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Solve in a sentence

1. He now had two to solve.
2. A firm that can solve.
3. Let's try to solve this.
4. So can you solve it?
5. I can solve their problems.
6. I will solve that issue.
7. Why can’t I solve this?

8. I can solve math equations.
9. To solve this problem, the.
10. Let’s solve the mystery -.
11. That will solve the problem.
12. Tools do not solve problems.
13. One way that you can solve.
14. This is a mystery I must solve.
15. When you can’t solve the.
16. It could help us solve things.
17. He has done much to solve the.
18. And solve the maze up your hill.
19. Solve each problem as it arises.
20. It would solve a lot of problems.
21. That would solve a few things.
22. That will solve all my problems.
23. Only you can solve this problem.
24. We're here to solve this murder.
25. But that didn’t solve anything.
26. This is a puzzle for me to solve.
27. If you have a problem and solve.
28. That would solve all his problems.
29. This would go a long way to solve.
30. Because now we have to solve it.
31. This still doesn’t solve anything.
32. It would be up to George to solve.
33. This is the only best way to solve.
34. Hank would solve any other problems.
35. I could solve the mystery for you.
36. Can Math Solve This Hedging Problem?
37. I just need to solve this case first.
38. And how did I solve this problem? I.
39. We're not called to solve everything.
40. No amount of money could solve that.
1. Alms and solving the economic.
2. Solving crimes has its guesses.
3. Solving the equation in this case:.
4. Learn the ways for solving the problems.
5. Solving the problem, Evan answered.
6. This is a standard method for solving a.
7. Conquer the sub-problems by solving them.
8. We had better luck solving another problem.
9. Incremental problem solving solves nothing.
10. You will have to run around solving clues.
11. Reacher said, The solving, not the problem.
12. He was so close to solving the ultimate puzzle.
13. Solver is an Add In for solving linear.
14. To run away from problems is not solving them.
15. We could be partners in solving these cases.
16. Solving a crime can mean saving a future victim.
18. Your problem solving capabilities are very good.
19. Solving Mysteries on the NDS, One Touch at a Time.
20. He had left the place without solving the mystery.
21. Encourage her to evaluate options when solving a.
22. My father often said, I enjoy solving a problem.
23. Chapter two: Alms and solving the economic Problem.
24. She has always been very quick in solving problems.
25. The science behind solving the crimes is phenomenal.
26. Do you see any prospect of solving this mystery, Mr.
27. This is not the way of solving the problems in life.
28. Science as the key to solving the Ancient Mysteries.
29. When solving any problems there will be alternatives.
30. Though I’m not very good at solving those things.
31. Solving legal problems such as his was just her forte.
32. This is the only part about crime solving that I hate.
33. They were some parts in the test that evolve to solving.
34. The undead only react to prevent the solving of problems.
35. I prayed that we were on the road to solving the mystery.
36. Normally we believe that solving the suffering and prob-.
37. His religious background might be useful in solving the.
38. Instead of solving problems: humans have created problems.
39. That’s a way of solving the problem too, I guess….
40. We had the usual bull sessions about solving the world's.
1. It has to be solved.
2. That had to be solved.
3. That case he had solved.
4. The Maze can’t be solved.
5. You might have solved it.
6. She's a solved puzzle to me.
7. She actually solved a murder.
8. If it does, it can be solved.
9. Then that problem is solved.
10. He must have solved the clue.
11. The puzzle is finally solved.
12. It solved the problem at hand.
13. This problem could be solved.
14. The Maze couldn’t be solved.
15. He thought he'd got it solved.
16. The lady solved the problem.
17. I say that I have solved it.
18. Our solved cases rate shot up.
19. They can usually be solved by.
20. All of my problems were solved.
21. Eventually those will be solved.
22. MAILE: And the mystery is solved.
23. Well, we've solved the mystery.
24. We’ve solved his food problem.
25. Someone had solved for us every.
26. I think our problem is solved.
27. I had solved that problem years.
28. Looks like that problem is solved.
29. All his difficulties were solved.
30. Its been solved and now we move on.
31. She reminded me that it was solved.
32. Her disappearance was never solved.
33. The animal solved all those issues.
34. I was certain I had solved the case.
35. Anyway, we reckon we've solved that.
36. Easily solved, said the prince.
37. Therefore they can be solved by man.
38. The problem of my conduct was solved.
39. In a jiffy, the problem had been solved.
40. Another puzzle is solved, so they state.
1. War solves a whole lot.
2. Why not? It solves a headache for us.
3. First of all, it solves the problem of.
4. That's splendid; that solves everything.
5. Unified mind with heart solves problems.
6. M: Nothing wrong, if it solves the problem.
7. Incremental problem solving solves nothing.
8. And then the goat solves the entire problem.
9. Killing without love never solves anything.
10. Violence without love never solves anything.
11. Also, it solves the cases of the refugees'.
12. England solves the first of these two problems.
13. It simply solves the problem and delivers the result.
14. Love is not a sudden stroke of good luck that solves.
15. Silas solves the case of the missing cubs when he —.
16. Fromm, love is action that solves the problem of human.
17. NOTE: Affiliate marketing solves many of the aforementioned.
18. Nonduality solves many problems by dissolving all illusions.
19. Then create an up-sell that solves their concerns or problems.
20. That would almost certainly cause more problems than it solves.
21. Newsletters deliver valuable information that solves the day-to-.
22. Well that solves my problem with a wedding present, he said.
23. The Language of Work solves the identification of jobs quite simply.
24. Kepler also solves another riddle that truly got Newtonians unstuck.
25. He solves any question within five minutes and the listeners get the.
26. The group touches on the problem of love and affirms that love solves.
27. Effective impulse control solves problems and harmonizes relationships.
28. Enlightenment solves many problems by bringing true wisdom to bear on them.
29. Intuition often solves problems that are beyond the grasp of the reasoning power.
30. Flexibility along with humility solves a number of obstacles in the midst of our.
31. This solves two needs at once: buying groceries, and providing dining companionship.
32. The child that was coming was a complication to her plans but money solves problems.
33. An example of an internal DSL is a language that solves linear equations using Python.
34. While divorce somehow solves the problems of couples, it creates emotional wounds to children.
35. Any computer that solves numerous problems by doing a restart is Particularly Challenging (PC.
36. Playing a role that not only solves your problem, but When that happens, it’s incredible.
37. It solves the survival and the well-being for the totality of its population with approximately 8.
38. Earl Roland has helped us come to an arrangement with Prior Anthony that solves all our problems.
39. It solves the problem of nontransitivity and allows finding the best of all comparable alternatives.
40. The anger vanished, problems were solves, the pain became non-existent, and they laughed themselves.

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