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Onetime in a sentence

No, that was a onetime thing.
I think this was a onetime thing.
This is going to be a onetime thing.
It was Nick, Marti's onetime American fiancé.
The first type of customer is a onetime customer.
The expansion of the universe is a onetime event.
This suggests that the universe is really a onetime event and that the.
And the onetime king hot dog of his squadron wouldn’t go near an airplane.
It has a onetime use and needs certain materials found on other planets to recharge.
Thomas Didymus, a fisherman of Tarichea and onetime carpenter and stone mason of Gadara.
The obsidian floor of Guardon’s onetime Throne Room was strewn with dead and dying firbolgs and gargoyles.
At the death of Joshua, it was not his sons, but Caleb, his onetime espionage partner, who was chosen to lead the people.
Onetime lump-sum investing gives you the opportunity for greater potential growth but also greater overall loss when markets drop.
This demented man was well known about these parts, having onetime been bound with fetters and chains and confined in one of the grottos.
Quick note: Taking advantage of the One Time Offer on these sites is highly recommended, when you join for free you will be usually given a onetime offer.
More recently, secularism has assumed a more militant attitude, assuming to take the place of the religion whose totalitarian bondage it onetime resisted.
And so the strange and twisting war journey of Louie’s onetime friend ended in Sugamo Prison, where he was a model prisoner, tending a vegetable garden and a grove of trees.
If these musings and hypotheses were so, Nick, Bruce, and Jaro most likely would return to their balanced selves once the active ingredients of their onetime tattoos dissipated.
Mary had also remained faithful to her husband, but the spark of the burning romance of youth had dwindled to a small, flickering flame of the onetime passion that had been felt.
When the Master finally breathed his last, there were present at the foot of his cross John Zebedee, his brother Jude, his sister Ruth, Mary Magdalene, and Rebecca, onetime of Sepphoris.
Old Jingleballicks: Eccentric Old Jay’s prototype has never been positively identified by scholars, though it is possible he was in some way connected with Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station, perhaps its onetime director W.
Texaco’s unusual situation can be summarized in one sentence, often repeated by Graham and Dodd disciple Warren Buffett: A great investment opportunity occurs when a marvelous business encounters a onetime huge, but solvable, problem.
That which formerly appeared as a succession of events then will be viewed as a whole and perfectly related cycle; in this way will circular simultaneity increasingly displace the onetime consciousness of the linear sequence of events.
The defendants were released, and some would go on to great success; onetime defendant Nobusuke Kishi, said to be responsible for forcibly conscribing hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Koreans as laborers, would become prime minister in 1957.
It’s the reason why when a boy has two or three girlfriends at onetime his considered The Man and admired by his peers but should a woman do the same she is called all kinds of names even by those of her own sex who are probably harsher on her than her male counterparts.
As the multitude moved on toward the temple, and as John beheld his Master sitting there astride the colt, he recalled hearing Jesus onetime quote the passage of Scripture, the utterance of Zechariah, which described the coming of the Messiah as a man of peace and riding into Jerusalem on an ass.
The protective berms of the onetime Dohlaran batteries, captured when Claw Island was retaken from the Royal Dohlaran Navy, were lined with wildly cheering Marines and Imperial Charisian Navy seamen, and seabirds and wyverns eddied about the heavens, crying out in protest of the hullabaloo rising from the island’s human occupants.
In assuming command of this mighty assembly, the Adjuster, being a onetime part and essence of the Paradise Father, assured Jesus that in no case would these superhuman agencies be permitted to serve, or manifest themselves in connection with, or in behalf of, his earth career unless it should develop that the Father willed such intervention.
Ordinarily these seraphic guardians, onetime assigned to the group custody of these surviving mortals, would have been present at the moment of their awaking in the resurrection halls of mansonia, but they were on this world itself at this time because of the necessity of Gabriel's presence here in connection with the morontia resurrection of Jesus.

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erstwhile former old onetime quondam sometime

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