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Interruption in a sentence

1. After a short interruption Mr.
2. He grinned at her interruption.
3. They scowled at the interruption.
4. Then there came an interruption.
5. Eugene blinks at the interruption.
6. Donna frowned at the interruption.
7. I’m sorry for the interruption.

8. Sorry for the interruption, miss.
9. Their sins know of no interruption.
10. The interruption took him off guard.
11. Helga was glad for the interruption.
12. Alexander frowned at the interruption.
13. Another interruption happened in 1968.
14. He didn't appreciate the interruption.
15. Sorry for the interruption, Reverend.
16. Sorry for the interruption but Britney.
17. Barnett was startled by the interruption.
18. Tracy was glad enough for the interruption.
19. Please keep it coming without interruption.
20. But that doesn’t excuse the interruption.
21. Prentice is not happy with the interruption.
22. There was no fear of such interruption here.
23. He now realizes the interruption he’s made.
24. There was an interruption in our conversation.
25. The interruption in receiving letters from V.
26. The vehemence of the interruption startled him.
27. Ignoring the interruption, Lysander ploughed on.
28. Joe Elegant scowled faintly at the interruption.
29. After Desiree’s interruption, Adrian continued.
30. Physical death is the ultimate interruption in.
31. The interruption was doubly frustrating because.
32. She rounded on them, furious at the interruption.
33. I let my brief annoyance at the interruption pass.
34. A continual interruption in the flow of lines, and.
35. Waterhouse listened patiently without interruption.
36. Therefore, there will be no interruption of the 85.
37. The CEO was stopped by Frank’s sudden interruption.
38. Come, Guo Ming said, happy for the interruption.
39. He continued as if there were no interruption at all.
40. The interruption of the soldier Neal did not give me.
41. But this great prosperity was not without interruption.
42. But a singular interruption brought us to a standstill.
43. Here, safe from interruption, the tribe often gathered.
44. Refusing to acknowledge his throaty interruption, she.
45. Again the pilot caused an interruption by shifting helm.
46. Th e method of patterns interruption is directed onto.
47. In this manner hours passed without further interruption.
48. Sorry for the interruption, I said, turning to leave.
49. The interruption by Rufford had not been welcome, either.
50. One Who Tells of Things Past, forgive the interruption.
51. And his interruption provoked a reaction from the driver.
52. There are constant explosions almost without interruption.
53. We could discuss your concerns without fear of interruption.
54. As I was saying, said Rami, annoyed at my interruption.
55. There was a news interruption about the murder at the Clift.
56. The work went on without interruption until the dinner-hour.
57. A soft chime sounded and Clyntahn scowled at the interruption.
58. What I wanted though, was time to think without interruption.
59. My father frowned at me, clearly unhappy with the interruption.
60. The doctor, mildly perturbed by the interruption, forged ahead.
61. One Who Tells of Things Past was unperturbed at the interruption.
62. Ten minutes later he came back, frustrated from the interruption.
63. Rathbone was the most dramatic interruption in his life for many.
64. Hope, he considered the interruption a welcome deterrent from his.
65. These calls were repeated without interruption for about two hours.
66. She seemed resolved to let him go on speaking without interruption.
67. You are asking me to suffer the interruption of the busy schedule.
68. My sincere apologies to you-all for this interruption, he said.
69. Casaubon was here, and I know he dislikes interruption at this hour.
70. Kaitlyn was agitated as she explained the cause of the interruption.
71. He merely dismissed this minor interruption to his train of thought.
72. The trend line is actually the same uptrend with a brief interruption.
73. What really counts is the history of continuance without interruption.
74. Midnight had just preceded and left time to tick with no interruption.
75. After a few whip lashes, punches and kicks, there was an interruption.
76. Marian hoped she’d get fifteen minutes of sleep without interruption.
77. Phoebe could not hear it to the end without more than one interruption.
78. What’s going on? he asked, sounding peeved at the interruption.
79. Excuse the interruption, said Brian, directing his words to Beth.
80. We are going to have to interrupt this interruption to bring you an.
81. Interruption It’s not uncommon that two individuals are carrying on a.
82. But I am sure you admit that the interruption was a very beautiful one.
83. Fazzino’s house where we could talk without any immediate interruption.
84. Before the interruption of the phone call, their cuddle had been heading.
85. Since we are open to interruption, can we take a quick break? I need to.
86. He blinked the blurriness from his eyes, irritated by the rude interruption.
87. Sir, pray forgive the interruption, but the tapestry artisan has arrived.
88. The acolytes were enraged by the unacceptable interruption to their mission.
89. Some experiences beg to be experienced without a pause or an interruption.
90. The third interruption came when Prince Andrew was finishing his description.
91. General Armstrong did not bother to act happy about this latest interruption.
92. They listened without interruption and left a long silence when he was done.
93. Let me speak without interruption, and then I will hear what you have to say.
94. Bilgewater, grateful for his stomach’s interruption, said, I’m hungry.
95. Then came a startling interruption to a scene at once ludicrous and perilous.
96. There is no interruption to Dharma practice and one's life is most beneficial.
97. The Vulcans standing about seemed a bit put out by his interruption, but they.
98. Lady Kate, excuse my interruption, but Jake said you had need of my services.
99. He ignored Rachel’s interruption and continued to watch Jesse across the table.
100. Leon didn’t get halfway through his story before Gordon’s first interruption.

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