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Somber en una oración (en ingles)

of a somber look.
His face was somber.
His face grew somber.
Farah nodded, somber.
A bit of a somber.
Then he became somber.
Em’s voice was somber.

Our lives became somber.
Said Stimson, somber.
Don’s face turned somber.
' His dark face grew somber.
Children is somber as a grave.
Tim said in a somber tone.
His mood was somber, fretful.
the somber, wood-paneled house.
The witch’s tone grew somber.
Again, he gave me a somber look.
I then said with a more somber.
Her freckled face went somber.
He continued in a somber tone.
She gave him a somber look at that.
The mood in the room turned somber.
Clayton’s thoughts turned somber.
Meade’s flaming eyes went somber.
Closse’s face then became somber.
changed his smile to a somber frown.
of a more somber nature is occuring.
‘’I do!’’ Said Hall, somber.

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Sinónimos para somber

melancholy somber sombre drab sober