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Quondam in a sentence

This was the Colorado catalyst, the impetus, necessary to transform quondam brush fires into a state conflagration.
And the false Cyril, first indifferent, then defiant, strove more than once to interrupt him, but was prevented by his quondam friends.
The animal itself was a peaceful and well-behaved as that father of all picture-wolves, Red Riding Hood's quondam friend, whilst moving her confidence in masquerade.
He began to remember that this had happened or had been mentioned as having happened before but it cost him no small effort before he remembered that he recognised in the sentry a quondam friend of his father's, Gumley.
From beyond the walls came the infinitude of sound, the beep beep of trucks backing up, the rattle and whinny of a garbage masher, and, nearer in, the elevator engine’s sigh, the ghost frequencies of the super’s walkie-talkie, the noise, real or imagined, of my neighbor, my quondam drinking buddy, slamming cabinets next door.
Men need but understand that what is given out to them as public opinion, what is maintained by such complex and artificial means, is not public opinion, but only the dead consequence of the quondam public opinion; they need only, above all, believe in themselves, in this, that what is cognized by them in the depth of their hearts, what begs for recognition and finds no expression only because it contradicts public opinion, is that force which changes the world, and the manifestation of which forms man's destiny; men need but believe that the truth is not what men about him say, but what his conscience, that is, God, says to him, and immediately there will disappear the false, artificially sustained public opinion, and the true one will be established.

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erstwhile former old onetime quondam sometime

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