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    1. Her curiosity is unmistakable and I find myself wondering just what I should say

    2. He was younger than most of his pictures, but his nose and hair were unmistakable

    3. The lanterns were old, the cookfires were open but the smell of rord and norrot were unmistakable

    4. ‘What do you expect me to do about it?’ she asked, following him down the corridor towards the room where she could hear the unmistakable sound of Sheila retching

    5. least, Tom had not encountered any of the unmistakable, not to

    6. That voice and choice of words was unmistakable

    7. with them an unmistakable threat

    8. I’d even say there were unmistakable signs of

    9. “And the lone workman who assisted them, she was quite sure was from the north country, unmistakable accent you know

    10. was unmistakable a familiar pain that dissipated almost as quickly as its inception,

    11. It was the unmistakable voice of my Grandma, but was she talking to us?

    12. eyes and reverent motion of the jaw is unmistakable, once

    13. an unmistakable air of authority

    14. unmistakable and his size convinced them that he wasn’t

    15. followed his gesture they could all see – unmistakable and

    16. It was the unmistakable South Indian accent of the matka

    17. unmistakable as the remarkable sun of that very morn

    18. these are unmistakable signs

    19. The look was unmistakable, a

    20. “Don’t move,” said the man in a heavy, gnarled voice, emphasizing every word to make the command unmistakable

    21. The look the small dog gave him was unmistakable

    22. A loud unmistakable crack of broken bone could be heard from the medieval carousel

    23. At this point his vision became so distorted he couldn't make out what was happening to him, but the sound of drilling was unmistakable – and the stark realisation that he was in the presence of a sentient lifeform

    24. Then the equally unmistakable sound of a man

    25. And as for the fish ‘n’ chips, you have haddock crumbs all over your sleeves, and the aroma of the Sea Dog’s house specialty is unmistakable

    26. In the midst of this scene he heard the unmistakable dry and booming voice of Mrs

    27. His portly shape was unmistakable

    28. There wasn’t much light left, but his nose was never wrong, and he smelt the unmistakable stink of his older brother, Frumple

    29. Though the touch was light, the meaning was unmistakable

    30. The strains of a band could be heard in the distance, the regular roll of the approaching drums was unmistakable - it was the white troops at last

    31. With their black fatigues and training rucksacks, their occupation was unmistakable even in the dark

    32. The menace in Frank’s voice was unmistakable as he lent over and picked up a brick he’d spotted half-buried in the ground

    33. Stark, naked fear was unmistakable in his voice

    34. As she snaked her way among a group in the lobby, through the window a stunning sight appeared: there, on the opposite sidewalk, was the unmistakable figure of a mummy-like Herminia racing towards the corner

    35. It is unmistakable

    36. Even from where she stood, she could hear his unmistakable laughter coming in tiny squawks from the telephone lying on the counter

    37. His voice carried an unmistakable note of pride

    38. His first instinct in the situation was to greet him standing: a quick ‘hello’ could then be concluded with an unmistakable dismissal by the simple act of returning to his seat

    39. I couldn’t hear any choppers, but after a moment or two, above the snarling throaty sounds of the mindless Memphis denizens that encircled us, I could hear the unmistakable sound of Wagner’s Die Valkyrie, and I suddenly smiled and thought that all this must simply be a very elaborate film set

    40. The slope shoulders, cowboy hat, boots and East Texas accent were unmistakable

    41. A few yards away from the large, half-open barn door, the unmistakable length of a hunting rifle appeared, while the rough edges of a figure that still remained in the shadows could be roughly traced

    42. I could see a few grins, and hear the imperceptible yet unmistakable sound of snigger

    43. The scent was unmistakable, and it meant danger

    44. They had that unmistakable air of professionalism about them

    45. “When he’s in the same room, there is an unmistakable animal magnetism

    46. The language was unmistakable

    47. His heart sank when he saw the shadow of Jalesow’s arm, terminating in the unmistakable blunt outline of an automatic pistol, separate from the solid outline of his shadow on the snow and raise to point at the back of his head

    48. ” It was an unmistakable obtrusiveness and ostentatious confident swagger that could have been none other than Rockefeller … Rockefeller had entered the building!

    49. It took me a second to realize, but the quiet sexy girly voice was unmistakable

    50. I nod to the bulge in her coat pocket, the unmistakable contours of a weapon

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    Synonyms for "unmistakable"

    unmistakable apparent evident manifest palpable patent plain clear open conspicuous obvious indisputable

    "unmistakable" definitions

    clearly evident to the mind

    clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment