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Routine in a sentence

The routine is the same.
We settled into a routine.
He developed a routine of.
One is more or less routine.
This was routine work, and.
Max was an animal of routine.
Panic had turned to routine.

There is comfort in routine.
They were to fly a routine.
But, it was the same routine.
Life in Namangan was routine.
How routine it had all become.
That was part of the routine.
It did appear to be a routine.
This is how the routine began.
This had become a routine now.
They repeated the same routine.
There is disruption of routine.
They were back to the routine.
It all became sort of routine.
Is it a routine for her?
It had become a morning routine.
Some repetitive routine is in-.
Soon, it became routine for him.
It was a routine I had done so.
The work was boring and routine.
It was routine and life in the.
The routine was always the same.
A new daily routine established.
Step Two: The Rewards of Routine.
This wasn’t going to be routine.
This will be your trading routine.
But this wasn’t a routine doctor.
A new routine was thus established.
Louis settled into routine as well.
You should never water to a routine.
I fell into a routine pretty quickly.
That was the part of morning routine.
Routine, but never taken for granted.
Everything had been strictly routine.

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