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Lap in a sentence

1. She sat on his lap.
2. I smiled into my lap.
3. I store it in my lap.
4. To sit her lap top on.
5. Then he laid on my lap.
6. I shift my arms in my lap.
7. Metal gleamed on his lap.

8. Theakston was on her lap.
9. As waves lap at the sand.
10. He never sat upon his lap.
11. Now carry her on your lap.
12. His gun landed in his lap.
13. He placed them in his lap.
14. Ganga lap against the ship.
15. Took a little victory lap.
16. Of her affection filled lap.
17. My hands dropped to my lap.
18. I pull her head into my lap.
19. Clifford jumped in her lap.
20. She sets the bag in her lap.
21. A book lays open on her lap.
22. She put her hands on her lap.
23. I leaped onto her lap then.
24. Clifford jumped into her lap.
25. He held Cinder across his lap.
26. You pass out in Kaite’s lap.
27. She got up and sat on his lap.
28. Her hand twitched in her lap.
29. He held his lyre upon his lap.
30. The notebooks were in his lap.
31. Sammy sat obediently on his lap.
32. Then, I leaped onto Kathy's lap.
33. She laid the garment in her lap.
34. Kate had her lap full of lilies.
35. My hands on my lap felt tingly.
36. He sat down and patted his lap.
37. Lisa takes the baby on her lap.
38. Clifford moved back on her lap.
39. She sat in his lap and leaned.
40. Katherine Moore sits on his lap.
41. Marie's hands tumbled on her lap.
42. She sat on his lap and faced him.
43. I had my hands relaxed in my lap.
44. After he sat, she sat on his lap.
45. He lay on her lap each morning.
46. She sat on his lap at one point.
47. Abby had the knapsack on her lap.
48. The two of you lap from the dish.
49. She let the doll flop in her lap.
50. Her hands were in her lap, rigid.
51. She twisted her hands in her lap.
52. Someone’s lap was always empty.
53. He rose up enough to lap up the.
54. As waves lap on the shore then go.
55. I nodded and climbed onto his lap.
56. Lydia pulled the iPad into her lap.
57. A tattered book rested on her lap.
58. I hugged her and slept on her lap.
59. George in her lap, and letting Mr.
60. She sat on his lap and kissed him.
61. You jumped on my lap and sit on it.
62. And her hands remained in her lap.
63. David lowered his hands to his lap.
64. Lap up: The act of licking up water.
65. Alilia dropped her hands to her lap.
66. This bird on my lap was a special.
67. Tim invited Cindy to sit on his lap.
68. Her kitten sat on her lap, purring.
69. Clifford crawled over into her lap.
70. She placed her left foot on her lap.
71. I reached her and held her on my lap.
72. I really think they’d lap them up.
73. His hands were in his lap, restless.
74. A cherry-red jellybean was in my lap.
75. Willis looked at his hands in his lap.
76. You are beside me as the waves lap in.
77. Cats are utter whores for a warm lap.
78. Probably a lap around the city again.
79. Mr Jingles was fast asleep in her lap.
80. You can sit on my lap, if you want.
81. She was sitting in his lap in one of.
82. There was a big empty hole in his lap.
83. He sat down, arranging her on his lap.
84. Panny stood on all fours on Sue’s lap.
85. The husband held his script in his lap.
86. What’s that? she sat on his lap.
87. Emily fumbled the letter out on her lap.
88. She sat on his lap and leaned her head.
89. I also looked at the newspaper in my lap.
90. Antonio’s right hand rested in his lap.
91. She sat down and put his head on her lap.
92. Well, she got up and sat on his lap.
93. She walked over to him and sat on his lap.
94. He looked at Mother with Jesus in her lap.
95. Myrtle chased Phoebe off my lap, saying.
96. Revenge lies on the lap of the gods.
97. Sammy puts 1-year old Tory on Dana's lap.
98. I stare at my hands, which rest in my lap.
99. We've got the Hoffman empire in our lap.
100. Aaron lays his hands, face up, in his lap.
1. Waves: Lapping the side of the ship.
2. With the flames happily lapping at.
3. It was already lapping at Ben’s chin.
4. The sound of lapping water woke Emily up.
5. Upon the still waters lapping at my feet.
6. Bobbob lapping it for the inner alderman.
7. Then he had it– the echo of lapping water.
8. Jack was certainly lapping up the atmosphere.
9. Soon the water would be lapping at its flanks.
10. Then lapping his overcoat across his breast:—.
11. Slowly, the lapping of the water faded away and.
12. As the lapping water drenched his knickers, the.
13. The waves were gently lapping the sand on Praia da Luz.
14. Swept through with wind and the sounds of waves lapping.
15. I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;.
16. She calmed down in time to the hissing and lapping tape.
17. The sound of water lapping nearby compelled him to rise.
18. Preterits tell us that there was an over lapping of the.
19. He stood as naked as she, the sun lapping in waves across him.
20. Music and laughter sounded faintly above the lapping of waves.
21. Amori turned at the feeling of heat lapping at the nape of her neck.
22. As he moved him, water started to pour into the vessel, lapping at.
23. Only the sound of the water lapping against the boat filled the air.
24. Waves of feeling without pain lapping around the island of his body.
25. His erection is above the water line, the water lapping at his hips.
26. Well, gentle lapping plus a small splashing sound off in the distance.
27. She gazed back at the ocean, and its gentle lapping waves invited her.
28. Accompanying this was the soft murmur of the little waves lapping up.
29. The lapping water of the waves was nearly up to the SUVs front tires!.
30. He heard a lapping sound, and managed to coax the flame a little larger.
31. I squealed and danced away from the lapping waves, and James ran with me.
32. Lov awoke, the waves lapping gently against his hand resting in the water.
33. One window over, flames were lapping out, eating the expensive silk curtains.
34. I thought about lapping it up, but I doubted I could move that far right now.
35. The ocean air filled our nostrils as the endless waves were lapping the shore.
36. The ship slowly rocked on the lapping waves that carried Henry into the harbor.
37. Andrei stood in front of me, horror on his face, and the water lapping at his legs.
38. Hester let the gentle lapping of the waves, produced by a few powerboats, soothe her.
39. The ripples on the water grew and came closer; some were already lapping on the shore.
40. Preterits tell us that there was an over lapping of the two, that the Old Covenant was.
41. Claire avoided looking at the water she could hear lapping at the shore just yards away.
42. He was in the midst of one of the best of these when a little lapping sound stopped him.
43. For a while, the only sound is the lapping of the water and the breathing of the two men.
44. Ariel waited awhile, while Stephi’s breath labored over the line, the lapping of a dam.
45. Thane and the Grand Wizard stood in the Watcher’s cellar, water lapping at their ankles.
46. The trailer courts are everywhere, lapping up the sides of hills, spilling into river beds.
47. And to the second, I can hear the waves lapping against the ship, and the water rushing by.
48. Mary threw down her hat, surprised at the regret and the guilt now lapping at her conscience.
49. Under its rocky feet like an inland cliff the deepest stream had flowed lapping and bubbling.
50. Then he turned quickly on his heel and without another word vanished into the lapping waters.
51. There are no waves lapping, but only a steady swirl of water softly running against the hawser.
52. What happened next my love? She was lapping up the story; it had so many twists and turns.
53. Doug was already down by the river, removing his shoes, his feet lapping on the edge of the river.
54. The cool breeze from the sea and the gentle lapping of the waves reminded Smith of his childhood.
55. To have nothing to hear but the gentle lapping of Dark Water upon the shore, as he was hearing now.
56. The chirping of birds intensified, overshadowing the rhythmical lapping of waves against the shore.
57. Sledge knelt down and lowered the lapping flame to within an inch of the man’s gas-drenched shirt.
58. The steps grew nearer still, then stopped, and presently I was aware of a loud lapping and gurgling.
59. It could have been the wind, the water lapping against the docks or a ship sounding in the distance.
60. You lie down on the soft white sand, and you can hear the sound of the water gently lapping up to the.
61. We sit in silence, the lapping of the water splashing against the side of the boat loud in the darkness.
62. There was a soft whisper under the icebox, where the dog was lapping the cool water in the summer heat.
63. Robert had kneeled down at the water’s edge and was busy lapping up water with his hands and drinking.
64. In your ears the sound of screams and splashes, the music of play feeds the breeze lapping at the water.
65. It was as though all life had been sucked from her and she was merely a dog, lapping at Death’s heels.
66. He could see the line of water rising and falling, and he could hear the gentle lapping of sea over house.
67. When the water was gently lapping at the sides, both boys being knee deep in it, they leaped into the boat.
68. She looked around her and recognized the palm trees, the golden sand, and the sound of softly lapping waves.
69. A pagan hearing the lapping of muffled in a quilt, was bringing out the carriage to take Ashley to the train.
70. At sunset time he hypnotized me, and he says I answered as usual, darkness, lapping water and creaking wood.
71. As she walked away, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warm sun and the sounds of the lake lapping up on the shore.
72. What are you playing at, undertaker? said Johnny, walking along with Nigger in his arms, lapping at his face.
73. The safe house was to the right, and thirty feet below, lapping at the cliff was the water, which Ben had expected.
74. There was a long silence, broken only by the lapping of the waves as the foundering ship spun slowly in the current.
75. His eyes started to droop once more as he sat and listened to the quiet lapping of the murky water around his boots.
76. Jo could not speak, and for several minutes there was no sound but the sigh of the wind and the lapping of the tide.
77. I think I saw the fox at the kitchen door at dawn, lapping cream with the cats, who, seeing his exhaustion, let him.
78. A moment later, the sedan was gone, and the fire was lapping over the fenders of Jack’s quarter-million-dollar car.
79. He was now lying full length on the ground with his head far out over the river, lapping up the chocolate like a dog.
80. The more you watch the further you are driven into the lapping waves breaking over the backs of silently swimming goldfish.
81. He drinks beer morning and night and has put me out to work instead of lapping me with the luxury for which I was intended.
82. He could neither see nor hear anything but distant lights reflecting across the bay and the lapping of water against pilings.
83. Some of the dogs, with bristling hair, were tearing his belly and legs, while the others were lapping the blood from his wound.
84. Preterits tell us that there was an over lapping of the two, that the Old Covenant was not nailed to the cross, and it did not end unto A.
85. So, you race motorcycles, I mentioned as we both sampled our stout, with its fine, creamy head lapping up and over the edge of the glass.
86. Turned, crossed over our ship, faced back out to the ocean and the sounds of waves lapping, and the slips of fish and dolphins coming to surface.
87. She waded out until the low waves were lapping about her waist; then she struck out strongly, swimming with a vigor that promised unusual endurance.
88. They all just lay there; the only movement was bobbing and weaving brought on by the river’s current and waves lapping against their broken hulls.
89. And with such blinding speed did the serpent move that it whipped about and met him in full midair, lapping his limbs and body with half a dozen coils.
90. Since arriving upon his trek from Falkreath, he had often found himself walking down to the rocky edge of the land, where the ground met the lapping waves.
91. Some were lying down with heads raised and ears pricked forward; others stood on their feet, watching him; and still others were lapping water from the pool.
92. Beside me old Polynesia went on grumbling away in low steady tones; and her words began to mingle and mix with the gentle lapping of the waves upon the shore.
93. A great, grey-blue mouth of water gaping at the sky, echoing in part the sky’s colour, with its lips and tongue lapping greedily only yards from where he sat.
94. No one cast him more than a casual glance as he mounted the long steps, unobtrusively avoiding the torches that flared at intervals above the lapping black water.
95. The air was usually cool, with a slight breeze, and the waves lapping against the shore carried a gentle cadence that she said favored the trean’s natural tones.
96. They could hear the sound of the lapping waves along the sea wall and see the long curved line of festive lights reflected off the water, like off polished chrome.
97. If they were woken up during the night, just listening to the sounds of the sea lapping against the sandy shore, was enough to be lulled back into peaceful slumber.
98. Feeling another wave of nausea lapping at his innards he moved to his knees and bowed before the beam of light shining in through the window to warm the back of his head.
99. Her shoulders felt touched, and she shivered and moved the candle closer to her crossed legs on the hard tile floor, feeling the flame’s warmth lapping against her shins.
100. I was perfectly content too, because only one ear was wanted for Nieberlein, and I still had one over for the larks and the lapping of the water, besides both my happy eyes.
1. D lapped at his face.
2. Water lapped at its shore.
3. They crept over and lapped it up.
4. Pale waters lapped about its feet.
5. Huge waves lapped at the beach four.
6. Nervous laughter lapped the courtroom.
7. And you lapped them up, Rapp said.
8. She moaned deeply as she lapped him up.
9. She lapped at me gently, eating me slowly.
10. The water lapped through the attic window.
11. I found her clitoris and lapped it lightly.
12. The water lapped around his now shoe-less feet.
13. Red and blue lights lapped at the elevator gate.
14. The paper junk seethed and lapped at his ankles.
15. Ulfur lapped at the edge of the brook, his long.
16. The cold water lapped over her feet, calming her.
17. He lapped up the cheers of his companions and the.
18. Ages lapped at their feet like waves fit for sailing.
19. A wave sprang up from nowhere and lapped over the edge.
20. The waves lapped gently against the timbers below him.
21. The cold waters lapped the boats and the men shivered.
22. As she lapped at the wound, she looked into Johnny’s.
23. It lapped with careful precision around a tooth and then.
24. Shrunken and formless, it lapped about on the ocean surface.
25. Barley went to the stream and lapped the cold water thirstily.
26. That the Old Covenant and the New Covenant over lapped for 40 years.
27. There were no reefs here, and the waves lapped gently at the shore.
28. Now the water lapped at the edge of a wide stone-paved esplanade that.
29. Merthin liked numbers and lapped up everything Joachim could teach him.
30. It's ripples lapped against the hull once they were out beyond the docks.
31. As the water lapped about his ankles, he saw the shark ahead, ploughing.
32. Its coolness lapped at his thoughts and a rush of water went through him.
33. Cost conscious printers – which means all printers – just lapped it up.
34. He landed on the beach, sprawled out and facedown as the ocean lapped for him.
35. Waves softly lapped against the shore, and the sand glistened in the moonlight.
36. No, more of a constant murmuring that lapped a welcome coolness against his skin.
37. Beyond it, the ocean sparkled in the sun and gentle waves lapped against the shore.
38. Just like a speedboat, the little wavelets lapped at the shore in regular succession.
39. She poured a little into the palm of her hand and the dog lapped it and was comforted.
40. With a future impossible, clogged with humanity and vehicles and lapped by polluted seas.
41. The rain had climaxed in a deluge and the tide lapped at the timbers, defying her to cross.
42. He went over to his bowl and lapped up some water as Tim hurried out the door to the garage.
43. He walked to where the water lapped the sand, feeling the ocean's waves wash up over his feet.
44. She crouched until the water lapped at the top of her shoulders, and then she began scrubbing.
45. Then he ran to his bowl of water in the kitchen and lapped up the liquid till the bowl was dry.
46. I poured some water out of a bottle into my cupped hand and as it seeped through he lapped it up.
47. Climbing over her, he licked and lapped his way to her mouth, where they drank greedily of each other.
48. While the house was being completed, I moved to a hotel in Houston, that empty city, lapped by salt water.
49. The tide flowed out over the beach, lapped at the ocean, and the waves turned a deeper, more sinister green.
50. Coming from well out, a mild swell made the skiff roll gently, and a few cresting billows lapped at its bow.
51. Fire roiled behind her—brick-red and orange flames that lapped up the walls and dug chunks out of the ceiling.
52. Wine is poured on the head and it is lapped up as it trickles down the body and is considered highly energizing.
53. The water lapped the shore a dozen yards away, and the sun, low in the cloudless sky, hid behind the rocky bluffs.
54. Slipping back into the water, he cried out softly as the agony of it lapped, for a second time, against his thighs.
55. With slicks and a good mechanic, those cars lapped barely two seconds slower than Indy cars on any similar circuit.
56. The dog wandered, sniffing, past the truck, trotted to the puddle under the hose again and lapped at the muddy water.
57. I broke into a sprint, neared the river, and thought of jumping the wall, into the place where the water lapped close.
58. The deep shadows of the bordering wood lapped at the darkening road, sliding patches of night across Mahood’s face.
59. Zarsha clung to the saddle horn in sheer terror as the sea water lapped against her legs and splashed her in the face.
60. The vice-consul, a woman, lapped up her story and promised to speed up proceedings as they usually did in urgent cases.
61. By midafternoon there was hardly a whisper of wind and the sea lapped at the clinker as the boat moved with the current.
62. He caught himself almost shaking his fist in a helpless rage of jealousy at the little green waves that lapped at his feet.
63. The greenish water lapped against the sides of the drain shaft, leaving brownish streaks against what was once white marble.
64. Resting her arms on the pool edge, leaving her body to be lapped by the water, as unthreatening a situation as she could manage.
65. The little waves lapped and gurgled through the rocky spaces of the breakwater; all about them was the quiet evening of the sea.
66. Now the water lapped at the edge of a wide stone-paved esplanade that ran the length of the City where it came down to the river.
67. The tower roofs contemplate granite, lapped and jointed so as to be weatherproof, laid on iron beams and supported by iron trusses.
68. She baited the hook and threw it in the pond, watching as tiny waves rippled out from the bobber and gently lapped at the grassy shore.
69. The two gazing into the pool of Salem, waves lapped at the two bridges on either side of the pool, with each wave the waters rose higher.
70. Then the skeleton crossed to the other side of the mountain where the open sea lapped against the rocky coast and cast the apples into the water.
71. Amori jumped back as the fire that licked and lapped at the roof caused a piece of it to fall off, firming her resolve she moved closer yet again.
72. The water lapped at my chin, but I sank no lower in the water as I gave up all pretense of standing and instead allowed this man I belonged to support me.
73. This time around they lapped it up, laughing at the decanter and glasses that folded out of the centre console and wolfing down the continental breakfast offering.
74. Tussie thought of this each time he sat at his own meals, surrounded by deft menials, lapped as he told himself in luxury,--oh, thought Tussie writhing, it was base.
75. They were high enough now to see the wide curve of the Rim sweeping away from them, lapped by the fluffy clouds that mercifully hid the waterfall for most of the time.
76. With a savage curse he took a step toward the waves that lapped against the sands, catching at his hauberk and intending to rip it off and swim after the vanishing ship.
77. Levi remained nearby to watch the sailboat sink lower and lower, until finally the water lapped over the decks and filled the cockpit, flowing through the open cabin door into the cabin.
78. The whisper gained strength and lapped the stadium, and by the time Harry’s third burst of arpeggios danced out over the audience, his music had captivated all the hearts and souls at Bercy.
79. Bracing their feet in the wallowing sea of blood whose crimson waves lapped about their ankles, the pikemen in the Pass mouth drove forward, crushing strongly against the milling ranks before them.
80. The sand was as pristine here as the beach at the resort, and although she jogged across it, she couldn’t help but appreciate the way the water, with its diamond-like sparkle from the sunshine, lapped up to meet it.
81. The sewers rose and boasted a stench that was suffocatingly foul, their contents floating out in feculant streams that lapped at the front steps of nearby houses and threatened to rise above and flood over the thresholds.
82. Ocean waves lapped the beach and gentle raindrops fell, transporting me back to the days when Phillipe and I walked hand in hand along the deserted stretch of rocky beach, twenty miles northeast of my father’s apple orchard.
83. Sam galloped over to the buggy, his eyes rolling with joy and his white teeth flashing, watermelon-pink tongue lapped out, his whole body wiggled and his joyful contortions and clutched her outstretched hand with two black hands as big as hams.
84. But a clean tanging wind bellied her silken sail, and as a wild swan cleaves the sky to her nest, she sped seaward, flames mounting higher and higher from her deck to lick at the mast and envelop the figure that lay lapped in scarlet on the shining pyre.
85. Once he’d carried her to the bed, he lifted her nightgown and moved down between her legs and lapped at the spiced copper there until, across the quivering swell of her belly and breasts he saw the flush leap into her throat, her hands twisting the sheets by her head.
86. The young man and his bride jetted off to their honeymoon paradise sponsored by a company that made coconut filled chocolate bars, and in return for a few more photographs, a short video and some encouraging words, they were given a wonderful time on golden beaches lapped by azure seas.
87. Nietzsche held that certain people are naturally superior, in intellect and general worth to society; no surprise that Leopold and Loeb, who spent the trial sniggering at everyone and looking very pleased with themselves, had lapped this idea up (and also no surprise that the Nazis used Nietzsche to justify their racial theories).
88. He was inside the lashing arms and driving his sword deep in the monster's belly—felt the arms lock about him and the talons ripping the mail from his back as they sought his vitals—he was lapped and dazzled by blue flame that was chill as ice—then he had torn fiercely away from the weakening arms and his sword cut the air in a tremendous swipe.
89. Yes, I said, he lives from day to day indulging the appetite of the hour; and sometimes he is lapped in drink and strains of the flute; then he becomes a water-drinker, and tries to get thin; then he takes a turn at gymnastics; sometimes idling and neglecting everything, then once more living the life of a philosopher; often he is busy with politics, and starts to his feet and says and does whatever comes into his head; and, if he is emulous of any one who is a warrior, off he is in that direction, or of men of business, once more in that.
1. I never ran the laps.
2. That laps to the hearts.
3. The women sit on the men's laps.
4. And here you are the mothers' laps.
5. Summer mornings, he used to do laps.
6. Both men had their guns ready on their laps.
7. Everything since then had been nothing but laps.
8. We started on our laps in an easy, unhurried style.
9. His head was in the laps of a thin boy who was typing.
10. AFTER a session on the treadmill or 10 laps in the pool.
11. I got up too as Sue landed on their laps and tearfully.
12. The stranger was sitting in a solo chair, elbows on laps.
13. Sam is very pleased to see the water and laps it up noisily.
14. Roman stopped walking laps around the room and looked at us.
15. The race was about a mile and a half, in laps around the compound.
16. Once more, I was swimming laps alone in a beautiful Olympic size pool.
17. My car is limping, Dolores Haze, And the last long laps is the hardest.
18. After a few celebratory laps around the Hab, it was time to get to work.
19. There was an individual there who was running laps, quite a few of them.
20. They had bombs on their laps? What a desperate way to kill yourself.
21. After a few laps, I had compressed the soil enough to have a solid path.
22. Louie ran laps around the runway, keeping his body in Olympic condition.
23. Sprinters jogged by, running slow laps, taking care not to turn an ankle.
24. Just one thought was running laps inside my head: This can’t be happening.
25. Hey, I was thinking just the same the other day when I was swimming laps.
26. There were children in the laps of adults and smaller children in their laps.
27. These thoughts Mac had in mind swimming his last laps at Green Mountain Rec Center.
28. Jog five laps around the track, and then I will give you your P T placement exams.
29. After stretching, I began the first of five, mile-long laps around the picturesque park.
30. Probably tumult broke out under the trees as the guests arose, shaking crumbs from laps.
31. I set out at first light and drove laps around the Hab, trying to stay on untouched ground.
32. Both females on the couch sat with their heads down and their hands clasped in their laps.
33. Once introductions were made, Mimi suggested they warm up by running laps around the track.
34. Every time you lose a Math or Science Competition you will run twenty laps around the track.
35. A strange and cool breeze blew across their laps as they sat next to each other in the cell.
36. Patch swung me over the windshield into the laps of Molly and Dolly wedged amidst a huge pile.
37. Akito did a few more laps of the perimeter until he finally announced that he had found a trace.
38. And then the men lay down and put their heads in the girls’ laps and looked up into their faces.
39. They watched from the window as Wendy did her laps but after sometime they saw Tim approaching her.
40. Breakfast and inspection was followed by drill instruction and the customary few laps around the tree.
41. The rules say you have to wait twenty laps before you can come in, and it’s a seventy-five lap race.
42. He pulled them up and clung to the edge of the pool as his compatriots swam laps, splashed and played games.
43. It was placed on trays on their laps and the girl left the room saying, enjoy with a grin on her face.
44. We entered the oval-shaped harbor and did two laps with both Bailey and I taking the controls for a lap each.
45. Silently they stared at their plates, their hands in their laps, the food cooling, unchewed, in their cheeks.
46. Remember every seat has to be paid for – children will not be allowed in for free to sit on parent’s laps.
47. The natives sit their children on crew members laps while formally introducing their new adopted family member.
48. She had just come in from doing her laps and found the envelope protruding slightly from under the computer desk.
49. That beams a stream of molten fire to the shore, where the blue ocean Laps against concrete walls and grey-white sand.
50. There are smaller beaches on the west and southeast shores, but elsewhere the ocean laps at the bottom of the cliffs.
51. Hugo stuck his arms out in front of him, fixed his eyes on nothing, and took a few speedy laps around the dining table.
52. I visualized my parents during their last hours alive, both in bed, wearing their reading glasses, books in their laps.
53. Twenty-three corseted, overdressed women holding flowered cups to pursed lips while balancing tiny plates on tight laps.
54. And now his hands are tightening their grip on the railing, hauling him up with muscles years of backyard laps have hardened.
55. Brett pulled into the pits, on his thirty-fifth lap, still in fourth place, and with forty laps to go in the Las Vegas Grand Prix.
56. For example, he will suggest that the subject swim two laps a day, run at least 3 kilometers daily, or chew and relish the food slowly.
57. The richest most evil young humans in Athens tempted him with their wealth and attentions: and he sucked it up like a cat laps up cream.
58. In the back of the limo, Joel carefully repositioned Kathy in his arms, so they could prop her ankle up on top of Rusty and Kirby’s laps.
59. She had run three laps around the East Wing Pavillion, when she saw Mak Noor approaching her, she stopped and dropped herself on the grass.
60. He said they found her in the steam bath of her health club, just after she had finished swimming laps, which she did almost every day.
61. For Noonsleep they took the switchback climb thru the courtyards connected to Lartess, then up a few laps of Thweighnstairs to Nonik's bubble.
62. You will have to change form, which is why I have brought you here, to the plastic beach where the miniature sea of changes laps at its shore.
63. EVERY EVENING, THE SCENARIO is that the guests place a linen napkin on their laps, use it to wipe their mouths, and sometimes for other things.
64. With infinite weakness she climbed slowly to her spindly legs, dragged herself to the door, took four laps of water and collapsed on the floor.
65. She leant against the panelling, flushed and sweating, and overbalanced and fell onto Jess and Thomas’s laps as the train lurched into motion.
66. It was hinted that if anyone took up with this Hands guy, we would beat the tar out of them next time we did laps and were out of sight of our coach.
67. In fact, I’m so refreshed that I’ve decided to do some laps in the pool this morning, before they start preparing the house for tonight’s party.
68. So I join the guys and do some laps and of course the mornings topic is about me bringing the drugs in and how they can be hooked up, on credit of course.
69. I would be ready then for the only event I cared to cross first in: the Iron-Horse; four laps around the track; sixteen-hundred yards of constant near-sprint.
70. After putting in his laps, which took about an hour, he went to the seniors drop-in centre, endured his cheap cup of coffee for fifty cents and then went home.
71. The rusted wheels rounded the graveside three times, as if doing victory laps, then scooped up the beauty upon its handlebars, and scaled high up upon the wire.
72. Pooped and sweating, I jogged into the club, which opened at six, took an ice-cold shower, and dived in the divine warm water of the heated pool for a few laps.
73. It wasn’t that I was scared because my cellmate was relatively harmless but that much of a change in pace caused my mind to run FloJo laps which in turn kept me awake.
74. Still Mathilde and I could not say anything to each other without tearing up again and we had to sit in silence holding on to each other with little Carlotta in our laps.
75. Trying to understand this in light of the fact that we exist as individuals on average of eighty laps around the sun, give or take twenty years, seems at first, to handicap us.
76. I need to get in touch with her family right now and find out what the hell is going on and find out why is Diane D all of a sudden having a mysterious memory laps! I‘ll be back.
77. Then most of the problem of dry waste, most of the dry pollution created by Capitalist consumer society… will be dumped squarely back into the laps of the assholes who created it.
78. Many a cadet ran laps holding his crown jewels with one hand and his rifle in the other above his head telling the whole world this is my gun and this is my rifle, blah blah blah.
79. Demand for corn has risen with increases in global livestock numbers and with the passage of federal legislation mandating the use of corn-based ethanol, which now laps up 30 percent of U.
80. I thought I’d just sit in the classroom with a book or he’d have me clean up or whatever, but instead he had me run laps around the lower school and do push-ups every time I passed him.
81. Thus lying divided in the laps of the adversaries, Kashmir became an arena of strife for the Pakistani Musalmans, and the rest, of course, is a continuing history with many sub-continental twists.
82. Five minutes later the lights came on in the pool and I sat there and watched Constance dive in and swim twenty laps, on occasion swimming underwater from one end to the other without coming up for air.
83. The three men sat side by side in the front seat of the van, their plywood squares in their laps, fingers hovering over the buttons, waiting to press them at the exact same instant, as they’d planned.
84. Brett was holding his own with Petra when it became clear the pair of cars behind him was dropping back, a situation which stabilized at about a four second gap and stayed that way for the next eight or ten laps.
85. I kept in touch with Angela following the dispersal of our group and after I caught up with my sleep, after I started once again playing squash, tennis and swimming my laps at the club, I invited her out for dinner.
86. The only other occupants, two unshaven and sullen-looking Hispanic men, one short and wiry, the other marked with an angry pink scar across his cheek, were staring at their laps, occasionally exchanging a few muttered words of Spanish.
87. That should be adequate, he mused as he merged again into the smartly-clad human river outside, and started into a couple of laps of the inner city block Queen, Flinders and Elizabeth Streets, and back past the Cortis offices far above.
88. By the time the gear had been stacked in the back of the garage, Con and Guapo had arrived and they all splashed in the pool till Fee brought out the meal which they ate on their laps around the pool to prevent water dripping in the house.
89. Cali had joined her for a couple of laps, Stacie for a few others, but Leesa was too focused on her thoughts to be very good company, so her friends voiced their support for whatever was troubling her and melted away when they passed their rooms.
90. She glanced in to see Billy Gaines sitting with what she called both of his children—for the little woman’s ’most as much of a baby as her boy—asleep; the mother with her head upon his shoulder, while the child lay in the laps of both of them.
91. Extra chairs had been brought and arranged in semi-circles along the side closest to the corner of the room, a few young females sat on their boyfriend’s laps, and there were small groups who stood around the periphery, holding their drinks and chatting with those who were seated there.
92. They sat in the laps of their burqa -clad mothers alongside gutters at busy street corners and chanted " Bakhshesh, bakhshesh!" And something else, something I hadn't noticed right away: Hardly any of them sat with an adult male – the wars had made fathers a rare commodity in Afghanistan.
93. And with that, it was essentially over, though they’d taken a few more laps around the park: one with him in his impulsive, ardent mode; one minimizing—poor kid, in over her head, doesn’t know what she’s saying—and one, finally, with him back to his impossible, his selfless and selfish, self.
94. The twins—Hannah and Susanne Gerlitz—sprint laps around the sofa, looped up in the excitement, and six-year-old Rolf Hupfauer sings Rise! Rise! All glory to the fatherland! and several of the other children join in, and Werner doesn’t see Frau Elena speak to Jutta in the corner of the parlor, doesn’t see Jutta run upstairs.
95. Suitcase rolling behind him, bumbershoot closed safely under his arm since no wild dogs were likely to venture up here, and a dripping ice cream on a stick in his hand, Francis made several happy laps around the feet of the Buddha, stopping from time to time to look out over the surrounding forest, trying to catch a glimpse of the monastery he had just lived in.
96. The hour at the end of the day, marked on the plan Lap, an hour she had thought might easily become beautiful, something her children would remember years hence, which was to have been all white intimacy, with kisses and talks about angels and the best and quickest ways of getting to heaven while Robertlet sat in the lap on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and Ditti sat in it on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (there being scarcity in laps), was from the beginning an hour of semi-somnolence for the children, of staring sleepily into the glow of the stove, resting while they waited for what their mother would do or say next.
97. Wouldn’t have guruji guessed her fascination for his son? Lost as she was to Suresh’s pictures, how would she have known about it? And, as she saw picture after picture of the handsome guruji and his beautiful wife, how fascinating she felt! When she came to the mid folios, didn’t she find a cute and naughty toddler in their laps? Didn’t she think he bore his mother’s features? How dignified the couple looked in their middle age! Besides, didn’t they look rich and suave? As every picture tied her down, competing for her attention, how long it took her to reach the bottom all again! Didn’t Suresh look handsomer than his father ever seemed?
98. Three laps of the Big Top,.

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