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    1. I've rigged cradles on ships and truss work to get it there

    2. I can jump off and truss the little critter up

    3. chicken and truss the bird, tucking its wing tips under and tying the drumsticks

    4. Fill the chicken with cooked and cooled stuffing, truss the bird and place in clay

    5. The metal in the central truss structure and the beams that hold the modules to it has started to crystallize

    6. Tiny cracks have developed and the truss itself is warped

    7. The third blew open the truss that connected the propulsion system to the rest of the ship and the drive unit crumpled into the body of the ship

    8. Treatment is usually by surgery although there is a truss to prevent the bulge becoming worse in the past

    9. The truss is seldom used in present times

    10. ceiling were hexagonal truss shapes about the same size

    1. Together with the suited American, the two guards lifted and carried me, trussed like a roasting bird, and carefully laid my body in a metal box underneath the flat bed back of the lorry

    2. They trussed him up with

    3. Saldon and Halon were trussed up and secured to the creaking mast

    4. He was truly trussed and bound to the tree

    5. Karla was trussed up with tape in one of his armchairs

    6. Karla was trussed up with tape in one of his armchairs

    7. She wore a rose in her hair, which was trussed into a wispy knot at the top of her head

    8. And then, after the maddened animal was exhausted and firmly trussed

    9. The black lady was trussed up alike a chicken

    10. Trussed up with twine and with a scythe blade at her throat, Bryony was in no mood for vegetable puns

    1. With Glenelle's eyes he could see thru the trusses of the ship to the broad face of the planet below

    2. The bark ridges running up the trunk were as thick as Brice, and though leafless and rotting, the tree reached the apex of the tower's interior, nearly bursting through the arched rib shaped trusses well over twenty stories up

    3. Anyway, Hamp was hired and he knew what he was doing for he graded the pad off perfect then took his backhoe and dug out the footings for each of the several supports for the trusses

    4. The trusses that comprised the ceiling structure were

    5. Far above, massive carved wooden trusses leaped effortlessly across the shadowy gulf - a sight to render contemplative even the most jaundiced eye

    6. Immediately forward of the drive units the space frame consists of four large trusses providing separation between the propulsion unit and the aft end of the cargo bays from the old cargo ship

    7. Reuben commented that the ship probably had an “exoskeleton” instead of central supporting trusses like the Schweitzer did

    8. Nestled between the three reactors attached to the freighter modules was a fourth fusion reactor attached to the center trusses that ran the length of the ship

    9. Nestled between the trusses, the passenger ship portion would be gutted to provide common galleys, schools and the kinds of support that would be more efficient centralized rather than distributed among three freighter modules which were lacking in amenities

    10. Too hard a landing could bend the trusses, and Elizabeth will never move again

    1. The audacity in trussing him like a pig and tormenting him rankled the pompous fat man much more than any fatuous threats

    2. Williams walked over and began trussing the deer up with a coil of rope he produced from his jacket

    3. trussing up my shift as high as it would go, took his turn to feast his eyes

    4. She was, on the Contrary, so juicy and plump that she seem’d bursting thro’ her tight Stays, e’en as the Flesh of the delicious roast Capon was bursting thro’ its sewn Trussing

    5. After trussing the bird rub it with lemon so it will keep of good color; now cover the breast with thin slices of bacon (these can be tied on)

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    truss in English

    strengthen brace fortify improve hold bear supporter prop support beam strut reinforcement tie strap lash fasten tether secure bundle

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    corbel truss bind tie down tie up strengthen brace fortify improve hold bear supporter prop support beam strut reinforcement tie strap lash fasten tether secure bundle