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Somber in a sentence

Children is somber as a grave.
His mood was somber, fretful.
The witch’s tone grew somber.
Again, he gave me a somber look.
I then said with a more somber.
The mood in the room turned somber.
She gave him a somber look at that.

Closse’s face then became somber.
Meade’s flaming eyes went somber.
It was Lori’s turn to become somber.
It was Ingrid’s turn to look somber.
Somber, the mage motioned to the table.
I then took on a slightly somber look.
She was somber and stared at the stove.
Reese looked to Leland, his eyes somber.
Even somber Svensen is left speechless.
The paint had a somber mid-century tone.
Cynthia and I went home in a somber mood.
Each of them appeared somber and nervous.
They sat staring at me, somber and serious.
No one said much, the mood somber and grim.
Her face lit up and then went somber again.
Why do you speak in such a somber tone?
Newt looked at him, his face suddenly somber.
Lord Weston nodded, his wrinkled face somber.
Warren nodded, his face becoming most somber.
Barron was somber as he recalled the grim news.
She immediately noticed his somber expression.
The rest of the night passed in somber silence.
They were now glazed, crestfallen, and somber.
My mood was somber and I kept mostly to myself.
That autumn paints the leaves with somber fire.
Harold nodded again, his expression now somber.
The mood at the end of the briefing was somber.
Fernand was silent for a while, his face somber.
Finally, she landed on the Styx’s somber beach.
The girl’s face turned somber at that question.
The family’s mood was serious, but not somber.
Shan left with a somber face and closed the door.
Their stories told, a somber peace enveloped them.

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