sometime.
Take a look underneath sometime.
Maybe you'd like to go sometime.
Sometime, in the near future….
I’ll have to try it sometime.
Sometime in August, they thought.
They will be a buy sometime soon.
This is sometime an item on the.
Sometime over the summer Harold.
That was back sometime in the '80s.
He left us sometime last night.
That was sometime after Labor Day.
I hope he truly will be, sometime.
You got to eat sometime, or sleep.
Sometime later in the CUNTry barn.
Maybe you should try that sometime.
I should tell you about it sometime.
Sometime later, he’s talking again.
Sometime somehow, this had to happen.
Sometime later that week I caught on.
I should get there sometime tomorrow.
We’ll have to look at that sometime.
Sometime the sucking bees surround her.
I’ll come again sometime and bring.
Perhaps we can chat again sometime.

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Synonyms for sometime

erstwhile former old onetime quondam sometime

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