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Pot in a sentence

He found an old pot.
They put the pot of.
Maybe it was the pot.
Meat stews in the pot.
She drops the hot pot.
Let them all go to pot.
As the last bit of pot.

Q: Imagine a pot of ghee.
I washed out a pasta pot.
But he stirs the pot.
He had a black pot, too.
Remove the pot and drain.
Alice leaned over the pot.
A watched pot never boils.
Her pot of coffee was done.
He has a pot belly and He.
You can use the soup pot.
He indicated the coffee pot.
At the end is a pot of gold.
Add the water to a small pot.
The couple puts the pot of.
Return the chicken to the pot.
Thankfully, there was a pot.
Not to mention the pot holes.
A pot dropped in the kitchen.
This pot is a total mind fuck.
He might as well go in the pot.
They set up their cook pot and.
On the flame sat a bubbling pot.
But she had forgiven the pot man.
Cover the pot and cook 25 minutes.
Shannon’s hand froze in the pot.
May I draw you a pot of ale?
You are going to need a large pot.
Made a pot of coffee and put the.
Cover pot with lid and let steep.
Heat a small pot of water to boil.
Miller kept stirring the cook pot.
He gripped his pint pot 'til his.
Over this campfire hung a tin pot.
Ensure the potting.
Potting soil is sold for ready use.
Shelagh continued with her potting.
Use a good potting soil of the mix.
The gardener was in the potting shed.
Replace the surface soil with potting soil.
Lower a stem to the potting compost, press in about 2.
When pegged into pots of potting compost placed around the.
You can use the potting material that the orchid is growing in.
Add some potting soil in the end of the hosiery on top of the seeds.
So when six hothouse roses come in a bouquet, I could not resist potting them.
Deteriorating potting mix will result to orchid roots that are black and mushy.
Hold a young plant in the centre of a clean pot and trickle fresh potting compost.
Cover the base with peat-based potting compost, to which has been added a handful of.
And he came out of his potting shed to find Minty Pinter, the tinker, running up his pathway.
If you want to extend the effective use of your potting material combine moss or bark with pumice.
The following are suggestions in selecting a potting material for the orchid to thrive better and longer.
I patted down the soil on top, like a little old lady potting her magnolias, then I drove home and had a shower.
Potting soil is a compound of both organic and inorganic materials with such ingredients as compost, peat moss, sand, and vermiculite.
The important thing to observe though is that whatever the method and potting materials used, plan the repotting so that it does not become compacted easily.
Denis Hood made another, rather desultory attempt at potting a ball, which hit several cushions before finally coming to rest on the green baize as far from a pocket as it had started.
How many loony English speaking people chose to holiday in a place like this and just happened across his threshold in the hope that they could spend the night in a rotting potting shed.
Although it smacks of a Frank Capra movie (and me a bewildered Gary Cooper), two new poems (Naming Things and Homecoming), and all of Eldred's history came to me in a rush one day while I was driving to pick up some potting soil at the Green Fountain Garden shop in Sarasota.
Robert was entranced by the seed collection, the clutter of the shade-house and potting shed, the creative disorder of the painting studio - a light-filled room attached to the workshop, the huge python draped in somnolent loops under the supports of the shed’s rainwater tank, and the overflowing garden.
There was a potted plant there now.
What is home without Plumtree's Potted Meat?
Three large potted trees towered to the ceiling.
There couldn’t be any harm in a little potted history.
What is home without Plumtree's potted meat? Incomplete.
Jim gave Carol a potted version of the conversation with.
Chinese knick-knacks, the abundance of potted plants and the.
Rolled up in a corner, behind a potted plant, was a small rug.
Clean up the curb and entrance path and put the potted flower.
D'you remember we once ate potted shrimps with a paper knife?'.
We set her like a potted lily out one spring night with the moon.
It grew chilly on the balcony, the potted bamboo whispering in the.
Ciere steps into the space between the wall and a large potted plant.
There were potted geraniums and primroses on the wide window shelves.
I give him a potted version of the conversation I just had with Katie.
The entrance hall was fragrant with winter greenery and potted orange trees.
What is home without Plumtree's Potted Meat? Incomplete With it an abode of.
Sunlight picked the tiny silver hairs on a geranium stalk potted on the railing.
They continued to stare at the small potted plant for several more silent minutes.
Who else would take a job at a hotel transporting the massive potted palms on the.
Dust and cobwebs dominated the chairs, and broken potted plants littered the front.
In their tenth floor apartment, he stashed the books behind one of the potted palms.
His ideas for ads like Plumtree's potted under the obituaries, cold meat department.
I put my glass on the ledge, where a row of her potted geraniums were dripping water.
You can add touches of flora around the terrace area by means of large potted plants.
It landed in the wrong place and you could say that the result was a potted policeman.
I had a couple of hat tricks while I was at Central, but I never potted four in a game.
He was partiall;y screened from them by a large potted palm, but he could see them clearly.
It spread over our sofa, your potted plants, the wood record console you built in Wisconsin.
Jennifer took the potted plant I had given her in her hands and studied it for a few moments.
It was void of anything apart from an old chair and some potted planted plants she kept indoors.
The window was once again in its original state as well, but the potted plant still roiled black.
At the mention of his name, Bracken flinched and moved farther back into the cover of the potted palm.
Nearly all the plants experimented on by Gartner were potted, and were kept in a chamber in his house.
In the corner of the front lobby, Aspen exhaled as she came from behind a potted fig tree in the corner.
Timothy and I, with Agatha, pretending no curiosity, up on the porch, hidden behind the potted geraniums.
John, with a glass of whiskey in his hand, strolls past the potted butterfly palm as he comes in my direction.
There must be some paper plates here somewhere, he said, as he looked behind a rather tall potted plant.
Shop signs swing toward the heat from their brackets; a potted hedge comes sliding across the rubble and capsizes.
There was a plate of chocolate wafers, a plate of potted meat and fishpaste sandwiches and a plate of fairy cakes.
Two pots stood by the fire.
These pots we have to wear.
And pots of hot chocolate.
She dare now finger his pots.
Renata has pots of money.
She soon had pots on the stove.
They plant geraniums in big pots.
Miriam rose to help with the pots.
The pots, pans and other kitchen.
Flower pots decorated the window.
Pots were scattered over the tiles.
It had cupboards stocked with pots.
Musafir placed the lids over the pots.
Pots, named for his trade as a tinker.
The water in the pots steamed and rolled.
He motioned with his arms and the pots.
Needless to say we still lost a few pots.
Potts had put the pots and pans into a sink.
No voices, no pots clattering, just silence.
Everywhere small pots brimming with exotic.
For example, production of plastic pots etc.
Pots and pans can placed near the stove area.
A mushroom-witch stirred mouldering herb pots.
Those terracotta pots are heavy to take down.
Pots and platters, decorative and utilitarian.
He did not see me behind the pots of greenery.
The tomato plants in my grow-box and pots grew.
They can be made of anything but pots and smal.
We helped him pick up the pots and stuff and he.
I have a small stove and pots and cups in the back.
There were two paintbrushes and three pots of paint.
Jesus said unto them, Fill the water pots with water.
The way the pots and dishes were stacked in the sink.
But they also reduced ocean water in large iron pots.
I have two large pots at the bottom end of the drive.
Hey Chris, a guy said from behind the food pots.
Coffee pots and cups had disappeared two hours after.
It was too bad to laugh at the poor little jelly pots.
She pulled the handles and was surprised to find pots.
Danny had created smudge pots to keep the crops inside.

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