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Vein in a sentence

All in the same vein.
But everything was in vein.
His green vein was still.
And lands atop my vein that.
The ear vein and horn pits.
Intuition is the vein of emoting.
Peter had an artistic vein that.

I saw a vein throb in his forehead.
In that same vein, cakes that are.
Another book in this same vein is.
Nicole kept at him in the same vein:.
They argued in this vein for some time.
He felt the vein on his forehead pulse.
I tried to rescue from him, but in vein.
Not in your usual masterful vein at all.
The trouble was this romantic vein in him.
In a similar vein, consider a roulette bet.
A tiny vein of envy ran through his brain.
That vein in your neck is a dead giveaway.
The needle, on its way to her vein, stopped.
We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.
You tore a vein in your leg that caused all.
His fingers traced the vein that barely beat.
The next two questions were in a similar vein.
Drinking from the vein can be addic—.
A twitching facial muscle made a vein pop on Mr.
In the same vein, the unemployment rate has a 0.
Snappy and crunchy, my fangs sink into his vein.
He offered his arm to her and pointed to a vein.
The green vein throbbed in his forehead at the.
He cried and begged in front of them but in vein.
There was many another adventure along this vein:.
Pops, he"s a stressin" and he"s poppin" out a vein.
And so the nations rage and conspire a vein thing.
In a similar vein, pills or lotions that increase.
Probably because there’s a vein of truth in them.
A vein ticked a small watch in the old man's throat.
The tourmalines are chiefly contained in this vein.
The small vein in her chicken neck stopped throbbing.
With quick ferocity, his fangs bit into my wrist vein.
It was easy to see from the outer surface and the color and texture and veining pattern on the leaves that these weren’t at all related to the tall ones.
Slim white marble fluted columns with delicate orange veining now ringed the room six meters in from the perimeter of the black obsidian hemisphere, placed every six meters.
Slim white marble fluted columns with delicate orange veining now ringed the room twenty feet in from the perimeter of the black obsidian hemisphere, placed every twenty feet.
It was milk-marble veined with faint violet in the temples.
Clear, rich and masculine, veined with subtle amusement, a.
Her nightdress was tipped off her shoulder and one veined breast was hanging out.
He had a dissipated look: his face was veined from drink and his skin seemed dry and flaky.
About the centre of the southern half of the plain lies a huge block of greyish-white stone, veined.
Homeless, what is the greatest amendment? the blood veined the orb stitching up the scales into a patchwork vision.
Her thought was not veined by any solemnity or pathos about the old man on the bed: such sentiments are easier to affect than to feel about.
Inside were floors and pillars of milky white marble veined with gold; the rafters overhead were carved from the bone-pale trunks of weirwoods.
The girl who had forced her name to his lips walked ahead to one of the grander arches, putting her fingers on the veined columns of stone as she passed.
The harness around his waist holds the prosthetic penis at attention, doesn’t seem out of place on him, his own sticking forward underneath with identical girth, veined, slick with fluids.
Her hands were of finely veined alabaster with tapering fingers and as white as lemonjuice and queen of ointments could make them though it was not true that she used to wear kid gloves in bed or take a milk footbath either.
His veins turned to ice.
Veins are apparent in her.
Veins stand out in his neck.
The veins in her neck bulged.
And the throbbing in my veins.
The song ran through her veins.
Coldness seeped into her veins.
The veins in his neck protruded.
Icy panic raced through her veins.
Icy terror raced through her veins.
Her touch ignited fire in his veins.
Ice water would syringe your veins.
Adrenaline surged through his veins.
Mild fire of wine kindled his veins.
I can see the veins under his skin.
The hands are just bones and veins.
Adrenaline pumped through my veins.
Throughout the course of my veins.
The hot blood rushes in their veins.
The red veins stood out in her eyes.
No white blood coursed in his veins.
Hot lead shot through his veins and.
The veins stood out on Farrington's.
Adrenaline scorched through her veins.
It was like boiling fire in my veins.
The wine coursed in their veins and.
Self-loathing surged through her veins.
Her veins stood out from her forehead.
Embalming fluid flowed into her veins.
Black blood flooded his veins once more.
Yes, Aesira blood runs through my veins.
His veins beat with an electric urgency.
Nancy�s blood accelerated in her veins.
Adrenaline was pumping through my veins.
Jealousy ran red-hot through Tom's veins.
Blood pulsed heavily in Clayton’s veins.
You both have that blood in your veins.
That virus is flooding through her veins.
Ice replaced the blood in Rykus’s veins.

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