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    1. ‘You certainly scrub up nicely

    2. Where I would expect to see flourishing flocks of sheep, there are a few goats, scavenging amongst the scrub

    3. Piling all the containers onto the table, I scrub down the shelves

    4. When at last I caught up with the others, they were on the lip of a wide plateau of sandy rock and there, emerging from the wiry scrub, stood a tidy cluster of stubborn ruins and dry stone walls that seemed determined to stand forever

    5. To the grave and desperate disappointment of both the young man and his mother, the young ladies behaved perfectly because they had all been brought up properly by respectably stage struck parents, each of them agreeing immediately to the request for a bit of a scrub at the washtub

    6. of scrub land directly opposite the front door, a patch of land on

    7. of a scrub at the washtub

    8. I fill the kettle and scrub my hands as it boils

    9. I quickly grab the tissues and scrub my face as Dave stands looking at me, his eyes as despairing as the ones I saw reflected in the mirror not that long ago

    10. and scrub looked different now on the way back

    11. edge of the scrub

    12. Wait in the queue to buy a ticket … read the list of possible permutations – wash and wax, wash and soft wax (?), multi-colour foam and undercar scrub … a bit technical for me … only want a cleaner car

    13. You had to scrub a little harder than

    14. You can scrub your hands at the kitchen sink, Sally

    15. “If they want to go soon, they’ll have to leave me here or scrub this mission,” Alan said

    16. It wasn't a bad job, except when he turned on the water to scrub out the large pasteurization tanks

    17. He winked and a little note appeared neatly written, 'Dear Cook, Please use these sample pans and scrub them regularly, signed Magistrate Grim

    18. “This will teach me to open my mouth before the event is over”, and he kicked out at a piece of scrub on the floor

    19. Our unit moved forward cautiously in the thick scrub our eyes taking in every inch of the landscape watching to see if any enemy were hiding out ready to ambush us

    20. We eventually staggered out of the final gully and onto the flat scrub land that we had crossed so easy this morning

    21. I set off to collect the wood only it wasn’t really wood just scrub and bush which was the only stuff we had to burn the fact was though that it didn’t burn that well and never seemed to get going properly

    22. You cannot wash it off or scrub it away you will carry it forever and the only time you will lose it is when you die and became the smell itself

    23. ” The Turks heard us as well and opened up with a machine gun I felt a thump in my thigh and one in my shoulder like someone had punched me and then I was face down in the scrub and the pain and burning started

    24. The stains on the wall didn't scrub off so easily, he'd need to get some paint later and paint them over

    25. Invest in a body scrub as well as a facial scrub

    26. Without saying more than a grunt, he lurched off in the opposite directly, moving with unexpected speed and agility into the dense scrub and woodlands

    27. Josie and I went to a room where we were giving blue gowns, booties and caps and were told to scrub our hands and arms before we entered the theatre

    28. The water had grown tepid, and he remained in the tub only long enough to scrub himself

    29. “I’ll have to scrub that out, that dead skin in there,” she told him prosaically

    30. I wasn’t surprised though, I’m sure the people in the passing cars were wondering why someone was walking down the street wearing surgical scrubs with a mask, cap, and the scrub footie’s to boot

    31. I will have to scrub the bed frame later

    32. The tree belt gave way to a gently undulating wilderness where only scrub spruce could grow, and this was packed so tightly that strangers who ventured a few feet off the highway instantly got lost

    33. Around this island in the desert that surrounded it for hundreds of miles, there was nothing but stones and scrub bushes, a few isolated settlements

    34. Across flat bare landscapes of dust and stones, scrub bushes, dry grass

    35. Meanwhile I’m paid the same pittance as the Zulu women who scrub the floors and live in shacks

    36. My mother used to scrub the cuffs with a sponge before throwing them in the wash

    37. The vegetation changed from scrub to marsh to jungle to forest to grassland as we followed the river upstream first south then southeast, then south again, finally reaching Tamalameque on the sixth day

    38. The vegetation was mostly scrub, but there was enough fodder for the horses

    39. I buried him down in the mangrove forest since that was more natural to him that the desert scrub on the cliffs

    40. He would get back to the house, have a bath, scrub himself of

    41. She wears pink scrub pants and a worn sweater

    42. Well scrub a medium sized carrot and grate it to a pulp on an ordinary tinned bread grater

    43. She felt uneasy as she realised someone could stand there at the window, which backed into scrub, and watch her quite easily

    44. Scattered scrub grew lethargically

    45. “We have temporary workers scrub

    46. afterwards, trying to scrub myself clean

    47. Scoured means to scrub, or polish

    48. “That’s a fucking joke because where was that scrub at three in the morning when you wanted to be held?” Tears begin to form in her eyes as she opens the door and he slowly walks towards it

    49. “So, I hear you ain’t messing with that scrub Rob anymore

    50. Lucy now had her entire days free to scrub the

    1. and scrubbed and read to the old woman, and it wasn’t until late

    2. the broom and scrubbed the floors and the walls, while little Ruby

    3. Davie McCoist is scrubbed, dressed and on the road by twelve noon

    4. With the basics done, both girls spend the next hour studiously making themselves up to look like they don't care; hair professionally unkempt, foundation, a hint of lip gloss, a dash of sparkle, nails scrubbed, and in Leona's case painted purple

    5. Not wanting to go through Chas’s belongings, she had nagged Ozzie until he did something with the bits and pieces lying around in that room, then scrubbed it as though trying to obliterate every last memory of the man

    6. Hipolyta and Belle opened all the bungalow windows, stripped the beds, and scrubbed the bathrooms for the last time that season

    7. Next, she changed into the clean peplos she’d scrubbed and hung out in the sun that

    8. She cleaned the bedchamber, scrubbed all the cookware, and fixed the

    9. Shrubs with their deep green, shiny leaves gleamed in freshly scrubbed splendor

    10. I wondered whether I had inflicted them on Jazzy, had scrubbed the bathroom sinks with a little too much vigor

    11. In just a few years the worst effects of global warming had been sent into a rapid reverse now that the excess CO2 had been scrubbed from the atmosphere, and reflective cloud mass artificially enhanced

    12. The transition was in process: a restoration the Golf stream, but the over-balancing effect of a cloudier, scrubbed atmosphere, gave a noticeable cooling even to Western Europe

    13. ” She squirted oil between grooves on the giant screw and scrubbed with the wire mesh

    14. The intruders were sprayed with hot, sudsy water, then scrubbed by two sets of stiff bristled brushes

    15. Still panting and shuddering with reaction, I groped for the off button, and then I scrubbed my face with the heels of my hands

    16. Echoes of my climax washed over me, and I scrubbed at my face with the back of my hand, wishing to chase away the heat I felt rising there

    17. I had scrubbed away every trace of his scent, but I still felt his presence inside my blood and bones

    18. They cut the clothes from my body, led me to a field shower, and scrubbed me with rough brushes in the bitterly cold water

    19. and for the next hour I had scrubbed, cleaned, and shampooed

    20. There was soap and so I scrubbed myself

    21. He washed his face and scrubbed some of the muck and dirt away, feeling a bit freshened and somewhat cleaner

    22. He scrubbed off the soil and the gifts from his flappy friends as

    23. And minds that have never known the lost words will have become too withered to notice or to care how clean they have been scrubbed

    24. He scrubbed my back so hard, it started to pain

    25. was homesick for the smell and taste of the scrubbed air, even

    26. Doc scrubbed his hands with antiseptic from his kit and

    27. waterfall and carefully scrubbed the dirt and grime out of what had

    28. Laura’s mother presumably scrubbed floors, and no-one here seemed to think it

    29. again back to the sink and scrubbed her hands with

    30. trash, and then scrubbed her hands again

    31. He laughed and scrubbed the top of my head with his hand

    32. “Lou washed and scrubbed his saddle blanket and cleaned up the saddle and bridle too

    33. that scrubbed the other clean

    34. Meanwhile, the crew scrubbed the slicing table and all surrounding areas while chattering in Chinese

    35. "What!" She scrubbed at her lip

    36. So, as I scrubbed out the grease trap I was thinking on the subject and a solution

    37. Probably scrubbed down daily

    38. I scrubbed the front-room fireplace

    39. knowledge of our relationship has been scrubbed

    40. As I scrubbed one dish in particular, the old man, his topper and all appeared as he had on a night much like this one, long since passed… “Shh!” Krazy said, not wanting to ruin the moment, “Just wanted to say I’m proud of ya Champ

    41. and scrubbed her body and the inside of her mouth until that, too,

    42. Water runs in the kitchen sink, you make a slow look around the door, you left your siblings an hour earlier, Boo in her bedroom, Jenny passed out in the living room where the two of you recorded audio and scrubbed video for the website, Richard fast asleep on the lawn

    43. bedroom, and then moving to the bath where she scrubbed the

    44. Rory nodded knowledgably and scrubbed soapy water over the floor inside the cage until it was darkly moist

    45. It took several minutes before Peteru stopped dry retching and was able to join Uretep in a shower where they scrubbed themselves raw

    46. Let’s cut him open and see why his BP is still falling,” the Major said and the boy was scrubbed from his chest to his groin

    47. ” She laid a clean towel on the table, washed and scrubbed her hands with alcohol, and opened the sterile packet that Kyle handed her

    48. She went to the med kit and pulled on the latex gloves, scrubbed his side with Betadine and tore off the wrapping from the scalpel

    49. He put him under with anesthetic and had the female EMT monitor his heart rate and respirations while he carefully scrubbed the boy down with Betadine, exposing the foot of arrow still left inside

    50. My hair was scrubbed, cut short on the neck and my nails tended to

    1. Keeping moving, I’d started on the bathroom, dealing with the bath, hand basin and loo in turn and ending up scrubbing the bathroom floor with an energy driven by desperation not to fall apart

    2. Whilst wielding the loo brush and scrubbing at decades of limescale, I’d decided that I shall deal with this … this setback … come to terms with it and then I will call her

    3. Mama had a way of scrubbing my scalp that left my head

    4. He had them all apart in a tray by now and was just scrubbing each part that needed it

    5. ‘Mum?’ she says slowly as though working something out in her head, ‘Would you enjoy scrubbing out the toilet if Gary were working at it with you?’

    6. Chrissie worked at scrubbing the dishes, her mind refusing to contemplate anything beyond this simple activity, her ears were pricked for the sound of footsteps and her pulse raced as the adrenaline coursed through her, sparking the ancient flight instinct

    7. She let her mind wander as her hands toiled in the hot water, scrubbing the pans and revelling in the satisfaction of making clean order out of dirty chaos

    8. They passed two slaves scrubbing the floor, but Praegon didn’t stop to introduce them

    9. The former benefitted from the healthy hygiene and overall scrubbing he received while the latter took advantage of a willing and free meal that would likewise contribute to their wellbeing and longevity

    10. Sebastian looked over from the sink where he was scrubbing the blood from his chest

    11. She gagged, scrubbing her hand on the grass, trying to rub the blood away

    12. Next, four whirling brushes popped out of a recess in the wall and began scrubbing the animal vigorously from head to tail

    13. She gagged, scrubbing her hand on the grass, trying to rub the guilt away

    14. “That’s nonsense! Even ministers would find that assumption idiotic! At best! Master Olom would have you scrubbing the horses for a week for even pondering such a connection! I do mean, scrubbing! Flayed brush and murky water for a week! Grooming a horse is no occupation for an aspiring Curator, mind you! And especially the horses’ parts where

    15. I am also now recommending the electric brush since it is force sensitive to alert us to our over-enthusiastic ways as discussed above and also the brushing pattern of arm movement in scrubbing is not required

    16. Scrubbing the floor when no one else wanted to was something that my mother would have done

    17. lucky to be inside here, this hotel has the very latest in air scrubbing,

    18. been on this ship scrubbing his way south and now, he knew, they

    19. At your request, they’ve set aside the rest of the punishment she would have received for her offense against you personally, which was to begin with scrubbing pots by hand after the feast for a few hours

    20. When my parents hear about this, I’ll be scrubbing pots for a decade

    21. spend three hours of her Saturdays scrubbing toilets

    22. conditioning her hair, and in scrubbing her face

    23. In addition to all of the scrubbing and washing,

    24. checked his reflection in the car's side mirror, scrubbing away a

    25. The trim required scrubbing and sanding, but close inspection revealed other flaws

    26. I was down on my knees scrubbing the floor under a fryer

    27. mending sails, scrubbing the holds and decks, and to

    28. From afar I heard Leonardo’s’ voices scrubbing in my face his vapid reprimands; but my spirit intoxicated by the brandy ethyl fumes exalted my mood for the alcoholic beverage, and I could little elucidate the coherence of his words

    29. Peter could see the workers cleaning and scrubbing; they were putting hard work into cleaning the moons

    30. “Well, you can try,” said the scrubbing brush, “but some of the plates are very big, and I'm afraid that you're quite small

    31. It was in fact the latest in scrubbing boards with the centre made of glass

    32. David was halfway through scrubbing up when Dr

    33. Exfoliate… without scrubbing

    34. She takes to scrubbing, pressing, sorting, sweeping, folding and vacuuming the place

    35. Calmness settled over the tightly wound man as he finished scrubbing his body, pulled on the damp cutoffs and backtracked to the big magnolia where Bloodtooth‘s and Elise‘s spoor faded into the hammock

    36. �Party? what party?� asks Stef as he scrubs his hands vigorously with a hard scrubbing brush

    37. She was scrubbing a clean pot when Charles walked through the front door

    38. She supplemented the family income by providing day care for children, working in a factory, scrubbing floors and taking in laundry

    39. Jamison and Ned, Puritan teenage misfits with no promising future in the church other than cleaning offices and scrubbing church toilets, discovered my husband's research

    40. They tried soap and water, earth and a scrubbing brush, and lastly a pumice stone and lye, but they could not remove the crosses

    41. McGowan is scrubbing for surgery

    42. After scrubbing, apply moisturizer to lock in softness

    43. She was however more cautious when she applied cream soap to their bodies after two thorough, successive cycles of soaking, scrubbing and rinsing meant to remove the thick coat of grime on the children’s bodies: she didn’t want them to get soap in their eyes, something that would somehow ruin part of the fun

    44. The hair shampoo part was definitely the trickiest one, needing repeated rinsing and scrubbing before Sylvie was satisfied that the long curly hair of both children was reasonably clean

    45. Taking a wet sponge from a basin full of water, she then started scrubbing down the boy, working quickly and efficiently

    46. “First I hacked into the hotel registers and made a note of everyone who had booked in since last Monday, assuming that they would have called at my unit on their first day in Melbourne, there were ninety two new booking, I thinned these down to seven driving vehicles with Queensland plates, the motels were more productive with sixteen driving on Queensland plates, making a total of twenty three suspects, I thinned this list out by scrubbing, firstly, anyone travelling with their family, anyone travelling with women or children, and anyone requiring special care, wheelchairs, ramps, etcetera, females and concession card holders went next, and we finished with a total of six liable suspects, two in motels, four in hotels, I’m certain Mr Hawk will be one of those six

    47. laundry services that provided a thorough scrubbing of one’s clothing

    48. They scrubbed each other with Karan taking special care in scrubbing her breasts

    49. Karan helped wash off the shower gel off Tarana’s body by scrubbing with his hands, again paying special attention to her breasts and her bottom

    50. Hundreds of seemingly tiny figures swarmed around the Ships on all sides, spraying, scrubbing, and rinsing every tiny bit of surface

    1. She fills the kettle as he scrubs the grass stains off his hands at the sink and chats on about the cleaning she has been doing

    2. He walks past a man in scrubs who gives him an odd look but carries on towards the canteen

    3. With the dressing applied, Maggie scrubs her hands and returns to the kitchen, sweeps up the broken glass with a dustpan and brush, and then wipes the sticky alcoholic liquid up with reams of kitchen roll

    4. Two brothers who had only recently got out of Wormwood Scrubs after doing a stretch for armed robbery

    5. Note that body scrubs tend to have larger grains while facial scrubs contain fine grains

    6. Avoid scrubs that use abrasive ingredients that can scar your skin

    7. Inside the bag you will find clothing that looks like hospital scrubs

    8. It was the nurse that had told me the rules of the cancer unit and handed me my scrubs when I had first got to the unit

    9. By the time I had made my way outside of the hospital I decided that I wanted to wear the scrubs getup on the way to the park

    10. I wasn’t surprised though, I’m sure the people in the passing cars were wondering why someone was walking down the street wearing surgical scrubs with a mask, cap, and the scrub footie’s to boot

    11. But I had my reasons; I suppose I was taking Bob with me to the park that day by wearing the scrubs

    12. Even though Bob had stopped his chemotherapy, I still had to cover myself in the hospital scrubs, mostly because of the other patients on the unit and their immunities

    13. But I was also in that moment thinking about the nurses at the hospital who were smoking cigarettes just outside of the hospital when I had left that day wearing the hospital scrubs and stuff

    14. I had purposely used the same exit where I had first seen those two nurses smoking cigarettes on that day that I had walked to McCollum Park in my scrubs with the mask on and all

    15. interested in a bunch of scrubs like you

    16. Passing the information desk, Gabriel led her down a corridor toward the intensive care unit where a woman wearing white scrubs watched them approach

    17. We were greeted by a bevy of nurses in cheerful scrubs who took us over to a bed with the rail pulled up and a small mound under bright sheets with cartoon characters

    18. �Party? what party?� asks Stef as he scrubs his hands vigorously with a hard scrubbing brush

    19. Stef washes and scrubs his hands several times and the silicone still remains

    20. He was wearing his medical scrubs with a surgical mask dangling around his neck

    21. “I can’t wait to see you in a set of scrubs,” he murmured against the skin of her shoulder as he nibbled it

    22. “You’re extremely sexy in a set of scrubs,” he whispered against the skin of her neck and kissed her

    23. Ruth groaned and tugged at the tie on his scrubs with one hand as her other one fondled his length

    24. After Carla had attended to the drip and tidied up, Max disposed of his scrubs and went to find Habib

    25. Carla, still in her scrubs, held an oxygen mask to Anita’s face

    26. As both he and Del arose, Gloria shuffled toward them with a small-framed Oriental in scrubs trailing her by two or three steps

    27. picks up trash and scrubs toilets

    28. and the doctor had to change into surgical scrubs

    29. surgical scrubs were wrinkly and tight

    30. with short blond hair dressed in white scrubs came out to

    31. Marie scurried around the house in her green hospital scrubs

    32. She was a cute Hispanic girl with a petite frame and a nice set of breasts, which pushed themselves out from her pink scrubs

    33. What a picture--Krishna in his surgical scrubs and Francis in his sweats--both looking like they had been struck by lightening

    34. An overweight nurse in pink scrubs greeted his arrival with a freckled grin

    35. She squinted to stare at Mark who didn’t look to be out of the ordinary - wearing just his scrubs, a bright colorful Miami Hurricanes college football scrub cap, and a pair of white shoes

    36. tried to laugh the subject off by saying the trouble with Wormwood Scrubs was that it was full

    37. there are massages, sea salt scrubs (which one lady told me I HAVE to try, so you know I

    38. She tears into the kitchen in her scrubs and finds Loki staring out the window, a frown on his face

    39. She was dressed in hospital scrubs with long brunette hair tied back in a ponytail with big expressive eyes and minimum makeup

    40. Joe nodded as the surgeon came out to them with scrubs on, “Like that Danny

    41. The blood on the floor was bright red and soaked into Karen’s scrubs making her cold where the blood touched her skin

    42. She was dressed in her scrubs, pink today with Disney characters printed on them

    43. The princess was dressed in plain hospital scrubs, while Alcyone wore several layers of sweaters to protect her against the cold night air

    44. Bohdan turned to the doorway and looked at Cara in her nurse's scrubs

    45. Howard Nixon walked up behind them wearing surgical scrubs and disposable booties over his shoes

    46. A nurse in blue scrubs rushed in and tried to reassure me, even as she attempted to keep me immobile on this slab they called a bed

    47. I open it up, and it’s light-blue scrubs, the same kind they wear at University Hospital

    48. While everyone straggled in the dorm in pajamas and few struggled with face scrubs, I decided to write to mum

    49. All eyes averted to Marco dressed in scrubs moving towards them with his expression blank which worried the hell out of them

    50. Patients should wash their face from under the jaw to the hairline; rough scrubs or pads should not be used

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    Synonyms for "scrub"

    scouring scrub scrubbing bush chaparral scrub up scour call off cancel scratch dwarfed diminutive little puny unimportant poor mongrel cur dwarf cull brake cleanse clean brush rub wash mop

    "scrub" definitions

    dense vegetation consisting of stunted trees or bushes

    the act of cleaning a surface by rubbing it with a brush and soap and water

    clean with hard rubbing

    wash thoroughly

    postpone indefinitely or annul something that was scheduled

    (of domestic animals) not selectively bred