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Number en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The number 3 is C.
  2. The number 8 is H.
  3. The number 7 is G.
  4. The number 1 is A.
  5. The number 2 is B.

  6. The number 23 is W.
  7. The number 20 is T.
  8. The number 22 is V.
  9. The number 16 is P.
  10. The number 15 is O.
  11. The number 13 is M.
  12. The number 12 is L.
  13. The number 21 is U.
  14. Whats in a number? V.
  15. Your number was on it.

  16. A good number of them.
  17. There are a number of.
  18. Five is the number of.
  19. It was a London number.
  20. That number is now 275.
  21. In Geek the number of.
  22. With the number 22 on it.
  23. Number One Fan drove off.
  24. And the number of them.
  25. Now take the number of.

  26. We got his house number.
  27. I wrote down the number.
  28. I don't have her number.
  29. Start with the number 1.
  30. On it was a phone number.
  31. Again I was number three.
  32. Proof is number one here.
  33. Seven is a magical number.
  34. The secondary number is 2.
  35. Is there a number where.
  36. He called the number in.
  37. Then, when I can number.
  38. A number of times it was.
  39. Fifty-four is a bad number.
  40. Is number 109 (= 10 being.
  41. When at last a number of.
  42. The number one method for.
  43. Try the number – you.
  44. I them counted the number.
  45. A number of strobe lights.
  46. An increase in the number.
  47. There is a large number of.
  48. The number of their hours;.
  49. Number that are yours: ___.
  50. A number of functions are.
  51. The Number of Lives Saved:.
  52. I got your number from her.
  53. There were a large number.
  54. For example, the number of.
  55. Number of followers you have.
  56. As cited, the number of.
  57. The number of words I have.
  58. He typed in his number and.
  59. Go ahead, select any number.
  60. Number One Fan ended the call.
  61. They focused on a number of.
  62. The number "000" takes shape.
  63. The father's number is local.
  64. A number of years later, he.
  65. Here is my home phone number.
  66. He gave me a mobile number.
  67. Here is my number at work.
  68. Nerissa had the number first.
  69. There were a number of others.
  70. Check it out, read my number.
  71. She asked for his number and.
  72. With the number of websites.
  73. Someone did a number on ‘em.
  74. I was a number one draft pick.
  75. So, can I have your number?
  76. Must have been a wrong number.
  77. Then, reduce the total number.
  78. You have the telephone number.
  79. Of course the Fibonacci number.
  80. Now he wants the coach number.
  81. She really did a number on you.
  82. I have one, give me the number.
  83. There are a number of support.
  84. Number One Fan wrote it, not I.
  85. Next to each mark was a number.
  86. Man, she had to be the number.
  87. There was a surprising number.
  88. It could be a number of things.
  89. That number is now your number.
  90. The number of females in this.
  91. I gave him Mike's phone number.
  92. On a number of occasions they.
  93. Number One Fan knew these people.
  94. Great number of special things!.
  95. I was about to join that number.
  96. This number had doubled by 1600.
  97. It's All About Car Number Plates.
  98. From the number they are removed.
  99. Lydia had a number of playmates.
  100. The result: The number of dogs.
  1. The numbering of this verse is a direct.
  2. Numbering of Note 234 corrected from 324.
  3. This matches the numbering of the 11Q13 Dead Sea.
  4. If you publish printed copies of the Document numbering.
  5. Let those who are afraid of not numbering more than thirty.
  6. Magnitude is based on a numbering system invented by the Greek.
  7. Bison numbering in the tens of millions once roamed the High Plains.
  8. Of course, with no clock, Mercer had no way of numbering the minutes.
  9. And now she was thirty-six and I had long been beyond the numbering.
  10. Right now he was disassembling, cleaning, numbering and drawing parts.
  11. As you will see throughout this series, the numbering of Revelation’s.
  12. It was one of the most powerful tribes on the continent, numbering over 40,000.
  13. Sheep, and directly matches the numbering of verse 4:7 and the sum of verse 5:6.
  14. A straight line is not the only construct we can use to visualize a numbering system.
  15. The histories of the numbering and marshalling of the tribes (chapters 1 to 4), the.
  16. Numbering 300,000, they reported more than 3 million cases of disloyalty, vaguely defined.
  17. All the other doors had been closed and barred by a group of dark clad men numbering twelve.
  18. Furthermore, the numbering of chapters and verses serve as symbolic verification of the topics.
  19. Numbering in the trillions, it is not surprising that most cells of the human body are very small.
  20. See how this directly matches the numbering of verse 13:11? Also, pay close attention to the image.
  21. A people numbering almost 500,000,000 was reduced to less than five thousand in a little over three years.
  22. Both the Hebrew and Greek cultures made use of a numbering system that was incorporated in their alphabet.
  23. The $234B of Medicaid go to low-income adults under age 65, a group numbering more than 50 million people.
  24. And Joseph gathered corn as the sand of the sea, very much, until he left numbering; for it was without number.
  25. Thus, classes numbering as high as twenty or twenty-five were taught during the past year at Atlanta University.
  26. The remaining part of the enemy force, numbering two hundred thousand strong, has been supplied by the Attorgrons.
  27. My head turned back to see the rest of the Sabers, numbering almost two hundred, running in the opposite direction.
  28. The anthropological term: ‘band’: specifically means a group of humans; numbering between 25 to 35 individuals.
  29. She looked to the other bridges and paths, numbering in their thousands, as they reached across the endless expanse.
  30. Walters contributes one-fourth, while the Corcoran Gallery sends its entire collection, numbering nearly a hundred, Mr.
  31. Its library which houses a vast collection of books numbering 27,000 and has a Gāndhi photo exhibition with 600 photographs.
  32. It is the numbering of the segments that makes it possible for the receiving system to reassemble them into their original order.
  33. In addition to Joey and Lezura, they police jeep held seven people, as did the others, numbering in total to thirty five in the group.
  34. This numbering also makes it possible for the receiving system to notify the sender that specific packets have been lost or corrupted.
  35. He had a sense of history, as if this place, these people, had been here for generation-cycles beyond numbering, and would always be here.
  36. My respite was short-lived however, for soon the entire party, numbering some thousand men, came charging into view, racing madly toward me.
  37. There was no separate numbering system, as we have in ours today - in Hebrew and Greek each letter would also represent an associated number.
  38. My plan was simple; I was going to transport my army of two regiments numbering nearly 900 men to the swamp surrounding the town’s east side.
  39. It could be said that the Squords, Joorahplods, and Fleddites all peacefully cohabited their massive warships numbering in the 100’s of 106’s.
  40. Overhead, the ceiling split evenly in two and retracted away into the walls, revealing an enormous stadium above with an audience numbering in the.
  41. We began to send more probes to Europa, numbering in the hundreds, but nearly all of them were lost or destroyed shortly after they reached the moon’s orbit.
  42. There was the echoing sound of the beat of horse’s hooves and from down the pass a solid wall of cavalry, numbering in the thousands, appeared at a full gallop.
  43. His three superiors were now dead or missing, he had lost his mortar support and his force, numbering originally close to 400 fighters, was now down to a mere 160 men.
  44. The segmentation of the data and the numbering of the segments are critical elements in the transmission process and also make functions such as error recovery possible.
  45. The Bois Forte bands, numbering 797 Indians, have a reservation of 107,509 acres, lying in unsurveyed territory, about forty miles north-west of Vermillion Lake, in Minnesota.
  46. One of the toughest responsibilities facing the regulators in the Namibian telecom markets involves modernising our national numbering policies, numbering plans, and dialling plans.
  47. Obviously, the series of numbering on the dice as described here was chosen to achieve this outcome and is only one of many options that would bring about non-transitive sets of dice.
  48. There is something very, very fishy about the coincidence that for 12,000 years now: no human community or society has allowed themselves to be in a group numbering 36, 24 or 12 people.
  49. It sounded like I was in command of a force numbering in the tens of thousands instead of just over fifteen thousand by the mighty savage cry of war that erupted in response to my words.
  50. Further to this, the designer had to anticipate the languages that would emerge, as well as the numbering system that would be associated with the letters of the alphabet that would be used.
  51. In case you don’t know how effective they can be, just remember that 2000 such robots were enough to exterminate a Japanese army numbering over a million soldiers in China, at the cost of one robot damaged.
  52. He had released Peter, James, and John temporarily from their assignment as his personal companions that they might also participate in the work of training the new evangelistic candidates, numbering more than one hundred.
  53. She took a mental note then to have a hard chat later on with the pilots of that squadron as she led those nine P-38s to meet the incoming German aircraft, which were now numbering 32, according to the EC-142E radar operator.
  54. Packs of dire wolves numbering above twenty or more, American lions that were bigger than full-grown Siberian tigers, and bears, such as the short faced bear that were twice the size of an adult grizzly and could run as fast as a horse.
  55. Even in the US where the Communist movement was always tiny, never numbering over 50,000, there were at least four main Communist parties, the Communist Party USA, the American Communist Party, the Communist Workers Party, and the Communist Labor Party.
  56. I should not have suspected that it meant she was dying; but I knew instantly now! It opened clear on my comprehension that Helen Burns was numbering her last days in this world, and that she was going to be taken to the region of spirits, if such region there were.
  57. He proposed to move before daybreak with Poniatowski’s troops and his own five divisions, numbering 35,000 men, under cover of the woods on which the Russians were resting, get behind them, along the old Smolensk road, and fall suddenly on the rear of the left flank.
  58. And the arts of measuring and numbering and weighing come to the rescue of the human understanding--there is the beauty of them--and the apparent greater or less, or more or heavier, no longer have the mastery over us, but give way before calculation and measure and weight?
  59. Flying from Venice to Berlin, Reagan arrived just before noon and traveled by motorcade through the heart of the city to the historic Brandenburg Gate, where a crowd numbering tens of thousands now awaits his words—people stretching as far as I could see, he will write in his diary.
  60. One can also consider the use of Report Manager add-in which permits multiple sheets or print areas to be synchronized as one print job (so as to facilitate continuous page numbering) Additionally a Report Manager can work on alternate views and scenarios within a single synchronised report.
  61. But eventually enough people saw the wisdom of numbering years in unbroken sequence as opposed to widely variable and unpredictable terms of rule, and historical time was rearranged relative to the birth of Jesus; though after further study scholars have since declared Jesus was born four or more years before 1AD.
  62. How do I see the entire Universe through something as small as an optical nerve? It is done by Mathematics and it shows there is a Universe all the brilliant Newtonians never even thought about notwithstanding their splendour ability to understand and associate with mathematics? One photon may represent one galactica, a constellation of stars numbering into the billions.
  63. These six Jews caught up with the apostolic party, numbering about thirty, at Jericho and, under the pretense of desiring to become disciples, attached themselves to Jesus' family of followers, remaining with the group up to the time of the beginning of the second preaching tour in Galilee; whereupon three of them returned to Jerusalem to submit their report to the chief priests and the Sanhedrin.
  64. And lastly, in a street near the poultry market, a group of small burgesses, numbering about forty, whose clothes were in tatters, and whose faces, through the combined effects of fear, hunger, and cold, retained scarcely any semblance of humanity, waited till the suite approached the end of the street, then fell on their knees, stretching out their arms to the Emperor, bewailing what they had suffered, lamenting their utter ruin, and begging for mercy and bread!.
  65. And, sir, is it nothing to the bill which we are now debating, for raising an additional army of twenty thousand men—or is it a departure from order to hint on this floor at a circumstance which all men are employed and occupied in discussing at their firesides?—that this army, to constitute an aggregate of fifty-five thousand regular troops, is about to be put under the control of the man who was the author of the Anonymous Letters at Newburg at the close of the Revolutionary war, inciting a handful of men, the remnant of the old American army—perhaps not numbering six thousand altogether—to give a master to the nation? Is that a consideration to have no weight upon such a question as this? With me, sir, it is conclusive.
  66. Murray was up and about the next day quite early and was in the workshop making a number of small steel boxes to hold the explosives, filling each box with a small amount of explosive and a detonator he then put each box in a plastic freezer bag leaving the wire from the detonator dangling, he then sealed the bags with an epoxy glue, he’d completed twenty of these deadly little parcels before he decided to place them on the beach, with a small spade he dug them in above the waterline, using a pattern that seemed random, but nothing Murray did was random, every charge that was laid was covered by a camera, when he’d finished, all that could be seen were twenty lengths of yellow wire belonging to the detonators sticking from the sand, returning to the workshop he made up another twenty little boxes and following the same procedure as before Murray buried them in the scrub working back from the road, where they’d be covered by a camera when he’d finished the only trace that could be seen were the knee high yellow wires, there was still two kilo’s of the C4 left, now the tedious work began, running wires from the house to each detonator wire, numbering them and connecting them to the keyboard in the computer room, Murray next worked on the mini cam’s he’d placed around the property running these wires back to the key board numbering and tagging them, next came the sensor switches for the camera’s, each camera had infra red capability, a motion sensor and a heat sensor that not only turned the camera’s on but also switched on the red warning lights in the house, Murray was determined that no-one was going to sneak up on him and Shirl, now came the hard yakka, all of these cables had to be hidden so Murray dug out and refilled a couple of kilometres of narrow thirty centimetre trenches to hold the wires, after a month these trenches would be overgrown but for the present he raked and spread leaves and debris to hide the recent excavations.
  67. Sitting in a large ring numbering sixty, the gathered Elders of the Lani Folk waited,.
  1. A man’s days are numbered.
  2. They Numbered in the Hundreds.
  3. They were simply out numbered.
  4. They numbered in the millions.
  5. Not all the houses are numbered.
  6. There is a numbered Register.
  7. In all, they numbered just four.
  8. Trust me, his days are numbered.
  9. Thankfully, the doors are numbered.
  10. I knew that our days were numbered.
  11. The Cossacks numbered about fifteen.
  12. Told out: Numbered; counted; tallied.
  13. The able-bodied numbered only eight.
  14. Must be in a Swiss bank, numbered.
  15. Class of 1847 originally numbered 250.
  16. The Barbeg warriors numbered barely.
  17. Leave it Bull, we are out numbered.
  18. The Egyptian forces numbered about the.
  19. His songs numbered one thousand and five.
  20. Our men barely numbered half, and as we.
  21. The pilings are numbered, he continued.
  22. Even though the rulers were out numbered by.
  23. Bolles’s days at Washington were numbered.
  24. These groups seldom numbered more than fifty.
  25. Make use of lists, both bulleted and numbered.
  26. The earl's force numbered no more than twenty.
  27. They numbered scarce eight summers when a name.
  28. The rules were numbered, and there were a few:.
  29. And when his hours are numbered, and the world.
  30. ECONOMICAL The Volumes numbered and ready for use.
  31. The first graduating class in 1903 numbered three.
  32. In my time they numbered altogether only seventy.
  33. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
  34. Perhaps he suspected that his days were numbered.
  35. For the very hairs of my head are all numbered.
  36. I have millions holed up in numbered Swiss accounts.
  37. Camp Echo’s detainees were numbered 00001 to 00657.
  38. Europe’s days of dominating the world were numbered.
  39. But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
  40. We know that at least one of those Jews was numbered.
  41. You tell him that his slave driving days are numbered.
  43. The crowds that listened sometimes numbered 300 or 400.
  44. In turn , each of these major haplogroups has numbered.
  45. You get into the big blue clothes bins numbered 3 and 4.
  46. With the addition of Pierre they now numbered four, and.
  47. The party goers were evenly numbered regarding the sexes.
  48. I decided to leave the castle through a higher numbered.
  49. Bruce pointed to an array of numbered buttons on the dash.
  50. You can see that the ones I use are numbered 1, 4, and 7.
  51. The caravan of people I led numbered about five thousand.
  52. He looked like a man who knew that his days were numbered.
  53. They will not be numbered among the upright for they have.
  54. Some of the large teapots are numbered and limited edition.
  55. SHAF’ AND WITR PRAYER: This Prayer contains odd numbered.
  56. Dan’s thesis numbered 142 pages, not including references.
  57. Will took a numbered key from his pocket, and handed it over.
  58. Numbered Headlines are most effective when you’re confident.
  59. You should be numbered with your namesake among the immortal.
  60. The group that numbered hundreds and hundreds now numbered to.
  61. Stay inside with Me where the hairs of your head are numbered.
  62. The musicians in his bands must have numbered in the hundreds.
  63. Also, check whether you have numbered the questions correctly.
  64. They fought valiantly, even tho they were out numbered 10 to 1.
  65. The population now numbered approximately half a million people.
  66. The Ashkenazi, at the same period, numbered about eleven million.
  67. This letter has not been numbered as per normal so that Jack can.
  68. I've changed Max's spreadsheet: my current version is numbered 3.
  69. But mark my words, if Obama has his way, their days are numbered.
  70. Eight, nine, ten, eleven—the jars were numbered but had no names.
  71. Planning Research’, the spines of the filed reports numbered in.
  72. Soon, his vision included the sun, labeled, numbered and cataloged.
  73. To the seraphic guardians the very hairs of your head are numbered.
  74. The elements of vectors are numbered consecutively beginning at [1].
  75. When the two approached the slot numbered 110, on the closed door, Mr.
  76. I wil give you your numbered account information as soon as I have it.
  77. She was in a hallway, and there were other doors like her own, numbered.
  78. When they arrived at the executive parlor numbered with a shiny brass 7.
  79. A thousand years ago, the world's population numbered around 310 million.
  80. He didn’t consider the odds, or the fact that he was duly out numbered.
  81. In some parts of the world, a roulette wheel may have no slot numbered 00.
  82. The month of courtship had wasted: its very last hours were being numbered.
  83. Note: In the book of Genesis we find that God numbered each day of the week.
  84. They should be numbered accounts, rather than named, responded Marian.
  85. The dissenters assembled in the cottage numbered about twenty men and women.
  86. He knows his days are numbered, and he is dependent on others to assist him.
  87. The scripture was fulfilled which says: He was numbered with transgressors.
  88. At a single boarding school alone, Carlisle, deaths numbered in the hundreds.
  89. Notice that this verse is numbered 13:11 and the USA started with 13 colonies.
  90. If you don't be careful, your days are numbered, he said and drove away.
  91. In an instant the fourteen hundred dragoon guards numbered only eight hundred.
  92. You get instructions with illustrations and steps numbered in sequential order.
  93. Each wrapping is numbered and the number of diamonds of equal weight recorded.
  94. Each memory location in the array is called an element and is numbered 0.
  95. Flock Island for treatment but she knew that her days were numbered and that to.
  96. Elizabeth gave Colling a sheet of paper filled with numbered questions in Polish.
  97. Each item at the next level is numbered within the number of its parent item [15].
  98. Wedges and higher numbered irons are used for bunkers, or for high arching shots.
  99. Her days of being part of the Girls Club are numbered, Brussels calls once again.
  100. We never wanted any sort of supremacy, although we numbered thousand of millions.
  1. Numbers 27: 18 to 23.
  2. In its Pi numbers form.
  3. She gave me the numbers.
  4. The numbers 153 and 21.
  5. It’s all in the numbers.
  6. You now have the numbers.
  7. He was good with numbers.
  8. The Numbers Of The Unjust.
  9. The numbers are too large.
  10. There is Magic in Numbers.
  11. There is power in numbers.
  13. There is magic in numbers.
  14. The numbers were not great.
  15. What did the numbers mean?
  16. There is safety in numbers.
  17. I can tell you the numbers.
  18. Jane isn't big into numbers.
  19. They keep prey numbers in.
  20. They cannot rely on numbers.
  21. We are talking numbers here.
  22. One is for numbers and the.
  23. What do the numbers reveal?
  24. There was safety in numbers.
  25. There are large numbers of.
  26. These are very good numbers.
  27. This is Rule Numbers 1–10.
  28. There is strength in numbers.
  29. Let’s look at the numbers:.
  30. I don't have no numbers for.
  31. EXCEL stores dates as numbers.
  32. There was comfort in numbers.
  33. He loved puzzles and numbers.
  34. It's all a matter of numbers.
  35. To put those numbers into a.
  36. His mind swam at the numbers.
  37. By studying the way numbers.
  38. So Jack rang the two numbers.
  39. The red numbers on the clock.
  40. You ought to see the numbers.
  41. Their numbers are far fewer;.
  42. Numbers, and had had him read.
  43. The two prominent numbers in.
  44. Building your numbers with an.
  45. The numbers are all entered.
  46. I keyed in the numbers again.
  47. The priest studied the numbers.
  48. Tony crunched his own numbers.
  49. There were higher numbers of.
  50. The cops were here in numbers.
  51. The numbers refer to clauses:.
  52. The numbers are what they are.
  53. These Numbers We All Refer To.
  54. Try it with the numbers above.
  55. Here is some fun with numbers:.
  56. And these numbers continue to.
  57. Now he can add any two numbers.
  58. Two numbers show blood pressure.
  59. Our numbers are reduced by two.
  60. Do NOT write code numbers down.
  61. And he wrote down more numbers.
  62. The Man Who Loved Only Numbers.
  63. What Numbers Are Being Shared?
  64. There's a scripture, Numbers 18.
  65. Today vast numbers in America.
  66. Now look at this, Numbers 14:1.
  67. That’s a whole lot of numbers.
  68. All the numbers are in millions.
  69. It was only a matter of numbers.
  70. But we need numbers, like Simon.
  71. He was a counter, a numbers man.
  72. Usually, small numbers come at.
  73. Counting the numbers in my mind.
  74. Their numbers continued to grow.
  75. She’d never leave her numbers.
  76. Numbers flashed up on the screen.
  77. She randomly jabbed four numbers.
  78. Numbers that agreed with Alan's.
  79. But superior numbers counted too.
  80. Although their numbers will be.
  81. We will need strength of numbers.
  82. It asks which numbers have been.
  83. Both numbers are also multiples.
  84. Have a look with me in Numbers 14.
  85. The numbers were starting to form.
  86. Cash flow numbers are in millions.
  87. When we think of random numbers.
  88. I can look for names and numbers.
  89. Oh that show is called Numbers.
  90. Prints the maximum of two numbers.
  91. After punching the numbers for Dr.
  92. There would be safety in numbers.
  93. The soul dried away Numbers 11:6.
  94. Imaginary numbers are those that.
  95. Pa counted the two rows of numbers.
  96. How are your numbers looking?
  97. We will return in greater numbers.
  98. Countless numbers of my brethren.
  99. What about the tag numbers?
  100. It was what the numbers had shown.

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