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Frasi con truss (in inglese)

  1. The truss is seldom used in present times.
  2. I can jump off and truss the little critter up.
  3. Tiny cracks have developed and the truss itself is warped.
  4. I've rigged cradles on ships and truss work to get it there.
  5. It is named the "Burr Truss" design and Theodore Burr owns the patent.

  6. Madeleine seated on his truss of straw, and watching Cosette's slumbers.
  7. Fill the chicken with cooked and cooled stuffing, truss the bird and place in clay.
  8. The carter yoked his oxen and made Don Quixote comfortable on a truss of hay, and at his usual.
  9. Friend, truss your coat, and try the water; carry you the Queen to shore, unless you fear the burden.
  10. Treatment is usually by surgery although there is a truss to prevent the bulge becoming worse in the past.
  11. The metal in the central truss structure and the beams that hold the modules to it has started to crystallize.
  12. It was now early December, and the already harvested stalks, sad and frail, appeared to woefully truss the heavy, gray sky.
  13. Clean, stuff and truss a twelve-pound turkey, that, when cooked, may rest on the wings level on the platter, the drumsticks close to the body.
  14. The third blew open the truss that connected the propulsion system to the rest of the ship and the drive unit crumpled into the body of the ship.
  15. Clean and truss two guinea chickens; place on a bed of sliced, uncooked carrots, potatoes and celery, arranged in the bottom of a casserole—(a large bean-pot serves as well).

  16. It’s an elegant steel truss cantilever, named for a natural bridge that was formed by a major landslide approximately three hundred years ago that had temporarily dammed the Columbia River.
  17. After breakfast he meditated for a quarter of an hour; then two generals seated themselves on the truss of straw, pen in hand and their paper on their knees, and the Emperor dictated to them the order of battle.
  18. The truss over her shoulder was stained dark with Betadine, and whatever the IV meds were doing for her physical pain, they sure weren’t helping her mental state—she still looked ghost white and scared as hell.
  19. Fairfax had pressed me into her service, and I was all day in the storeroom, helping (or hindering) her and the cook; learning to make custards and cheese-cakes and French pastry, to truss game and garnish desert-dishes.
  20. Cosette once put to bed, Jean Valjean and Fauchelevent had, as we have already seen, supped on a glass of wine and a bit of cheese before a good, crackling fire; then, the only bed in the hut being occupied by Cosette, each threw himself on a truss of straw.
  21. They all flocked to see what was in the cart, and when they recognised their townsman they were filled with amazement, and a boy ran off to bring the news to his housekeeper and his niece that their master and uncle had come back all lean and yellow and stretched on a truss of hay on an ox-cart.
  22. I may add, as an instance of this fact, and as a striking case of correlation, that in many pelargoniums the two upper petals in the central flower of the truss often lose their patches of darker colour; and when this occurs, the adherent nectary is quite aborted, the central flower thus becoming peloric or regular.
  1. Williams walked over and began trussing the deer up with a coil of rope he produced from his jacket.
  2. The audacity in trussing him like a pig and tormenting him rankled the pompous fat man much more than any fatuous threats.
  3. After trussing the bird rub it with lemon so it will keep of good color; now cover the breast with thin slices of bacon (these can be tied on).
  4. She was, on the Contrary, so juicy and plump that she seem’d bursting thro’ her tight Stays, e’en as the Flesh of the delicious roast Capon was bursting thro’ its sewn Trussing.
  1. They trussed him up with.
  2. Now it was the humans turn to be trussed.
  3. He was truly trussed and bound to the tree.
  4. The black lady was trussed up alike a chicken.
  5. Ralph put Tilly, trussed like a chicken, on the floor.
  6. Karla was trussed up with tape in one of his armchairs.
  7. Darren was trussed on his knees in front of the hearth.
  8. Securely trussed, he was disposed of in the same manner.
  9. Or you’ll have a poor girl trussed up and whipped?
  10. Alan was in front of him, dealing with the trussed chickens.
  11. Saldon and Halon were trussed up and secured to the creaking mast.
  12. The two hobbits trussed their small packs, put them on ready for.
  13. Elmer pulled the trussed rear leg up exposing the spotted scrotum.
  14. And then, after the maddened animal was exhausted and firmly trussed.
  15. They were trussed with annealed wire at the wrists, ankles and neck.
  16. Reginald was lying trussed on a cot, gagged and motionless, but alive.
  17. She entered the apartment carrying the shiny box and looked at a trussed up.
  18. But best of all, there was Thomas, trussed up safely in a net, looking very annoyed.
  19. Small dug-out boats came to them, bearing rich fruits and piles of trussed up fowls.
  20. Harald and the pilot lay at her feet, trussed like chickens and menaced by the dog.
  21. She wore a rose in her hair, which was trussed into a wispy knot at the top of her head.
  22. Three metres doesn"t sound far but believe me, when you"re trussed it"s a bloody long way.
  23. In a single motion the intruders pounced on the frozen women and in seconds had them trussed.
  24. The Captain won’t win, said Zach, having scrambled over to where Bryony lay trussed up.
  25. The scarecrow left Bryony trussed up on the ground, and shuffled towards Ma with his scythe raised.
  26. Her wrists were still red and raw after spending hours bound and trussed in the filthy rope netting.
  27. Trussed up with twine and with a scythe blade at her throat, Bryony was in no mood for vegetable puns.
  28. They hadn’t trussed his feet, but it didn’t matter, as the squirrel kept pulling him off balance.
  29. The chicken is trussed; the breast is covered with strips of bacon and put into a deep, thick saucepan.
  30. It was not weak! It was inescapable, Oaktree! You were trussed; the barrel was too high to climb out.
  31. Still trussed up in the net, he hung between two long poles which the goblins carried on their shoulders.
  32. His wings had still been trussed with string as he hopped through the forest, not daring to slow his pace.
  33. After cutting him a bit they trussed him up painfully and he thought he was going to have to watch my execution.
  34. Talaric stepped inside to see Sparky’s mirrored self trussed up in a chair and gagged, with a pair of earphones on his head.
  35. When their breakfast was over, and their packs all trussed up again, it was after ten o'clock, and the day was beginning to turn fine and hot.
  36. I was five metres from my best friend who was trussed up ready to have his neck snapped by two blokes who had already attempted to murder me, and I was doing nothing!.
  37. Sitting on the ground in front of us facing the studio, Scumble"s bulk would conceal his prisoner"s trussed body from the view of anyone who might come round the corner.
  38. They could tell by his tone that contemptuousness was creeping back into his mien and though fat, sloppy and securely trussed, Jack Pappadoupoulis wasn‘t to be taken lightly.
  39. A creature was skewered on the slowly turning spire; a relatively thin torso, with longish legs and arms trussed in to prevent their dangling into the flames licking up from below.
  40. Together with the suited American, the two guards lifted and carried me, trussed like a roasting bird, and carefully laid my body in a metal box underneath the flat bed back of the lorry.
  41. The husband had a heavy basket of vegetables on his back; the wife balanced on her shoulder a long pole bearing several live chickens, trussed; the boy had a heavy ham on his shoulder, and the girl a crock that probably contained salted butter.
  42. As they entered the kitchen, and before the officers could ask what was going on, the trussed man on the floor started swearing and shouting “That bitch nearly killed me!” Seeing Jessica hiding behind the police he added, “Don’t let her fool you, she’s a mad woman! She nearly ripped my balls off the other day, just over a small parking incident!”.
  43. When he had thus largely pleased himself with this branch of dalliance and delight, he trussed up her petticoat and shift, in a wisp to her waist, where being tucked in, she stood fairly naked on every side; a blush at this overspread her lovely face, and her eyes downcast to the ground, seemed to be for quarter, when she had so great a right to triumph in all the treasures of youth and beauty that she now so victoriously displayed.
  1. So were the trusses and roof boards.
  2. The trusses that comprised the ceiling structure were.
  3. The trusses were about eight inches thick and four inches.
  4. The horizontal members of the steel roof trusses were about 2.
  5. Too hard a landing could bend the trusses, and Elizabeth will never move again.
  6. The bridge groaned again, sounding like its metal trusses were crying out in pain.
  7. Stacey had wedged himself up into one of several large cavities between the tall metal trusses.
  8. With Glenelle's eyes he could see thru the trusses of the ship to the broad face of the planet below.
  9. Reuben commented that the ship probably had an exoskeleton instead of central supporting trusses like the Schweitzer did.
  10. The tower roofs contemplate granite, lapped and jointed so as to be weatherproof, laid on iron beams and supported by iron trusses.
  11. Far above, massive carved wooden trusses leaped effortlessly across the shadowy gulf - a sight to render contemplative even the most jaundiced eye.
  12. Nestled between the three reactors attached to the freighter modules was a fourth fusion reactor attached to the center trusses that ran the length of the ship.
  13. One of the issues with the Class Five was that after years of transitions from hyper to standard drive, the metal in the trusses that ran the length of the ship deteriorated.
  14. He took two minutes to spread out his large flag and solidly tie its corners to the trusses, so that any plane overflying the bridge couldn’t miss the flag, then climbed down.
  15. On a litter of mattresses and trusses of straw in the kitchen, which had been converted into an ambulance, there were five men gravely wounded, two of whom were municipal guardsmen.
  16. Anyway, Hamp was hired and he knew what he was doing for he graded the pad off perfect then took his backhoe and dug out the footings for each of the several supports for the trusses.
  17. The roof of the building is to be covered with slate [preferably red], laid on terra-cotta and supported by iron trusses and beams; the iron-work to be protected by a fireproof covering.
  18. CLAIRE’S HOME in Mill Valley is a dream of a house: wood-paneled inside with trusses and beams in the cathedral ceiling, stone floors throughout the open space, and a two-story fireplace.
  19. Immediately forward of the drive units the space frame consists of four large trusses providing separation between the propulsion unit and the aft end of the cargo bays from the old cargo ship.
  20. Looking around him quickly, McDonnel then ran to the superstructures of the bridge’s entrance, climbing up the steel trusses until he stood on one of the horizontal beams linking both side structures.
  21. The bark ridges running up the trunk were as thick as Brice, and though leafless and rotting, the tree reached the apex of the tower's interior, nearly bursting through the arched rib shaped trusses well over twenty stories up.
  22. Nestled between the trusses, the passenger ship portion would be gutted to provide common galleys, schools and the kinds of support that would be more efficient centralized rather than distributed among three freighter modules which were lacking in amenities.
  23. His house from top to bottom is placarded with inscriptions written in large hand, round hand, printed hand: "Vichy, Seltzer, Barege waters, blood purifiers, Raspail patent medicine, Arabian racahout, Darcet lozenges, Regnault paste, trusses, baths, hygienic chocolate," etc.
  24. The size of columns and piers, and the weights imposed upon them, the thrusts of arches and trusses, their proper abutments and ties and other constructional problems have been calculated with a sufficient degree of accuracy to determine the feasibility of the execution of the design according to the drawings.

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