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Hack in a sentence

1. They know how to hack.
2. If you hack a body to.
3. Did Salander hack the N.
4. I know I can’t hack it.
5. I just couldn’t hack it.
6. They were part of the hack.
7. Hack says, There you have it.

8. Alan used all that in his hack.
9. Our substrate is very hack proof.
10. She wrote a patch around the hack.
11. Turned out to be a newspaper hack.
12. I’ll hack it, He said aloud.
13. For that I’d have to hack into a.
14. I think it’s a hack, he said.
15. How do you hack a burglar alarm?
16. That’s not going to hack it anymore.
17. At times he wondered if he could hack.
18. For he would rejoice to give you a hack.
19. That wouldn't happen if it was all a hack.
20. But considering the recent hack into the.
21. Hack and the prisoner follow safely behind.
22. Hack and Rugged notice that they had stopped.
23. Maybe I can hack into the site and delete it.
24. He started to hack wildly at one of the trees.
25. It’s a mental hack that creates a.
26. He probably used it to hack the alarm system.
27. My son Lio!rt is trying to hack him to pieces.
28. Rugged says to Hack, There’s a door ahead.
29. Hack asks Bebida, What was all that for?
30. But you’ve confirmed the hack occurred?
31. The unwritten rule holds that a hack should be.
32. Bino’s distinctive hack preceded his raspy voice.
33. He likes to hack into email accounts and websites.
34. Hack exclaims, What the hell is going on here?
35. She was trying to hack me to pieces when it happened.
36. Probably what would have been there without the hack.
37. He retrieved a cutlass and prepared to hack it in two.
38. Despite this innovative hack, switching from mode to.
39. I saw the announcement as it went down til the hack.
40. It took their whole shift to hack their way out of this.
1. There was a deep hacking.
2. As he was hacking at one.
4. A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking.
5. Hacking, would be a better description.
6. In the old days, hacking meant discovering.
7. Adopting the hacking term, they began refining.
8. Still, in the hacking world, Stallman speeches.
9. Hacking American computers is the number one priority.
10. Something about TATE hacking the customs website again.
11. Stallman learned about " lock hacking," the art of 49.
12. I was hacking at the root of a tree, when I beheld an.
13. One day, Gerard is caught in the act of internet hacking.
14. He greeted the prince with a hacking cough that filled.
15. Stallman wasn't the first to equate hacking with pleasure.
16. Hacking at the AI Lab wasn't the only activity helping to.
17. This spirit would inspire the word's gerund form: hacking.
18. The urge to confine the culture of computer hacking within.
19. By the end of 1970, hacking at the AI Lab had become a reg-.
20. With this Chip, there is no defense against computer hacking.
21. She heard and felt the shuddering harsh hacking through bone.
22. A classic example of this expanded hacking definition is the.
23. They're hacking away at the hull -- just below the water line.
24. Sharing system, the operating system incorporated the hacking.
25. Simpson from hacking to death a wife he can no longer control.
26. According to Kajsa, she was more or less obsessed with hacking.
27. He moved over to the door and started hacking away at the wood.
28. We wouldn’t want someone hacking in and disabling the system.
29. This was a lot more fun than hacking away at bears with a sword.
30. Friends don’t only get in touch by hacking into your computer.
31. There were also more arrests in the newspaper phone hacking scandal.
32. Of course, now I constantly got accused of hacking all the time, too.
33. There seemed to be no end to the hacking and coughing up of sea water.
34. This is computer hacking with knobs on! commented Jim at one stage.
35. His one chance lay in hacking through before they could gather their wits.
36. All websites on the Internet are vulnerable to hacking and other exploits.
37. Her hacking cough had become unproductive, and even breathing was a chore.
38. But surely, in this country, computer hacking is a crime? said Valya.
39. Students began to refer to their off-limits explorations as tunnel hacking.
40. Brumvack locating the fish’s stomach, and hacking it open with his hatchet.
1. This route has been hacked.
2. He hacked and choked every.
3. Scram hacked his final shift.
4. Oh she definitely hacked us.
5. Hacked them at times with a saw.
6. Tim easily hacked their heads off.
7. Hewn, hacked, and otherwise ill-used.
8. He must have hacked it with a knife.
9. The kid had hacked the FBI database!.
10. The intellicams were hacked Jermaine.
11. The man in the closet hacked and wheezed.
12. She hacked at the dry earth with her hoe.
13. He hacked the intellicams so there's no.
14. Someone had hacked him into a system panel.
15. A kid walking past hacked and spit at Inacio.
16. The other three died as quickly, hacked to.
17. You hacked his future phone? Diehl said.
18. The satellite had not been hacked during this.
19. It hacked through the crown of Duval’s helmet.
20. Vice found Neal hacked to death in a heroin den.
21. Then lighting a fire upon the ground they hacked.
22. I had been shot at and injured, my computer hacked.
23. Dorian had hacked it somehow—he’d said as much.
24. It had been hacked or torn right out from the roots.
25. They hacked them somehow, I don’t know how—.
26. He hacked at the earth till she was fretted to death.
27. When I got hacked, it was a week before I realized I.
28. Somebody hacked time behind the walls when you need an.
29. She hacked at them mercilessly, but they were very fast.
30. Sam, with a cry, hacked at the spear-shaft, and it broke.
31. I gestured to the twine, the hacked hair, the dried blood.
32. Thankfully, I found the Stoneville City Bank, hacked into.
33. He hacked up a wad of phlegm and spit it into a nearby bowl.
34. Carl hacked up a wad of phlegm and launched it out the window.
35. It was only a matter of time until someone hacked the system.
36. The bar top looked as if it had been hacked off a hundred year.
37. With a rusty scythe he hacked at a patch of tall, unruly grass.
38. He then took out the electronic lockpick and hacked the keypad.
39. Over the past few months, I have actually personally been hacked.
40. That doesn’t necessarily mean it was Wasp who hacked you.
1. They're Castle hacks.
2. Forty-two, counting spares and hacks.
3. They're both as sorry hacks as Rocinante.
4. Dust hacks away at our sleep as the old ones cough.
5. As hacks go, the GPL stands as one of Stallman's best.
6. Some people are great at coming up with clever hacks, but most people.
7. The problem with Peeling and Trochoids is they're special case "hacks" for.
8. Titled, The Institute for Hacks Tomfoolery and Pranks, the journal offers an adept.
9. You’ll often see articles in newspapers and magazines written by lazy hacks regarding share perks.
10. There have been hacks and frauds, but every time a claim has been investigated, it’s been disproved.
11. The horses were not combat-trained destriers but everyday hacks, and they snorted nervously and backed.
12. And we now know God can't prove whether or not he's in a virtual environment unless he hacks his way out.
13. And with fury, as it were with passion, the murderer falls on the body, and drags it and hacks at it; so he.
14. I suspected Kate only wanted a drinking partner of a Monday night, but it seems that her hacks and hackettes.
15. Does the soldier detest the Turk whom he fights? Not in the least! yet he sabres him, hacks him to pieces, kills him.
16. Behind these two figures you again have its use accentuating by repetition the peaceful line of the hacks of the sheep.
17. They got to try out different machines, and the SE was a real thoroughbred compared to the hacks we usually let him and some others fly.
18. The drinking water level didn't want to be ignored and she had to make some brutal hacks under the tutelage of another Brazilian on the ground.
19. During the time that Michael was on trial and on Death row, the American legal system was corrupted and infiltrated by Le Bush Bastarde's hacks.
20. And with fury, as it were with passion, the murderer falls on the body, and drags it and hacks at it; so he covered her face and shoulders with kisses.
21. Most of them were just hacks, you could tell they never really practiced and some of them were trying breakin’ for the first time, which made my mind wander.
22. I think if anybody, and mark I say anybody, else would have said that to me, I would have had some choice words to say—about them dime novel hacks for a start.
23. A wise and vigilant electorate will be able to discern which of their representatives are simply political hacks and which ones are truly concerned about the welfare of all of the people.
24. Dashwood graciously permitted her to fill his columns at the lowest prices, not thinking it necessary to tell her that the real cause of his hospitality was the fact that one of his hacks, on being offered higher wages, had basely left him in the lurch.
25. And so, after having composed, struck out, rejected, added to, unmade, and remade a multitude of names out of his memory and fancy, he decided upon calling him Rocinante, a name, to his thinking, lofty, sonorous, and significant of his condition as a hack before he became what he now was, the first and foremost of all the hacks in the world.

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