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    1. suddenly, slides to a halt in front of the old man and his donkey

    2. John and Dave lurch forward as the car slams to a halt

    3. He stammers to a halt

    4. I falter to a halt as I realise just what I have said

    5. After each halt the truck then began its ponderous attempts at acceleration, jerking through the gears, sliding me slowly towards the rear of the box where my head would hit hard metal

    6. After about an hour the van drew to a halt and one by one the guards forced us to leave the van and kneel down in cold, damp mud

    7. things will appear to slow down to a screeching halt, and

    8. Despite the halt on the missile project, South Africa still has space infrastructure knowledge and experience from the successful missile project

    9. As the train came to a halt at the station, Brijbabu gently

    10. lurches to a halt across the driveway to the flats

    11. The rumbling sound of the cart came to a halt

    12. stopped; Catwhiskers came to a halt next to his friend

    13. By the time I rein Sefir to a halt in the stable yard, Wiesse has broken the news to her

    14. As soon as he had a clear view the driver pulled to a halt, wound down his window, closed his eyes and deeply inhaled, 'My friends, we are here - the holiday home of the Gods

    15. Father stood in the hallway open mouthed as his wife raved and ranted at the kids and chased them up and down the stairs until she came to a sudden, spluttering, coughing halt

    16. It lurched to a halt in front of him, panting and dribbling on the carpet

    17. As they left the Hall Kate watched and Daniel turned and raised his hand to halt her joining them

    18. Terry's cheeks went a very bright shade of red and he came to an abrupt and ball-less halt

    19. the van screeched to a halt by the memorial, that seven uniformed

    20. It lurched to a halt in front of him,

    21. With the overwhelming complexity of all of this I did halt what I doing and

    22. abrupt and ball-less halt

    23. staggered up to the altar and came to a halt directly in front of the

    24. bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind

    25. staggered to a halt next to Ken and Lucy, who were standing and

    26. It was about noon when the wagon came to a halt

    27. Kassim came to an abrupt halt where the trees

    28. finally came to a confused halt

    29. column to a halt, ‘Hold them, I’ve some questions

    30. Almost tearful with disappointment, he faced again the direction he was heading in and saw the van had come to a halt just up the road

    31. By the time Billy calls a halt to the work, they have completed two walls

    32. Before Andy had a chance to sip the water presented to him by the constable moments later, the ambulance skidded to a halt on the gravel outside the building and, within seconds, a man in the uniform of a paramedic came rushing in

    33. Billy has to jink right as he approaches a hard right hand bend, narrowly avoiding the chevron signage in the hedgerow, and, oblivious to the state of the road behind him, he slams on the brakes, white lining, and slides to a halt

    34. Again, she crawled to a near halt but her fears were all in vain

    35. Jim's rather loud throat clearing drew the conversation to a halt

    36. Boochie stuck his arm out, trying to halt Roman

    37. With Heather’s arrival our conversation came to a halt

    38. The car squeaked to a halt in front of the Royal Hotel on John Street and its achy joints groaned as Bruce got out

    39. "Stop" He shouted, bringing her to halt "God girl, for someone with a cast on their leg, you can sure move

    40. Eventually, Henri called a halt in a small

    41. He brought his horse to a halt and

    42. Mingalle was the one to call a halt for food, stuffed thub eggs

    43. by trying to argue the point rather than halt it altogether

    44. Drua'd wrapped his meaty hands on Hell's Bane's handle and went to halt their march

    45. After two hours Hogan called a halt

    46. Five miles away a young girl pulled her horse to a halt outside a barricade made by two Landrovers that had been pushed across a gap in a fence to form a gate

    47. Other villagers threw buckets of water on him and the fire sizzled to a steaming halt but the screaming continued

    48. It was bare of snow; in fact there was no snow even on the roadway opposite Granny’s gate, and the sledge ground to a halt

    49. He saw the lone soldier standing in the road and he held his hand up to indicate a halt

    50. Shouting loudly, their leader Cletus ordered him to halt

    1. False teachers need to be halted in their tracks

    2. Some scientists think that should free-radical damage be halted or

    3. He halted for a moment, leaned against the wall and watched her

    4. She halted her men from the grim task they were performing and questioned the young boy

    5. There, too, will you be halted

    6. He is then halted from receiving help

    7. Red Hawk made no reply but halted his course and looked at Suzanne

    8. minority opinion and gladly halted all the festive proceedings, returning the cheer

    9. " The man appeared eager to drop Alec as he halted near the others

    10. halted as Jean raised his hand

    11. Air movement halted, sound stopped, and time stood still

    12. when the train halted, but in the interval between the second

    13. I halted when I came to a lake

    14. The bus turned left and after a short distance halted near a

    15. When even the long-toothed feline halted its hissing and DRAFT

    16. “It’s very good to see you both,” she said from her halted cart

    17. Their journey halted - he'd forgotten that there was an escalator there

    18. Mr Snickerty halted mid-step and clutched the railing

    19. The musician had temporarily halted his playing and with their eyes locked, he had extended a hand in an effort to ease away her reaction and softly hushed the girl

    20. Sammy ran to the steps and halted

    21. The car suddenly halted, nearly throwing Sebastian from his seat

    22. The caravan never halted

    23. Only people with problems halted and later rejoined the group

    24. Joseph halted the donkey, looked back and shook his head

    25. Abner halted and yelled

    26. The demons were all halted mid-step

    27. Aspen’s words halted just short of her lips, and she found the only thing she was capable of producing was tears

    28. CSM Domby stood in front of us when we halted and said

    29. I walked down General Gordon Street and turned into the gate of No 123 walking up the path I halted in front of the door and then knocked on it

    30. As the night seemed to get darker we halted in a lane a short way from the front line and I thought bloody good show just let me sit down

    31. I halted beside him and he looked up at me appealingly so I simply told him

    32. They halted for an hour or so to pay the farmers for supplies, fruit, animal stock, and barrels of their apple cider for the nobles to savour

    33. If they halted to water the horses, they may not reach the city walls before nightfall and then fall easy prey to Nightwalkers

    34. I winked at him to show that it couldn’t be helped obviously he had been ordered to do this as the squad shuffled in front of me I spat out the cigarette as they halted and turned

    35. The lift halted with an abrupt Jolt, sending a surge of adrenaline through his arms and central regions

    36. and the distortion in the field has temporarily halted their advance

    37. The Confederation had halted amidst this cloud, drifting with it, giving the tech

    38. The procession halted outside an enormous tent that used three Maranell Trees as central pillars

    39. Though even by grace of L-Seven-Six the inevitable could not be halted

    40. His peregrinations halted in front of the tray with the cup of tea on it

    41. On the top of the hill I halted and revelled in the glorious view, for the atmosphere was unusually clear, and the vast undulating sea of gloriously tinted foliage could be traced for miles

    42. My carriers were behind, having halted indefinitely for “chop,” so I went a short distance through the bush to see what the row meant

    43. The guard began to rush me, but was halted by Harold’s beefy hand thrust in his face

    44. She had only taken a few steps when Sicarius’s voice halted her

    45. In the Canosa valley, below San Juan, the American officers halted

    46. She need not have worried, for they halted and stared when they saw her and Sicarius

    47. Brock halted, cocked his head and smiled

    48. Finally, having reached the entrance to the Great Chamber, the trio halted and for the first time the two guards seemed unsure of themselves

    49. Brokin halted his column as the forward scouts returned to report

    50. As the attacking boars passed by on their way towards battle, the hidden defenders slipped quietly out of their hiding places to join with those already stalking the column from the rear, and by the time that Brokin had halted his badgers at the broken oak tree, he was already trapped between Grindel's superior forces in the sett and Cherva's boars in the rear

    1. Angie just sat, eyes enormous, listening to her husband’s halting, embarrassed recital

    2. my father raised his arm up with his palm flat toward me, halting me in my tracks

    3. Larry put his arm in front of my chest halting me before the amoeba

    4. Our ancestors fought them from world to world, all the while fleeing before them, never once halting their momentum

    5. ‘Trust me,’ the man said in halting but intelligible

    6. Her pace was slow and halting, but it served

    7. It worked in Australia in halting gun massacres

    8. Not one single president has succeeded in halting their terror campaigns

    9. As he distanced himself back from the wall to have more room to lash out to the chained man, a shout from across the chamber halted him with his whip barely halting in mid-air:

    10. He paused, halting there by the shoreline, savoring the first rays of the sun as they hit the land on the far shore of the lake

    11. Its halting restoration was assisted through meager contributions from neighbors in the “Hood

    12. in the halting of time

    13. He explained in halting Latin that it was time for the evening meal

    14. 5 A multitude of aged hoary-haired old men, were driven along with halting bending

    15. Ronald Reagan was most notable for halting communism in the world

    16. By halting your reactions, I do not only mean to

    17. But here is the first place to practice the halting I described above

    18. What did the Dweller say?” One of the elves walked up to them, halting Leora's interrogation

    19. And after, very long after it seemed, the halting, swaying, stumbling line came into sight of two squat images shimmering miragelike in the distance

    20. “For what? You?” the B-girl said in halting English,

    21. 5 A multitude of aged hoary-haired old men were driven along with halting bending feet urged onward by the impulse of a violent shameless force to quick speed

    22. temporary artificial menopause by halting the action of the ovaries

    23. They did this remarkable halting staccato march in perfect cadence

    24. The women in the study were given a medication to induce a temporary artificial menopause by halting

    25. The remaining Austrasian guard reached out a hand to detain Uybvahk, but he pulled loose and ran toward the forest, the guard halting to leave pursuit to the Earthmen

    26. ’ His two-handed axe had a lot better reach than the green talons that snaked up at him and his axe carved through the beasts rib’s just under the shoulder as it reached up for him, halting the creature’s attack

    27. We walked hesitatingly up the three flights as if reconsidering our visit, and the closer we got the more halting our steps became

    28. hugged his hand to my stomach, halting his advance

    29. reached up and covered his hand with hers, halting his caresses

    30. The great dragon stared with a seething intensity at the shooting star, perceiving the last and only real power that might stand a chance of halting the spread of the fire

    31. We seem to be halting and hesitating in our prayer, and perhaps this is why we do not often receive

    32. 'Nothing,' he answered guardedly, not halting his wary retreat

    33. in that halting, stuttery way that I found intolerable in the first two films, and downplayed the more stalker, creepy aspects of Edward’s

    34. In that moment of unreasoning panic even the thought of halting so near the inland sea was repugnant

    35. Halting before the great bronze-valved door, Conan caught Octavia by her shoulders and shook her in his intensity

    36. In halting words, I told the Prince what had happened to Murphy and he gripped my hand hard

    37. He spoke in halting Erhesh as if he had used it rarely and many years ago

    38. Halting before one of these doors, one of the blacks produced the key that hung at his girdle, and turned it in the lock

    39. So he moved across the pillaged land, halting only to rest his horse, eating frugally of the food Zelata had given him, until, on a dawn when he lay hidden on a river bank where willows and oaks grew thickly, he glimpsed, afar, across the rolling plains dotted with rich groves, the blue and golden towers of Tarantia

    40. But without hesitation he rode on to Messantia, halting day or night only to rest the stallion and to snatch a few winks of sleep for himself

    41. By Set!' she exclaimed, halting suddenly, her eyes flaring wide

    42. He paced back and forth as if some inner fire would not let him stand motionless, and halting before his wondering companions:

    43. But words came halting forth, wanting Invention's stay;

    44. “By the time they knew there was a threat we were already sparring,” Vaughn added, halting my next question, why were we not warned, in its tracks

    45. They spoke in halting terms of seeing the bodies of their beloved horses where they lay dead in the corral

    46. his head to avert their stares and spoke in a low, halting

    47. Jim hurried forward and stepped in front of Siri, halting him with an open hand to his chest

    48. “Let’s get back to Cory,” I told her, halting any questions she was about to ask

    49. It actually impaired his very steps, hesitating, then halting him

    50. ” Gary grabbed Richard’s forearm, halting him

    1. 19 see, at that time I will undo all who afflict you, and I will save her who halts, and will

    2. One ossuary, however, halts my dash through the catacombs

    3. And these bombing halts we put up with gives them a perfect chance to run in more troops and supplies from Cambodia

    4. Again the tone of command works its ancient magic and the boy halts

    5. When the lift halts and opens, the bald man walks heading to a huge room

    6. The commotion halts, just outside a branch of Argos

    7. laughing and drinking, the car halts near a building where Sana gets off

    8. If a horse halts and refuses to move, try moving

    9. "I have told you, friend," said the curate, "that this is done to divert our idle thoughts; and as in well-ordered states games of chess, fives, and billiards are allowed for the diversion of those who do not care, or are not obliged, or are unable to work, so books of this kind are allowed to be printed, on the supposition that, what indeed is the truth, there can be nobody so ignorant as to take any of them for true stories; and if it were permitted me now, and the present company desired it, I could say something about the qualities books of chivalry should possess to be good ones, that would be to the advantage and even to the taste of some; but I hope the time will come when I can communicate my ideas to some one who may be able to mend matters; and in the meantime, senor landlord, believe what I have said, and take your books, and make up your mind about their truth or falsehood, and much good may they do you; and God grant you may not fall lame of the same foot your guest Don Quixote halts on

    10. Having ascertained the places which it frequents and passes, they stop the way to them with mud, and then rousing it, drive it towards the spot, and as soon as the ermine comes to the mud it halts, and allows itself to be taken captive rather than pass through the mire, and spoil and sully its whiteness, which it values more than life and liberty

    11. It indicates that the Nautilus is rising, but this block of ice is rising with us, and until some obstacle halts its upward movement, our position won't change

    12. BLOOM: (Bloom trickleaps to the curbstone and halts again

    13. After two or three days of slow, careful journeying, with many halts in cover, they found themselves, late one afternoon, once more in sight of Caesar's Belt, ground

    14. ” He halts my scattered thoughts, and I scoot down into the warm, welcoming water

    15. His breathing halts and I hear him gasp as he repeats the motion

    16. Glorfindel still urged them on, and only allowed two brief halts during the day's march

    17. going for several hours with only brief halts, when Gandalf came to his

    18. Before the shadows of evening were long in happier lands, they went on again, always on and on with only brief halts

    19. The hours passed in a weary stumbling trudge with a few brief halts

    20. Support is a price base that stops market declines, and resistance is a level of prices that usually halts market rises

    21. The women went very slowly, with frequent halts as a mother and child retired into the bushes by the roadside

    22. At the rate at which they were marching, and in consideration of the halts which they were making, it would take them about a quarter of an hour to reach the spot where Jean Valjean stood

    23. The hearse halts, the undertaker's men knot a rope around your coffin and

    24. The pedestrian who halts on the Rue Culture-Sainte-Catherine, after passing the barracks of the firemen, in front of the porte-cochere of the bathing establishment, beholds a yard full of flowers and shrubs in wooden boxes, at the extremity of which spreads out a little

    25. 70, the market is overloaded with bulls and either halts its advance or rolls over

    26. The procession halts, the coffin is laid on the steps at His feet

    27. The plough does not cut into the hard, beaten track that crosses the field, and he lifts it over and halts

    28. The young girl flings over her shoulder a load of hay which is also heavier than herself, advances a few steps, halts, and drops it, without the strength to carry it

    29. The corporal leading the men got very annoyed at the all-too-frequent halts

    30. In broad noonday Dan is once more aggrieved by seeing an officer with a button missing who halts in the trench to ask him the whereabouts of B

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    Synonyms for "halt"

    freeze halt stop arrest check hitch stay stoppage stanch staunch stem hold block kibosh crippled game gimpy halting lame pause rest desist suspend interrupt intermit adjourn

    "halt" definitions

    the state of inactivity following an interruption

    the event of something ending

    an interruption or temporary suspension of progress or movement

    cause to stop

    come to a halt, stop moving

    stop from happening or developing

    stop the flow of a liquid

    disabled in the feet or legs