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    1. ” I have my own paraphrase of this; “You’re not where you work”

    2. As espoused by Von Mises, one could paraphrase Gandhi"s response when asked what he thought of Western Civilization

    3. He recently expounded on the United States Constitution, regarding the separate branches of the federal government, to wit, and here I paraphrase: There are three branches, which are the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Presidency

    4. ‘All things wait for He who comes,’ which is a paraphrase but I can’t remember it

    5. worked diligently and quietly at it over the last hundred years (to paraphrase a Bible statement in Matt

    6. I will paraphrase a small part of it, but my paraphrase does not do it justice

    7. Some newspapers print all the truth that fits, to paraphrase the New York Times

    8. To paraphrase the words of Georgia O’Keefe in the first chapter of this book, I hope that what he did with where he has been has been of some interest

    9. The Targum, the Aramaic translation and paraphrase, renders the passage thus: “Behold the Man, Messiah is his name, who is to be revealed

    10. To paraphrase Ann Coulter10, something “repeated with mind-numbing frequency in all major news outlets” will be believed by some members of the population

    11. trouble, but to paraphrase Voltaire, it was still: The best of all possible worlds!

    12. "Please, may I paraphrase? I'll never remember… In effect, he says he was quietly sitting there when our men entered, and he made a mild comment, whereupon Brixby hit and kicked him without warning

    13. If I was allowed to paraphrase this

    14. All you have to do is summarize points in the salesletters (and explain that this is what you are doing) and paraphrase testimonials

    15. To paraphrase means to state in your own words what you think someone

    16. You should paraphrase anytime you think someone has said

    17. eye and then paraphrase whatever they said, all in one smooth move

    18. interruption with a quick paraphrase of their shot in the form of a question is

    19. paraphrase, it is to “go with the universal flow

    20. Paraphrase the person by calmly reflecting what they have said

    21. To paraphrase Joan, Alexander and his interpreters always knew what the Oracles

    22. To paraphrase Joan, that radical vision was in every way a ‘ new Bible’

    23. The healing energy contained in the act of poetry is worth a thousand intellectual seminars and retreats, because it opens the gates between the two worlds, and to paraphrase Alice—if we don’t open those gates—we haven’t done Diddly

    24. To paraphrase Sunter these are:

    25. One of my calendars had this quote earlier this month (and I paraphrase): Why

    26. " (OK, that is my paraphrase of what this idiot, I mean,

    27. Some organizations also actively promote the gay/lesbian lifestyle, as if society were in a recruiting battle for one team or the other, to paraphrase Seinfeld

    28. To paraphrase an old saying

    29. doing) and paraphrase testimonials

    30. Another paraphrase on the Lord’s prayer, in the words of the assemblies shorter Catechism

    31. Another paraphrase on the Lord�s prayer, in the words of the assemblies shorter Catechism

    32. paraphrase the statement and say, I and the great Creative Principle of the Universe,

    33. � To paraphrase Matthew 16:26:� "For what shall it profit us, if we shall gain the whole world, and lose our own self?" That's an old and powerful question that serves as a directive against alienation from the becoming self for some other material and consumerist purpose

    34. � We were bounded in a nutshell, and counted ourselves a king of infinite space, but we had bad dreams to paraphrase Hamlet

    35. � To paraphrase Charles Baudelaire, whether on the stairs of a palace or on the green side of ditch, the material desire to have, to possess, to own ends always in what Fromm calls "necrophily:" the love of the dead as opposed to "biophily," the love of the living

    36. � To paraphrase a bumper sticker:� "The Philosopher said it

    37. [49] Please accept this paraphrase of her thoughts

    38. And in art, "he that would save his work must often lose it," if you will excuse the paraphrase of a profound saying which, like most profound sayings, is applicable to many things in life besides what it originally referred to

    39. To paraphrase Abram, once we use it, we lose it

    40. 1-14) of the Epistle to the Romans, sets forth the condition and prospects of the twice-born man, in language which requires little more than exact translation and paraphrase to show its conformity with the doctrine that eternal life is the gift of God in Christ

    41. Constable's theory in a paraphrase, and what sense appears? 'Christ shall be magnifie in my body, whether by means of life, or by means of going to nothing

    42. But if we may be allowed to paraphrase the idea of good by the words 'intelligent principle of law and order in the universe, embracing equally man and nature,' we begin to find a meeting-point between him and ourselves

    43. So I’ll paraphrase it for you:

    44. You just have to accept, to paraphrase, that gold is an irrational barbaric relic and people just love to play with it

    45. Bella: Sorry to incorrectly paraphrase you

    46. As Ed Seykota, the great futures trader, likes to say (and I paraphrase), trading is mostly about numbers, but once you've mastered the numbers, it's all about psychology

    47. The doctrine of Jesus offers you rules which are assuredly in accord with your law of "altruism," which is nothing but a feeble paraphrase of this same doctrine of Jesus

    1. Handgun in the World” and a paraphrased Harry quote –

    2. The words of Patrick Henry flashed through his head, and he paraphrased them to suit his mission

    3. It is often paraphrased as, ‗All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best,‘ although that‘s technically not the correct interpretation of Occam‘s Razor

    4. paraphrased what was sent to me from this company

    5. You have paraphrased and clarified what was said and hopefully

    6. "Well, this trader paraphrased it for me,

    7. The above is in paraphrased format and you are urged to

    8. Though Muhammad’s religious constituency was the meek of the world, as Jesus had paraphrased, he seemed to have shaped Islam but to their detriment

    9. Nonetheless, with not many souls left to harvest, as Pope John Paul II had paraphrased it in recent times, yet the Christianity made its Indian mark in remarkable ways, more so being instrumental in introducing secular education that eventually ushered in social reengineering in an otherwise stagnant society, the sad relic of a once vibrant Upanishadic polity

    10. The poet has paraphrased the proverb Allá van leyes do quierenreyes, the idea of which is that a tyrant can twist the law to serve thepurposes of his tyranny

    11. I, once, paraphrased the ultra liberal saying of the sex revolution “couples that swing together, stay together” and told him that “friends that pissed together, remained friends forever

    12. It is often paraphrased as, “All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the

    13. This applies for both direct quotes and paraphrased statements

    14. This technique could be paraphrased as the what, so what, now

    15. Our (paraphrased) conversation was:

    16. Not content with a single development of Burger's ghastly production the Russian poet has directly paraphrased "Leonora" under its own title, and also written a poem "Liudmila" in imitation of it

    1. I also realize that much of the ‘writing’ herein are paraphrases of Scriptures

    2. She would stand there radiantly saying things that sounded like paraphrases of the Scripture, and almost the first German she really learned and used was the German so familiar in every household for being of Good Hope, for being in Blessed Circumstance

    3. paraphrases of the Psalms

    1. I’m paraphrasing, of course,” I say

    2. Step 3: Quickly convey the main point by paraphrasing

    3. paraphrasing as a tool to aid interpretation

    4. Revelation thirteen is such a clear narrative that it lends itself to a form of paraphrasing;

    5. into the habit of paraphrasing

    6. I mean, Captain Kirk himself, in chastising McCoy for loosing his communicator, clearly states, paraphrasing, “A hundred years from now, the Iotians might be demanding a piece of our action

    7. I’m paraphrasing, of course, and his intentions are good

    8. I recently heard a quote that I am totally paraphrasing

    9. He said (paraphrasing), "you act like it's a big

    10. A close paraphrasing of that silently submitted meditative prayer63 follows on the next page:

    11. She asked for a catalogue of the newest publications that were not novels--her determination was too serious just then for novels--ordered Herbert Spencer's "First Principles," for she felt she would like to have some principles, especially first ones, and said she would be glad of any little hint the news-agent could give her as to what he thought a married lady ought to know; and she spent the rest of the evening and the two following days laying the foundations of intellectual companionship by looking up the article _Manure_ in the "Encyclopædia Britannica" and paraphrasing it into conversational observations that sounded to her so clever when she tried them on Herr Dremmel three days later at tea-time that she was astonished herself

    12. Stated alternatively, paraphrasing the ubuntu formulation, oneness would mean that

    13. Now, I’m paraphrasing and exaggerating for the purpose of making a point, but this is tragically common

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    paraphrase paraphrasis rephrase reword recapitulate explain explicate interpret render restate rendering digest translation interpretation version summary

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