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Lend in a sentence

I could lend a hand.
Ill lend it to you.
And we can lend a hand.
Lend colour to the form.
I could lend you money.
I used to lend them to her.
If not, the money I will lend.

No one appeared to lend a hand.
They will also lend wonderful.
Antolini forgot to lend me some.
And what better way to lend an.
For some pretty stars to lend.
That friend of yours? Lend them.
To lend its might to winters hold.
Vinnie and would lend them a hand.
Lend your most powerful ear to me.
I'll lend to you without interest.
Lend a hand in saving Mother Earth.
Not before we lend a hand though.
Guicho won’t lend you his car.
When possible, lend a helping hand.
I going to lend a hand to Old Chief.
Be helpful and lend a hand to others.
Show it to those who will lend an ear.
Can you lend assistance, over?’’.
Here, lend me a kerchief, if you will.
That lend a tyrannous and damned light.
The very Hell will I constrain to lend.
I always thought I could lend a hand.
And that shall lend a kind of easiness.
Both these elements lend themselves to.
If only Rave were here to lend his heat.
He was always ready to lend a ten or a.
Only the novices were permitted to lend.
Neither borrow nor lend money, because.
My Dad used to lend me his toy soldiers.
He won’t lend his car to anyone but me.
I shouted somebody to lend us some water.
Why, I’d lend you money just the world.
In other word lending of.
Their business is lending money.
Conversely, as bank lending increases the.
Banks started lending to subprime borrowers.
Secondary lenders can now be easier about lending.
Study the history of 12,000 years of money lending.
Im not giving this to you, Im lending it to you.
The old family lending practices proved habitforming.
Kiva provides a data-rich, transparent lending platform.
Its eyes were mere slits, lending them a fierce quality.
They range from investors to government lending programs.
The result was a boom in lending on commercial real estate.
Potter Palmer, of Chicago, lending the Giaour and Pacha.
Miri Goshenk dismounted as well, intent on lending some help.
You’re just observing and lending extra oomph to the ritual.
Even Jesus told a parable involving lending and borrowing (Luke.
Predatory lending is one form of abuse in the granting of loans.
The fact is, though, you’re effectively lending money to the.
Banks have the freedom to fix lending rates for the commodities.
Chris accepted a drink and sat there, quietly lending his presence.
Recently I was visiting with a very good commercial lending officer.
Verses 23 to 27 regulate the lending of money with and without surety.
They can be "called" for repayment by the lending institution at any.
Apparently this lending institution’s approval process was haphazard.
This particular bank eventually went bankrupt due to aggressive lending.
Crawford for lending the horse which he had fully intended it should produce.
Phew! For the risk of lending these clowns my money I’ll have to charge 12.
Federal Reserve had cut the overnight lending rate by 75 basis points from 4.
As long as home prices went up, these lax lending standards caused no problems.
Once they were there, Guinevere paid the driver and stepped out, lending her.
Were it not, mere charity or friendship could be the only motives for lending.
But just think; a lender is in the business of lending money, not real estate.
Generally lending of money refers with disposing of the money or property with.
It also helps the lending institution to see what type of loan you qualify for.
If you default on a financial loan, you cause the lending company to lose cash.
He was able to buy two water delivery trucks and soon he was a lending investor.
This has led to many traditional lenders modifying their lending criteria, and.
Again lending credence to what he said Berunni shed his outfit and stood nude in.
With Roopa lending gusto, the euphoria that followed amused the gathering no end.
This is just not true; banks are in the business of lending money, not real estate.
Christian lent it to me.
Bill lent forward and smiled.
Uncle Hobart lent over the fence.
Fascinated, I lent closer still.
Stephen anyhow lent him one of.
He lent forward and took a sniff.
But it WAS lent to me—I had it.
A hammer lent by the foreman of.
He held his peace and lent succor.
Terry lent it to one of the staff.
Jumping up he lent across the table.
It lent a woodsy smell to the arcade.
He lent over her shoulder and watched.
The flat chested officer lent out a.
She lent forward and whispered in my ear.
He never lent it out, not even to write.
The sergeant of the banlieue lent an ear.
The man lent over and poked Marcos’ nose.
That's right, else I'd have lent her mine.
He lent toward me and gave me another kiss.
Chantelle lent forward, grabbing his wrist.
He rarely read aloud, only perhaps in Lent.
I lent down and brushed my lips against hers.
A footnote discloses that Lucent had lent $1.
Jarvis lent over the railings next to the man.
It was a game, but it lent a measure of his.
He lent over and ran his fingers over her neck.
He had on this turtleneck sweater I'd lent him.
Someone had lent him a new pair of black shoes.
Kitty was no better in health, and in Lent the.
So he reached out and lent a hand with his pin.
He lent forward, voice low - almost threatening.
It was that which lent a bad aspect to his case.
He lent over the table again to kiss me once more.
Holding a finger in the air, I lent over the well.
Janice lent forward and read it aloud to herself.
Felicity lent towards her and grasped her wrists.
But you have not repaid the sum I lent you before.
Sam lent forward and she put her hands on his face.
There is some will that lends.
The result of sin lends itself to.
Quickness lends itself to surprise.
The Friend That Lends: Luke 11:5-13.
Here it lends emphasis and might be.
It lends instant credibility to you ad.
It also lends evidence to the fact that the.
CMS lends itself better to precise timing than BOP.
Bank rate :the rate at which RBI lends to member banks.
Jean-Jacques lends his pick to Diogenes, who lends him his.
What is it in men’s hearts that lends them to destruction?
The entity, usually a bank or financial institution that lends.
It is highly magical, and lends it’s own power to the gathering.
He that has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, and He wil pay.
This attack on the problem lends itself to two possible techniques.
This lends credibility to what I said in the first paragraph about.
As cited in an American report lends credence to this idea: The CISC.
Bank Rate: RBI lends to the commercial banks through its discount window to.
And she lends me clothing, since Luke moved all of my things into his house.
She is generally stupid, but the devil lends her his brain when she works for him.
He must end this situation which lends itself to——I can't believe it of that.
Some of them are enclosed only by hedges, which lends a cheerful aspect to the street.
This flowing structure lends itself to the forecasting of future activity in a manner.
This always lends an element of unpredictability that a computer simply cannot capture.
The more the lender lends you, the more he will make; that is all some are interested in.
Because you don't own the stock, the brokerage firm lends you 100 shares of Daytraders, Inc.
Revelation thirteen is such a clear narrative that it lends itself to a form of paraphrasing;.
He who has compassion on the poor lends to the lord, and he will repay him for his good deed.
A, for example, lends to W £1000, with which W immediately purchases of B £1000 worth of goods.
It is a slippery, flighty thing; but, properly pounced upon, lends itself fruitfully to squeezing.
The linear model R function lm() lends itself to the analysis of more complex regression functions.
My degree in computer science lends the highest credence to the sections dealing with computers –.
C, in the same manner, and for the same reason, lends them to Y, who again purchases goods with them of D.
There has already been a big price change in the asset, and this lends more credence to the crowd’s beliefs.
The fact that this single line is not at all bullish lends support for the bearish continuation of this pattern.
I could see no marks to guide me, but the carpet was of a dun colour, which lends itself very well to examination.
I noticed long ago what a nasty, horrid old man he was — they say he lends money and takes interest like any Jew.
Nothing that researchers have found lends any credibility to the speculation of links between birthdays and biorhythms.
This rent may be considered as the produce of those powers of Nature, the use of which the landlord lends to the farmer.
This special series of studies lends itself to a fuller discussion of the work of the preacher in the local congregation.

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