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Shift in a sentence

I felt the mood shift.
As in red shift stars.
A tiny shift of focus.
His shift was almost up.
Thank you for the shift.
She blinked at the shift.
He tried to shift gears.

Life is a rest and shift.
It will shift back again.
I shift my arms in my lap.
He felt his insides shift.
Tie a knot on your shift.
You could shift it with.
The night shift hours 64.
Probably just off a shift.
I shift myself toward Tank.
STOP clearly with red shift.
Well done, now shift over.
We’ll have to shift it.
Better shift it out of that.
The shift was still working.
I shift, trying to get away.
Should be another easy shift.
What a paradigm shift it was.
Scram hacked his final shift.
My shift has officially ended.
A Free shift Book Follows in.
The wind will shift direction.
SG Castro’s shift had ended.
She’s working an early shift.
Your health needs also shift.
They’ll take the first shift.
They do a night shift of sorts.
I felt the dragon's mood shift.
There is a shift in the forces.
This shows a new shift in love.
Markets shift in uncertain ways.
The aliens began to shape shift.
But finally, her shift was over.
To shift to an imaginative state.
Shifting in and out of.
I fear his shifting moods.
Colors shifting in the air.
They are shifting the load.
The wind was shifting again.
This shifting of the means of.
She watched the shifting straw.
The tides of change were shifting.
I find that somehow, by shifting.
Shifting it around, he did it again.
This sand, constantly shifting, but.
But the conversation has been shifting.
Finally his mood seems to be shifting.
Hmmm, she said, shifting slightly.
Shifting them away might be suspicious.
The continents were constantly shifting.
Shifting to a new way of seeing is truly.
That okay Ma? she asked, shifting her.
I stagger through layers of shifting white.
Dealing with the Welshman’s shifting mood.
The planets are shifting during this month.
I might catch your reflection in the shifting.
Mother kept shifting in her seat and fidgeting.
Miles continued to stare at her, shifting from.
There was a subtle shifting in the air around.
Note the apparent shifting of stress in armas.
The pressure of Sue’s breasts shifting felt.
Drola did not have to comment, the mood shifting.
Gary was shifting in his seat, still recovering.
Jhordel reached for it, barely shifting from her.
I heard her shifting the receiver to her other hand.
With his eyes shifting to Nathan, he inched closer.
Carol? Brian said, now shifting his focus to her.
Meanwhile, the continents were slowly shifting around.
With shifting change, as is false women’s fashion;.
The thought will have less shifting in plan, to help.
Ray’s shape shifting form was the most mesmerizing.
She crossed her arms, shifting her glance thoughtfully.
Kermes Twa prodded my mind into fastly shifting gears.
Gabriel was shifting his weight on the stool beside her.
I shifted in my seat.
I shifted on the bench.
Ben shifted in his seat.
I shifted away from him.
She shifted in her seat.
Anne shifted in her bed.
His gaze shifted to her.
He shifted his leg away.
He shifted his gaze to.
Books shifted on the beam.
Zac's eyes shifted to Liz.
Norah shifted to face her.
Than shifted on the couch.
Rhone shifted in his seat.
Lucia shifted in her seat.
He shifted on the branch.
Her eyes shifted to Tyre.
Ronnie shifted in his seat.
Lucien shifted in his seat.
She shifted down and the.
But the clouds shifted now.
Puller shifted in his seat.
Edward shifted in his chair.
Farid shifted on the ground.
I watched as they shifted.
He shifted into drive and.
Coals shifted in the stove.
Walden shifted in his chair.
I shifted the car to Drive.
Assef shifted his eyes to me.
The captain shifted his feet.
She shifted her hat slightly.
The dragon shifted his wings.
The scene shifted to a birth.
My eyes shifted to the door.
Huckabee shifted on his feet.
The Breton shifted on the log.
The sack shifted in his hands.
Her form shifted again, and.
His form swirled and shifted.
The dogs work in shifts.
Then the balance shifts again.
We worked in twelve-hour shifts.
You can swap shifts with other.
The LC shifts and starts to move.
He shifts back and away from Aaron.
He swallows and shifts uncomfortably.
Production shifts to countries with.
There will always be industry shifts.
The earth shifts, shrugs, stretches.
Shifts the bits of the 2 << 2 gives 8.
The man shifts his gun from us to Tee.
The door shifts and then swings open.
He shifts, grunts and breathes quietly.
Then something shifts upon the horizon.
He tugs gently and my head shifts back.
When the balance of earthly power shifts.
Then towards the full moon it shifts by.
David shifts his gaze between Sean and me.
We ran these Flexos 24 hours with 3 shifts.
Before her, the same row of flowers shifts.
Low pressure shifts into low tempretature.
One of us will have to pull double shifts.
No, I gave my shifts away, Garcia said.
You need to know that there are three shifts.
Shifts the bits of the 11 >> 1 gives 5 - 11.
She shifts a bit and answers in a small voice.
Over the next shifts, they spelled each other.
He had abandoned his plan of rotating shifts.
I have heard it’s what shifts the seasons.
No way, said Nick, Twelve hour shifts.
He shifts on his feet and finds her eyes on his.
Back then EB still had second and third shifts.
These shifts will cause concurrent changes in.
This place where you lie dreaming shifts, moves.
The breeze shifts her dress and upends her hair.
He shifts back on the bed to leave space for me.
The room shifts as Leora walks into the mid-realm.
They drive what’s here when their shifts start.
In a never-ending spiral that shifts through the.

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