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Toilet in a sentence

The rover has no toilet.
The other was the toilet.
Ish came out of the toilet.
Toilet paper was a luxury.
Nice sign above the toilet.
The left hand is for toilet.
It did however house a toilet.

She showed her the toilet jug.
He needs water and the toilet.
I get up and walk to the toilet.
I need the toilet, I said.
And what if I need the toilet?
I dropped the lid of the toilet.
Perched on the toilet with his.
Near the end of it was a toilet.
He stepped into the toilet and.
We are all equals in the toilet.
His toilet was not clean, either.
Then I explained about the toilet.
The toilet was made of icy cold.
They found themselves in a toilet.
She was careful about her toilet.
There was even a toilet of sorts.
She was wiping behind the toilet.
Afterwards, he flushed the toilet.
He put pepper on the toilet paper.
Wipe thoroughly with toilet paper.
They called him over to the toilet.
The toilet throws a shadow on it.
Which toilet is it? she asked.
On the underside of the toilet seat.
The sides of the toilet bowl showed.
I think he dumped it in the toilet.
Urinating into the sixth-floor toilet.
Inside the bathroom the toilet flushed.
Neither did the need for toilet paper.
Inside I could see a toilet and a sink.
I looked down and saw that the toilet.
Winfield went reluctantly to the toilet.
A Roll of Toilet Paper and Handy Wipes.
This is a bathing and toileting room, he answered without any further explanation.
Toileted, brushed my teeth and washed my face.
In the morning I woke, toileted, bathed under the eyes and commands of the household staff.
The toilets were deserted anyway.
Sundays to scrub the toilets!.
She praised the Rostovs’ toilets.
Who’s in the toilets Cat?
She praised the Rostóvs’ toilets.
He used the toilets before we left.
But the toilets had responded to me.
Toilets and showers and wash tubs.
Where are the toilets? he asked.
He fled to the safety of the toilets.
What about toilets and entertainment.
Who’s in the toilets? Martin said.
Annabeth, I’m sorry about the toilets.
It took me ten minutes to reach the toilets.
One guy followed another into the toilets.
They got toilets over there, she said.
There are toilets and showers in the hallway.
In any case, it cannot be as bad as the toilets.
She pointed to a door to the left of the toilets.
Think he went to find the toilets, Troy said.
This here hot water an’ toilets — Pa began.
A week later I had a panic attack in the toilets and.
I jumped straight up and staggered/ran to the toilets.
Lloyd walked off to one of the toilets in the station.
I ran into the toilets to try and pull myself together.
They had open shower areas and toilets but no windows.
Also available are toilets that are dual flushing models.
Someone was clogging up the toilets in the third floor.
New toilets are designed to require less water to flush.
There was an overwhelming smell of vomit in the toilets.
Of course I have never cleaned toilets, at least public.
I charged out of the toilets and headed straight for Jack.
You should see some of the toilets I’ve cleaned in the.
He disappeared in the direction of the toilets for a few.
She was interested so she led him down to the ladies toilets.
Bex is bumped by a rangy youth on his way back from the toilets.
As regards to Kgm ,I would take even TOILETS into consideration.
Leah? a voice asked from one of the toilets making me jump.
We used water from the swimming pool to flush toilets and bathe.

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