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Swerve in a sentence

1. Don't make a big swerve.
2. A frosted-up car had to swerve.
3. I’m glad I managed to swerve out of the.
4. The guy was all over the road; I had to swerve a.
5. Just in case, I decided to swerve my father into that.
6. It’s a good ten feet wide and appears to swerve a long.
7. The whole car started to swerve from one side of the high-.

8. I looked up again just as I started to swerve out of my lane.
9. Lindy had to swerve the car several times, but still didn’t.
10. You check your mirrors, flames swerve into the front of a house.
11. Come, Ahab's compliments to ye; come and see if ye can swerve me.
12. That had been the fashion of his century, and he would not swerve from it.
13. Swerve me? ye cannot swerve me, else ye swerve yourselves! man has ye there.
14. Jenks could see the lead police car swerve to avoid the charge of another car.
15. We can swerve around some of the cars to get past, Lucas said, hesitating.
16. This time, as he had so many times with friends, Levi swore he would not swerve.
17. The Alliford Bay started to plunge, buck and swerve wildly through the angry waves.
18. The driver of the blue van is so close that he can’t pull out and swerve round Alex.
19. I mean sure there are some art house--- you swerve out of the way of a careening truck.
20. It started to swerve, almost rocking up on two wheels as its load of concrete pipes shifted.
21. Melody leaned forward and carefully kissed my cheek, making sure I wouldn't swerve off the road.
22. CRUMLEY managed to swerve his wreck around and head us back downhill without falling off the edge.
23. Swerve me? The path to my fixed purpose is laid with iron rails, whereon my soul is grooved to run.
24. As it swerved I shot out the inside tired and that combined with the erratic swerve helped flip the SUV over.
25. They cut off their lights and swerve off the road into the sand, the turn so abrupt they are up on two wheels.
26. The driver had no time to swerve to miss the tack strip bumper laid out on the road, before he was on top of it.
27. Amelia squeezed pass him over his knees and slid into the driver's seat just in time to swerve around a blue pick-up truck.
28. Critton made a tactical swerve with his PC and just in time as a phasor bolt tore along the side where Lowndow was sitting.
29. She is starting to swerve a bit, whatever she drank was starting to fit, her tongue lax in her mouth making her words mushy.
30. I remember I accidentally overshot a red light by a few feet, causing a tip truck, going the other way, to swerve to miss me.
31. The attack on Hougomont was something of a feint; the plan was to draw Wellington thither, and to make him swerve to the left.
32. Headlights like hard objects swerve around stalled cars, bear down on bottlenecks at speed, as in some colossal game of chicken.
33. Run, swerve, run, swerve, fall and roll, jump to the feet, his phasor bore through another tree taking out another hooded enemy.
34. It burns your eyes, you swerve wildly, you toss helmet from your head, the goggles are sent bouncing back into the oncoming cars.
35. I heard the screech of a car’s tires and glancing to the side I witnessed a beat up taxi cab swerve in to park just ahead of me.
36. The sudden bump and a swerve sent the jeep careening onto its side, sliding with waves of dirt and leaves riding at the sides in a small wave.
37. Could that be because he dressed to the left? Certainly it was that swerve to the left that allowed him to avoid ever being tackled in rugby.
38. But in my position I do not permit myself to swerve an inch from the letter of the law, just because I am a man, and might be influenced by pity.
39. I managed to swerve around the majority of the wreckage in the road, but the back tire caught on a brick and suddenly I was flying through the air.
40. Run, swerve, run, swerve, run, swerve his phasor took out another, but just as it did a red ray hit him in the shoulder spinning him to the ground.
1. Meanwhile the swerving of the pickup.
2. For the time being I tolerated a bit of swerving.
3. After several minutes of swerving through the crowd I.
4. The last video was of Tiller's car swerving off the road and.
5. The car was now swerving from side to side as they tussled inside it.
6. But those who do not believe in the Hereafter are swerving from the path.
7. As he chatted to Nicolas about his trip, his gaze kept swerving to her face.
8. They clipped a car that was swerving out of the way and careened into a truck.
9. Please, says Devon, hitting the horn and swerving around another driver.
10. As he swam up the stairway, swerving around the fallen fishing gear that was.
11. But he didn’t say it here on his Park Stump, for fear of swerving off track.
12. He decelerated, still swerving across the road, trying to throw off their aim.
13. What the hell was that? She says while swerving all over the road and into the right lane.
14. He broke and ran, swerving between the trunks when he saw them, bouncing off them when he didn't.
15. Decoud, swerving from the straight line of his march, came to lean over the high back of her seat.
16. Swerving effortlessly around potholes in the middle of the broken road, Farid was a man in his element.
17. Stationed in the lounge, the captain and I watched the needle swerving swiftly over the pressure gauge.
18. The pilots craned into the dark, swerving away from the faint shadows of others, trying to avoid collisions.
19. Braking and swerving quickly, Amy lets out a quick breath as her tires skid across the gravel on the shoulder.
20. These boys and girls, none older than sixteen, were swerving and ricocheting their open-top car down the avenue.
21. The car careening toward him, swerving in the last instant, the vehicles brushing past with only inches to spare.
22. Swerving the launch wildly, Matt yelled and cursed, appearing hell-bent on smashing up the boat and ending it all.
23. He looked up to see Jalesow fighting to bring the swerving truck to a halt, and could hear him shouting something.
24. I was sneaking through some flats and back through to Torrens or a swerving to a mates place in the near by suburbs.
25. A red car starts swerving back and forth across the road, until it smashes into the side of the van, spinning it around in a circle.
26. She ran through thick brushes nimbly without looking back, swerving this way and that, changing direction as if following an unseen trail.
27. The doctor hits the junction and accelerates through the left turn, swerving across the road as he heads out towards the main North Devon trunk road.
28. Hotaki depressed the accelerator again, swerving in a lazy S pattern to run over the men as they tried to shake off the impact and rise to their feet.
29. She hadn’t regained consciousness, even though they were traveling in a stream of screaming sirens, the ambulance jerking and swerving around traffic.
30. I try to get to my feet, but I am thrown back down as Gregory slams the van into the other SUV, sending it swerving off into the median in a cloud of dust.
31. The enemy had left so many holes in the roads that the authorities hadn’t been able to fill them all yet, leaving the local drivers swerving around craters.
32. Beauty is of very little consequence in reality, said Rosamond, turning her head towards Mary, but with eyes swerving towards the new view of her neck in the glass.
33. The driver, still unaware that his companions were dead, started speeding through the chicane, swerving wildly and making the Afghan policemen jump urgently out of the way.
34. The points of his trident flashed upwards and the Soul Beast backed off while simultaneously swerving to avoid Corvus’s wild axe-swing as he suddenly regained his strength.
35. For an infinity he was swerving between the looming trunks and leaping over fallen branches and patches of undergrowth, enveloped in his loathing, aware of nothing but the figure in front.
36. Up ahead there was a van parked a little crookedly which he could use as cover so he shifted the limousine into gear and quietly moved forward swerving around the van to pull in front of it.
37. The carriage, passing the open drains and mounds of rippedup roadway before the tenement houses, lurched round the corner and, swerving back to the tramtrack, rolled on noisily with chattering wheels.
38. He couldn’t help himself; his brain went into instant replay and even with his eyes open he saw the coloured guy walking up the Boulevard, the child with the ball, the car swerving to miss the child.
39. He spoke with a firmness which was very gentle, and yet he could see that Bulstrode seemed to cower under that gentleness, his face looking dried and his eyes swerving away from the glance which rested on him.
40. The ‗let‘s get‘r done‘ Pit Bulldog passed through the dense foliage as efficiently as a wild thing, never swerving from the scent trail and ignoring the myriad small creatures disturbed by his intrusion.
1. Constance swerved the car left.
2. Zoe swerved into the fast lane.
3. The others swerved in behind him.
4. The car swerved onto the gravel.
5. He swerved, but the bike struck.
6. He swerved to avoid a mob of cat-.
7. He swerved aside, and tried to pass.
8. The bear swerved its head vehemently.
9. The Caddy convertible swerved that way.
10. A car swerved around her, horn blaring.
11. We swerved and plunged into the tunnel.
12. He swerved aside, and attempted to pass.
13. The driver swerved into the other lane.
14. The Mercedes was outdone in size, and swerved.
15. The windshield shattered and the SUV swerved.
16. The car swerved, forcing Michael to compensate.
17. She pointed at the film vaults as we swerved by.
18. In the haze of these thoughts, her car swerved.
19. The driver swerved and then parked his vehicle.
20. The horses snorted, swerved, and plunged heavily.
21. Bitch! he spat and swerved back on the road.
22. He’d swerved right, towards university grounds.
23. Flaherty glared over at me and swerved out of his lane.
24. Crumley swerved the car to the curb near a phone booth.
25. Kevin sharply swerved around the corner of the sidewalk.
26. I threw myself out of bed and swerved into the bathroom.
27. The needle on the pressure gauge swerved over its dial.
28. At the last moment she swerved and narrowly avoided a.
29. I swerved my way out of the fraternity house to the lawn.
30. The group of squid swerved around the hull and into Max.
31. Harry swerved the car, almost clipping a truck beside him.
32. LP swerved left, hitting loose gravel and losing traction.
33. The car swerved off the road and flipped over in a ditch.
34. Carl obviously had the same idea as me as he swerved into.
35. At the top of the hill, he swerved off the path in pursuit.
36. I backed up wildly and swerved into the gravel parking lot.
37. Although he kind of swerved his Pontiac a few times, I was.
38. He swerved toward the exit and got to the ramp just in time.
39. The first few cars reacted as best they could, some swerved.
40. Isobel wasn’t the only driver that swerved around the mess.
1. The car almost swerves off the road.
2. He never swerves from the straight line.
3. The car swerves and crashes into the telephone.
4. The lead car swerves as you speed past the wreck trying to pull alongside the front‐runner.
5. Then, again, gaiety, jokes, caresses, kisses, swerves on the road and close calls to disaster.
6. Seconds before impact, Pandora stomps the brakes with both feet, and swerves to abort collision.
7. The car swerves and she is slammed against the glass of the passenger window and then back into her seat.
8. Then back to the car, back to a subsonic sixty, back to gaiety, back to kisses and swerves and near plunges in the sand.
9. No unscriptural dogma beneath the canopy of heaven switches and swerves about in more restless and indefinite attitude than this one.
10. Having attained that abiding joy beyond the senses, revealed in the stilled mind, [the aspirant] never swerves from the eternal truth.
11. Tom offers nothing but that same silly smile as he swerves into the lane for international departures and pulls up in front of the Air France terminal.
12. I hear his body roll down the roof of the van and fall off of the back, and there is a short squealing of tires as someone behind us slams on their brakes and swerves to avoid the body.
13. I GIVE DETECTIVE Yates the address for today’s first reported homicide—838 MacDonough—and he swerves out of the traffic and barrels down the middle of Fulton, his screaming siren and flashing lights barely denting the usual cacophony of a lovely Bed-Stuy afternoon.
14. Attaining a white heat in the Gulf of Mexico, it heads north up the American coast, advances as far as Newfoundland, swerves away under the thrust of a cold current from the Davis Strait, and resumes its ocean course by going along a great circle of the earth on a rhumb line; it then divides into two arms near the 43rd parallel; one, helped by the northeast trade winds, returns to the Bay of Biscay and the Azores; the other washes the shores of Ireland and Norway with lukewarm.

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