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Forge in a sentence

Do you have a forge?
The forge was very sooty.
They used to forge tickets!.
They used to forge tickets!’.
You forge a relationship based on.
Forge has often heard me play on Sundays.
Forge and Hollowcrest would not know that.

Try and forge everlasting relations with.
La Forge who was sizing up the Kelvan ship.
What have you found out about Forge?
Wanted to forge his own identity, I suppose.
If they knew how to properly forge the gold.
Forge also demands a voice in the government.
Frank La Forge, at that time, had his studio next.
For this is the only way to forge a stable society.
His eyes sparkled with heat borrowed from the forge.
Meaning, he had to forge the relationships and make.
We forge this through energy of one formless action.
Now, you must be careful when you are near a forge.
He saw them whole: Riker, Worf, La Forge, and Shelby.
His little, narrow chest panted like a forge bellows.
Ronan, who was at work at the forge this morning, had.
Asia saw him then hard at work at his blacksmith forge.
There was loud hammering noise coming from the forge area.
Why send her out here if she could be used to forge?
I have to collect reinforcements and go deal with Forge.
And it is meaner than if he had attempted to forge a letter.
Maybe they could lead us to other members of the Forge group.
Another goal was to forge and sell a new hero-god that.
We will say that he was unexpectedly found at his forge again.
All we need you to do is help with Forge, Hollowcrest said.
The apprentices of Sorcer used to forge locks especially for her.
She had no money, no weapons, no idea who comprised Forge, nothing.
To forge our alliance, I will require you to sire a child with me.
Caymus joined Ronan at his forge, and the brothers toiled through.
Whatever difficulty comes in your life you learn to forge ahead with.
When the hammer begins to forge hard truth on the inner anvil of his.
It would take me several hours to cut through that, La Forge said.
He then tiptoed into the kitchen, still wearing his Battle Forge pajamas.
But there is no smith's forge in this Shire that could change it at all.
The forging of Fleischaker was predestined.
Elden left Son to continue forging the sword.
To Warren Buffett, for forging the way for us all.
Irons are normally made either by casting or forging.
The forger taught Joe the rudiments of forging signatures.
Forging the empire's coin – it was beautiful, he thought.
I can understand her hunting them, but forging alliances?
He was forging a signature when the senior clerk stopped by him.
Now we should focus on forging a new Anglo – Polish relationship.
Rolling and Forging are the operations made in solid state of Metal to.
He had been mixed up in some cases of forging papers in Russia already.
After all, it was your urging that had led to the forging of Fleischaker.
Sorcer has been forging weapons for the Three Kings ever since they were children.
For the next hour Ava sat thru the forging of the bronze age equivalent of a fake ID.
The steel is a knife blank, meant for further forging, but still a very strong alloy.
That’s good, but any chance you and Sespian had of forging a relationship was dashed.
Christianity and have played an important role in forging the current state of world affairs.
Dawn on Monday November 28, 1853 found Olin forging wrought iron latches from strips of metal stock.
Molten–Refers to the process of forging metal and fabricating false images of spiritual concepts.
One trick he practised was that of forging passports, at least so I heard from some of the convicts.
Tidings they had gathered in secret ways; and in all the mountains there was a forging and an arming.
Do you think to break a man of a fancy by such measures? ’Twould be as good as forging the ring.
In his impetuosity he was forging the sequence that her mind in its wrought up state had refused to grasp.
We are building our homes on firm ground, forging the old bond in fire - the bond between Man and Earth….
Long had it been forging in the dark smithies of Mordor, and its hideous head, founded of black steel, was.
It has countered the threat of the internet-based share trading systems by forging alliances with some of them.
If we succeed in turning these invaders I will set myself to the task of forging a proper seal in this breach.
An hour's ride and they turned north, forging through wild and rugged hills, following dim trails and tortuous paths.
Britain’s economy was forging ahead at last, but it was leaving a lot of very angry, disillusioned people in its wake.
As long as there is good gold and silver coin in the realm, so long there will be forging, coining, and counterfeit money.
It also could mean that a new fundamental has been developing in more recent years that is forging a new seasonal tendency.
She stumbled in that direction and opened her eyes to find Liam forging ahead with her in tow, half-stumbling along behind him.
Light flickers through your lids into the darkness, the flashes forging your subconscious into images rippling out of one another.
For ten hours a day, six days a week, they disassemble massive forging presses and stack the usable metal in crates to be loaded onto train cars.
There was a small print of Washington praying at Valley Forge and a photo of Churchill and FDR forging the Allied Alliance on HMS Prince of Wales.
The man he pitched upon to negotiate with Sotillo was a Notary Public, whom the revolution had found languishing in the common jail on a charge of forging documents.
He had been forging wrought iron hinges and continued to hammer the red hot metal into the required shape as he waited to hear the information sent from her grandfather.
All eyes turned in the direction I had indicated, and there, forging through the portals of the entranceway rode Tars Tarkas and his fifty warriors on their great thoats.
I took a road trip and each time I happened across a guest book I signed it Cheryl Strayed, my hand trembling slightly, feeling vaguely guilty, as if I were forging a check.
I picture my brain cells stretching their branches toward one another, forging new connections that will represent the image of Shannon’s smile, that lovely, lopsided curve.
The Forged by Magic Series.
The novel, The Forged Coupon.
I was forged on the battlefield.
Gronland was a region forged in a.
He gritted his teeth and forged on.
Is by a forged process of my death.
Coupon, see The Forged Coupon.
She swallowed hard and forged ahead.
He stammered a bit, then forged ahead.
It turns out his email was forged by.
His companion could not have forged it.
Or even that the signatures were forged.
He had a small hauberk, its rings forged.
Alfred took a slow breath and forged ahead.
He must have forged the signature as well.
My cousin and I had forged a bond that we.
Or do they say, He forged a lie about God.
There forged was blade, and bound was hilt;.
They forged on, breathless with anticipation.
A partnership forged out of mutual suffering.
Eventually they will find out who forged them.
No civilized hand ever forged that head-piece.
One was the part concerning the forged checks.
Rani forged the CM’s signature on the letter.
It looks legit but I’m convinced he forged it.
Empires are always forged to satisfy greed and.
A unique bond was forged between the man and boy.
Q: What about the chains of destiny forged by sin?
They say friendships forged in war are strong ones.
Beings forged the societies with economies of scale.
Ruffin snorted as if to interrupt him, but he forged.
Think of a black smith who manually forged swords or.
Lost in the fog the Celestia’s Prize forged onward.
That knowledge had forged a sense of doubt within him.
A ring was quickly forged around the now-standing Moshe.
Nonetheless, I forged ahead with my private appointment.
They pay as much as fifty-six pounds for a forged pass.
Forged Coupon, the, Tolstoi’s story (Coupon, The), pp.
This same forged document would allow Tabitha a proper.
She took the other end of the crook, and we forged ahead.
At the forges of the Cyclopes.
The Lord of the Forges, Hephaestus.
The gnome Mime forges a sword in a wood.
He forges his silver with magic, said Floy.
Whoever forges lies about God after that-these are the unjust.
First, a security forges a reaction high above the upper band.
It was liquid and burned hotter than the forges of the Great City.
It is of an excellent quality; but wood is so abundant that it is used only in forges.
The swancomb of the gondola, highreared, forges on through the murk, white and blue under a lighthouse.
I looked on it and saw that, whereas it had once been green and fair, it was now filled with pits and forges.
Is there any provision in the constitution directing it? We have erected forges and even purchased ore banks.
She believed they cut themselves short, keeping the elven smiths, a lot of whom were female, from their forges.
It was not very much unlike the smell often found in blacksmith shops and forges, though its exact nature eluded him.
The forges of the Cyclopes are under the ocean, which gives Poseidon some influence over the makers of his brother’s lightning.
The forges they used were covered in shining silver runes, and she could see a faint blue sheen where the hot air tried to force its way out of the furnace.
Siegfried returns, forges his father's sword, and runs off, shouting, Heiho! heiho! heiho! Ho! ho! Aha! oho! aha! Heiaho! heiaho! heiaho! Ho! ho! Hahei! hoho! hahei!.
Squads of procrastinators stood behind masses of men of all ages who had been forced to wield whatever weapon could be found around the city forges and blacksmith shops.
And it seemed certainly implausible that a tribe of nomads on the brink of savagery could have fashioned a finely crafted blade without expert knowledge, foundries, forges and artisans capable of supreme craftsmanship.
With his air of aimless, insect-like going to and fro upon the face of the rock, Don Pepe's figure kept on descending steadily, and, when near the bottom, sank at last behind the roofs of store-houses, forges, and workshops.
One episode in which Nancy, afraid that her lover has murdered the Duke of Borthwicke, enters the presence of the corpse, and there forges a letter in the interests of Danvers, might have been made into something strongly emotional, creepy and Sarah Bernhardtian.
But the most famous surgeons also made mistakes; and that is what no one would ever believe! People, on the contrary, would laugh, jeer! It would spread as far as Forges, as Neufchatel, as Rouen, everywhere! Who could say if his colleagues would not write against him.
Having finished this conversation, Siegfried seizes one of the pieces of what is meant to represent the broken sword, saws it up, puts it on what is meant to represent the forge, melts it, and then forges it and sings: Heiho! heiho! heiho! Ho! ho! Aha! oho! aha! Heiaho! heiaho! heiaho! Ho! ho! Hahei! hoho! hahei! and Act I.
We shall break out the jib and the foresail, the white houses on the harbour side will glide slowly past us as she gathers steering-way, and the voyage will have begun! As she forges towards the headland she will clothe herself with canvas; and then, once outside, the sounding slap of great green seas as she heels to the wind, pointing South!.
Huge hills and mountains of casks on casks were piled upon her wharves, and side by side the world-wandering whale ships lay silent and safely moored at last; while from others came a sound of carpenters and coopers, with blended noises of fires and forges to melt the pitch, all betokening that new cruises were on the start; that one most perilous and long voyage ended, only begins a second; and a second ended, only begins a third, and so on, for ever and for aye.
American abolitionists grouped about the boat at Harper's Ferry, and in the ear of the patriots of Ancona assembled in the shadow, to the Archi before the Gozzi inn on the seashore; it creates Canaris; it creates Quiroga; it creates Pisacane; it irradiates the great on earth; it was while proceeding whither its breath urge them, that Byron perished at Missolonghi, and that Mazet died at Barcelona; it is the tribune under the feet of Mirabeau, and a crater under the feet of Robespierre; its books, its theatre, its art, its science, its literature, its philosophy, are the manuals of the human race; it has Pascal, Regnier, Corneille, Descartes, Jean-Jacques: Voltaire for all moments, Moliere for all centuries; it makes its language to be talked by the universal mouth, and that language becomes the word; it constructs in all minds the idea of progress, the liberating dogmas which it forges are for the generations trusty friends, and it is with the soul of its thinkers and its poets that all heroes of all nations have been made since 1789; this does not prevent vagabondism, and that enormous genius which is called Paris, while transfiguring the world by its light, sketches in charcoal Bouginier's nose on the wall of the temple of Theseus and writes Credeville the thief on the Pyramids.

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