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    1. They clipped a car that was swerving out of the way and careened into a truck

    2. The doctor hits the junction and accelerates through the left turn, swerving across the road as he heads out towards the main North Devon trunk road

    3. " Oh, really? According to him (one Richard Stengel) then, the only purpose our Constitution serves is to keep us out of the ditch, meanwhile swerving all over the road without consequence

    4. He broke and ran, swerving between the trunks when he saw them, bouncing off them when he didn't

    5. The road behind us was soon strewn with thousands of pieces of hot bouncing metal and the front tyres of the police car burst as it ran over the jagged pieces, the driver swerving from side to side in a desperate struggle to regain control

    6. He looked up to see Jalesow fighting to bring the swerving truck to a halt, and could hear him shouting something

    7. She ran through thick brushes nimbly without looking back, swerving this way and that, changing direction as if following an unseen trail

    8. But he didn’t say it here on his Park Stump, for fear of swerving off track

    9. “What the hell was that?” She says while swerving all over the road and into the right lane

    10. depraved and spoiled sorts who only want big cocks and swerving hips in order to fulfill

    1. other two, attempted to swerve around the carnage

    2. The driver of the blue van is so close that he can’t pull out and swerve round Alex

    3. Lindy had to swerve the car several times, but still didn’t

    4. " Poor civilian would then be flustered and begin to brake or swerve or drive faster

    5. I looked up again just as I started to swerve out of my lane

    6. 52 And one more answered and said to them, This is the counsel to be adopted, we will not swerve from it; note we are this day going to Egypt, and when we shall have come to Egypt, we will sell him there at a high price, and we will be delivered from his evil

    7. 52 And one more answered and said to them This is the counsel to be adopted we will not swerve from it; note we are this day going to Egypt and when we shall have come to Egypt we will sell him there at a high price and we will be delivered from his evil

    8. suddenly jumped out into the road, forcing Jan to swerve dangerously to avoid hitting her

    9. It burns your eyes, you swerve wildly, you toss helmet from your head, the goggles are sent bouncing back into the oncoming cars

    10. She is starting to swerve a bit, whatever she drank was starting to fit, her tongue lax in her mouth making her words mushy

    1. The car swerves and she is slammed against the glass of the passenger window and then back into her seat

    2. Having attained that abiding joy beyond the senses, revealed in the stilled mind, [the aspirant] never swerves from the eternal truth

    3. The lead car swerves as you speed past the wreck trying to pull alongside the front‐runner

    4. Seconds before impact, Pandora stomps the brakes with both feet, and swerves to abort collision

    5. He never swerves from the straight line

    6. The car almost swerves off the road

    7. " Anthony swerves around a black convertible so fast that the palm trees that line the trail pass by in a blur

    8. The car almost swerves off the road

    9. member in the roadway as the car swerves and smashes into the

    10. The car swerves and crashes into the telephone

    1. rode the bumper of the car in front of her, but instead of slowing swerved to the

    2. Heather swerved away from the edge of the pit and retreated a

    3. As another machine gun opened up from the other flank we swerved and started our retreat running back the way we had just come

    4. “Or something Felix did,” which was all I could manage to say, as I swerved and merged

    5. The night vision goggles put the fear of God into my section who had to sit in the dark not knowing what was happening whilst the Casspir swerved all over the dark road with me driving

    6. His Pinzgauer swerved out onto the road across a row of vehicles narrowly missing contact

    7. shuddered and swerved hard to port, directly at the rock

    8. Belle, propelled by the roiling current, had suddenly swerved,

    9. ” He cut the wheel sharply and gunned into the other lane, ignoring a near collision with a car that swerved towards the sidewalk and braked with a squeal

    10. LP swerved left, hitting loose gravel and losing traction

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    Synonyms for "swerve"

    swerve swerving veering yaw curve cut sheer slew slue trend veer turn deviate twist deflect dodge

    "swerve" definitions

    the act of turning aside suddenly

    an erratic deflection from an intended course

    turn sharply; change direction abruptly