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Chassis в предложении (на )

  1. Picking it up, he looked inside the chassis.
  2. The chassis itself is resting on the river bed.
  3. I think he’s putting a charge under the chassis.
  4. Neat lines of holes opened along the expensive chassis.
  5. The chassis dips with the added weight hanging from the.

  6. Then he took the cutting tool and punched holes in the metal chassis of the plow.
  7. But the momentum of the car’s velocity sent the chassis up and over the barrier.
  8. Yes, Lieutenant! They are actually built around the chassis of the American GMC 2.
  9. It was fixed onto the chassis by two small screws and he didn’t have a screwdriver.
  10. A Land Rover lay near the estuary, burned to a crisp, all the way down to the chassis.
  11. The chassis was used, but the motor was new and it was still in the running-in process.
  12. He checked the mirror, saw the black BMW with the death’s-head stencils on the chassis.
  13. Grobut stared as Stazl removed first one, then another screw from the chassis of the UPS.
  14. Night is settling over the shantytown as the taillights of the Rover -- it’s chassis loaded down with hooch.
  15. Four wheel drive, high chassis and big wheels,—if an old Marmon can’t pull it out, it can’t be pulled.

  16. The Malibu’s engine chassis, far stronger than the car’s hide, started to bear the weight of the SUV’s rear.
  17. He can’t be sure that when he returns, if he returns, his truck won’t be just a charred and hubcapless chassis.
  18. Travis knew the radio unit would be pre-transistor and hoped the old glass tubes, chassis and wiring would not be damaged.
  19. The car that got away from Naglee was found in a ditch off Highway Ninety-Two with about a hundred bullet holes in the chassis.
  20. Max rotated, not the nut! So Max removed his fins, gripped either side of the tire with his knees and with his feet on the chassis, he tried again.
  21. The photo on Sci’s center screen showed the blackened Charger chassis with its signature split-crosshair grille that had somehow survived incineration.
  22. The robust chassis of the Land Cruiser was badly scraped at the rear, but functionally it was unharmed; however, in Habib’s eyes, skin-deep beauty was everything.
  23. You can start with a single unit, without incurring the major expense of a chassis (like that used by modular hubs), and connect additional units as the network grows.
  24. The only possible comfort was in knowing that if all control was lost airbags should inflate all around the chassis, and in a worse case scenario the interior would fill with foam.
  25. Bangura’s combined home and garage and workshop, was littered with spare parts of engines and old chassis, with rusty oil drums almost hidden in the bush which had overgrown most of the land.

  26. His father‘s plow composed of three parts; the long metal piece which attached to the yoke for the horses, the chassis of the plow, which slid along the ground, and the sharp metal blade which cut the earth.
  27. Then you could go down to your local mechanic, tell him what kind of car you want, and three weeks later it would be ready for you as specified… custom built from top to bottom… by components easily fitted and installed; because you would have no huge corporation twisting their chassis so they are different from other models of mass-produced cars.

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