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    1. But should any other person buy you such an estate, the shopkeeper will be much obliged to your benefactor if he would enjoin you to buy all your clothes at his shop

    2. Only continue humble and serve the Lord in all purity of heart you and your children and your house and walk in my commands which I enjoin upon you and your repentance will be deep and pure; and if you observe these things with your household every affliction will depart from you

    3. Enjoin all who are able to act rightly not to cease well-doing; for to practise good works is useful to them

    4. For if a man cannot govern himself in such matters how shall he enjoin them on others? If a man does not keep himself from covetousness he shall be defiled by idolatry and shall be judged as one of the heathen

    5. 1 These things we enjoin you beloved not only by way of admonition to you but as putting ourselves also in mind

    6. Said the Adjuster: "I will, as you have directed, enjoin the employment of this attendant host of universe intelligences in any manner in connection with your earth career except in those cases where the Paradise Father directs me to release such agencies in order that his divine will of your choosing may be accomplished, and in those instances where you may engage in any choice or act of your divine-human will which shall only involve departures from the natural earth order as to time

    7. The fact that Jesus would always enjoin silence regarding his unusual acts made a great impression on this simple child of nature

    8. Take to heart this words which I enjoin on you today

    9. enjoin and force on the population at large

    10. enjoin the students to live a purposeful, useful and rich life in this

    1. Heb: 9:20: Saying, This is the blood of the covenant which God hath enjoined unto you

    2. A holy fear is enjoined also in the

    3. “I thoroughly enjoy Shakespeare's sonnets and plays,” he enjoined enthusiastically

    4. “I have ne'er seen another, save the other members of his most remarkable family,” enjoined Mr

    5. What the manufacturer was prohibited to do, the farmer was in some measure enjoined to do ; to divide his capital between two different employments; to keep one part of it in his granaries and stack-yard, for supplying the occasional demands of the market, and to employ the other in the cultivation of his land

    6. 31 To confirm these days of Purim in their times appointed, according as Mordecai the Jew and Esther the queen had enjoined them,

    7. 23 Who has enjoined him his way? or who can say, you have wrought iniquity?

    8. 62 And Moses wrote all these things in a book, and he enjoined the children of Israel respecting all these matters

    9. 62 And Moses wrote all these things in a book and he enjoined the children of Israel respecting all these matters

    10. “Don’t doubt the stories you’ve heard!” Youssaf enjoined

    1. The noble companions had realized the value of this heavenly practice, and the Qur’anic verses frankly stress its enjoining, so it was impossible for them to neglect it

    2. Fidel did not have to specify to Ranulf or the others to whom he was alluding to: the various churchmen in Toulouse had been rabidly condemning with harsh words the newcomers for days, telling their parishioners that the people of the Human Expansion were blasphemers, atheists and sorcerers of the worst kind and enjoining them to stay away from them

    3. Enjoining you to acts, characters, spectacles, with me

    4. Scarlett winked slyly at Frank and, for all his distress at the bad news he had just heard, he smiled, knowing she was enjoining silence and making him one in a pleasant conspiracy

    5. Unprecedented perplexity! For the last hour he had had two voices in his conscience, the one enjoining him to respect his father's testament, the other crying to him to rescue the prisoner

    6. The latter are for the most part positive, enjoining certain acts, by the performance of which men are to be justified and made righteous, whereas the Christian precepts (the precept of love is not a commandment in the strict sense of the word, but the expression of the very essence of the doctrine), the five commandments of the Sermon on the Mount, are all negative, only meant to show men who have reached a certain degree of development what they must avoid

    7. Speaker, are we to cause our rights to be respected? Is it by merely reviving the law of May last, as is the object of this amendment? Certainly this is not their meaning; for both these letters have reference to that law, as well as the proclamation of the President giving it effect, and to the circular of the Secretary of the Treasury, addressed to the collectors of the several ports, enjoining a strict execution of that law

    8. But what is this amendment which re-enacts the law of May last, and such pitiful reasoning as I have heard on this occasion, but placing our seal to that infamous insinuation? The President, on the mere promise of the Minister of the Emperor, that the Berlin and Milan decrees should cease to operate on the first day of November, placed full faith and reliance on that promise, and issued his proclamation on the 2d, presuming the promise had been fulfilled—and, shall we say that the Emperor is justifiable in disbelieving the law of May last, solemnly enacted by the three branches of the Government and the President's proclamation, together with the Circular of the Secretary of the Treasury, enjoining the law to be carried into effect?

    1. 31, 1517) Luther tacked to the door of the Schlosskirche (Castle Church) in Wittenberg 95 academic theses ‘On the Power of Indulgences’…The point of his theses was that indulgences made sense only as release from temporal penalties imposed on the faithful by the priests; but if indulgences were understood as release from the temporal punishments of God or from pains…from guilt, they ran counter to the very spirit of the Christian religion which, Luther said, according to the teachings of Jesus, enjoins the believer to practice repentance throughout his whole life” (ibid

    2. Berlinski enjoins, “Actually, social dominance and material resources are not quite to the point

    3. Which it enjoins

    4. But before you try to enter into the new light, should you not rather follow the light you already have? Moses gave you the law, yet how many of you honestly seek to fulfill its demands? Moses in this law enjoins you, saying, `You shall not kill'; notwithstanding this command some of you seek to kill the Son of Man

    5. Tell them how the Apostle Paul enjoins us not "to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is" (Heb

    6. Where, indeed, is the honour which the fifth commandment enjoins, if fathers and mothers are not obeyed cheerfully, willingly, and at once?

    7. Of course, their upbringing enjoins on them to live and die for the supposedly holy causes of Islam, and attendant to this maxim is the righteousness of aggression against all those perceived as antagonistic to their dogma

    8. enjoins teachers never to neglect self – study and preaching

    9. Thus the Gita also enjoins that Pranayama is nothing but the blending of t hought waves

    10. That is why Krishn enjoins him to re-

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    enjoin order say tell forbid ban exclude interdict preclude proscribe bid ordain charge appoint direct prescribe

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