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    1. suddenly, slides to a halt in front of the old man and his donkey

    2. John and Dave lurch forward as the car slams to a halt

    3. He stammers to a halt

    4. I falter to a halt as I realise just what I have said

    5. After each halt the truck then began its ponderous attempts at acceleration, jerking through the gears, sliding me slowly towards the rear of the box where my head would hit hard metal

    6. After about an hour the van drew to a halt and one by one the guards forced us to leave the van and kneel down in cold, damp mud

    7. things will appear to slow down to a screeching halt, and

    8. Despite the halt on the missile project, South Africa still has space infrastructure knowledge and experience from the successful missile project

    9. As the train came to a halt at the station, Brijbabu gently

    10. lurches to a halt across the driveway to the flats

    1. False teachers need to be halted in their tracks

    2. Some scientists think that should free-radical damage be halted or

    3. He halted for a moment, leaned against the wall and watched her

    4. She halted her men from the grim task they were performing and questioned the young boy

    5. There, too, will you be halted

    6. He is then halted from receiving help

    7. Red Hawk made no reply but halted his course and looked at Suzanne

    8. minority opinion and gladly halted all the festive proceedings, returning the cheer

    9. " The man appeared eager to drop Alec as he halted near the others

    10. halted as Jean raised his hand

    1. Angie just sat, eyes enormous, listening to her husband’s halting, embarrassed recital

    2. my father raised his arm up with his palm flat toward me, halting me in my tracks

    3. Larry put his arm in front of my chest halting me before the amoeba

    4. Our ancestors fought them from world to world, all the while fleeing before them, never once halting their momentum

    5. ‘Trust me,’ the man said in halting but intelligible

    6. Her pace was slow and halting, but it served

    7. It worked in Australia in halting gun massacres

    8. Not one single president has succeeded in halting their terror campaigns

    9. As he distanced himself back from the wall to have more room to lash out to the chained man, a shout from across the chamber halted him with his whip barely halting in mid-air:

    10. He paused, halting there by the shoreline, savoring the first rays of the sun as they hit the land on the far shore of the lake

    1. 19 see, at that time I will undo all who afflict you, and I will save her who halts, and will

    2. One ossuary, however, halts my dash through the catacombs

    3. And these bombing halts we put up with gives them a perfect chance to run in more troops and supplies from Cambodia

    4. Again the tone of command works its ancient magic and the boy halts

    5. When the lift halts and opens, the bald man walks heading to a huge room

    6. The commotion halts, just outside a branch of Argos

    7. laughing and drinking, the car halts near a building where Sana gets off

    8. If a horse halts and refuses to move, try moving

    9. "I have told you, friend," said the curate, "that this is done to divert our idle thoughts; and as in well-ordered states games of chess, fives, and billiards are allowed for the diversion of those who do not care, or are not obliged, or are unable to work, so books of this kind are allowed to be printed, on the supposition that, what indeed is the truth, there can be nobody so ignorant as to take any of them for true stories; and if it were permitted me now, and the present company desired it, I could say something about the qualities books of chivalry should possess to be good ones, that would be to the advantage and even to the taste of some; but I hope the time will come when I can communicate my ideas to some one who may be able to mend matters; and in the meantime, senor landlord, believe what I have said, and take your books, and make up your mind about their truth or falsehood, and much good may they do you; and God grant you may not fall lame of the same foot your guest Don Quixote halts on

    10. Having ascertained the places which it frequents and passes, they stop the way to them with mud, and then rousing it, drive it towards the spot, and as soon as the ermine comes to the mud it halts, and allows itself to be taken captive rather than pass through the mire, and spoil and sully its whiteness, which it values more than life and liberty

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    Synonyms for "halt"

    freeze halt stop arrest check hitch stay stoppage stanch staunch stem hold block kibosh crippled game gimpy halting lame pause rest desist suspend interrupt intermit adjourn

    "halt" definitions

    the state of inactivity following an interruption

    the event of something ending

    an interruption or temporary suspension of progress or movement

    cause to stop

    come to a halt, stop moving

    stop from happening or developing

    stop the flow of a liquid

    disabled in the feet or legs