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    1. Some of my friends bought a fabrication shop down in the Gengee, this is the best imitation of an antique ocean racer from our country that we can build

    2. Can a fireman who wants to build a great cavern do that by blasting a solid rock with a fire hose for a week straight, staying up with every bit of energy that he has, holding the hose blasting it at full power

    3. ● Build your customer database

    4. Make sure that you use a variety of methods to build your customer database

    5. If you say you are trying to build a business, you are interested in building a business

    6. Remember, build on a solid foundation so you are

    7. build her confidence and self-

    8. When we find the spot like it on this planet, Kulai and I will build it, and I will invite you

    9. Developing confidence in your ability to solve problems and trusting your instincts helps build resilience

    10. So, to build a bare bones system that includes the above features you would pay about $9450

    11. 2Chl: 2:4: Behold, I build a house to the name of the LORD

    12. The cost to build a Snail Cafe is minimal

    13. foundation where we build our relationship and begin

    14. begin to build your relationship through spending time

    15. Also, because much stress is now psychological or emotional, there's nothing obvious to run away from or fight and so the stress hormones build up in the body with damaging effects

    16. How do we justify the exploitation of poor, wastage of food, raping women, killing people, settling disputes through war, grabbing land to build temples, churches, mosques in God’s name and minting money on the name of faith and so on

    17. The grandparents can build a small library for them from books already in there

    18. They could build a nation with a power grid

    19. My sister could build enough bots to render more metal from Narrulla than there is in your starship

    20. We plan for old age and build house, invest intelligently but if we succumb to love and write away every thing to our children then we are sowing the seed of pain and suffering

    21. The gardener takes a tip from nature and uses this simple method to build the soil’s fertility

    22. Archimedes, after all, wasn't built to build ships

    23. Logically, the tiny robot would have to build a ship and survey the entirety of the world's oceans to get the correct calculations

    24. She had to share a cabin to afford passage to the next port, but the man she picked was more of Kulai's build than Herndon's or Jorma's

    25. It also helped that she was like a super model in looks and build

    26. "Did you build it there or here?" Tahlmute asked

    27. "It was pretty boring here," Ava said, "There wouldn't have been much for you to do and I am so short of fabrication capacity it took awhile to build up enough room for another soul

    28. He was the one who actually helped me develop this contact and taught me enough about the human mind to build it

    29. After all, why build enough substrate for multiple souls if not for the company?

    30. You can build your life

    31. It takes time to build the confidence of others and whether a congregation has elders or not it behooves the preacher to take time

    32. It was soon seen to be a grand undertaking that could build quite a nation before the Kassikan could even learn of its existence because of the primitive state of transportation on this planet

    33. In the Old Testament God told Noah to build an ark

    34. (Genesis 6:14) He never did tell me to build one

    35. " I feel Sabrina's uneasiness build and I try to calm her nerves, "It's alright, he wants to see you

    36. If you build something there, it will probably be small, miserable and illegal

    37. She saw that there were some engineering details to consider and had to build some simulations

    38. If you build a wall, it means that your devotion to your career prevents you from enjoying life

    39. Captain Obvious of the Religious Troop then speaks up with, “This Temple took 46 years to build… You are going to build it in three days?”

    40. better when you want to build core strength, flexibility and

    41. How we build a relationship with ourselves, how we talk to

    42. so they chopped down many trees in the jungle to build a fortress for Lyla to

    43. They also helped build log cabins for the

    44. We could build on Idi Amins efforts by having training centers for Afronauts and setting up launch pads along the equator where space craft can take off

    45. South Africa could develop better relationships with its neighbors by training them with know how to build missile programs to enhance security from forces outside of Africa

    46. The interesting packets were so far apart that it took a long time to build up much information

    47. Herod wanted to build a Greek-styled city on the coast

    48. The problem was, where he wanted to build it, the soil was very swampy and couldn’t be built upon

    49. By draining the coastlines and draining the marshes, he was able to reinforce it with cement, and then build the city known as Caesarea

    50. Herod wanted to build a stadium

    1. If you say you are trying to build a business, you are interested in building a business

    2. He acted like he would have stayed in the studio during the zombie attack if it weren’t for the fact that the building next door was on fire

    3. From here a back hall lead into the kitchen and stairs to the back-office chambers deep in the building

    4. There were three other residences in this level of the building, their entries were along this corridor

    5. Just after the last one, the corridor became a wide and gradual staircase that lead to the floor above and a bridge to a court atop the next building

    6. That building put up four apartment trees from there, with the courtyard between them over the business space below

    7. Once across that court, they went down a shallow flight of steps into the canal-front building

    8. Here the structures of the canal-front only extended to this level, there were no residential trees above the single building that separated the basin from the canal

    9. As soon as they were out onto the plaza atop that building, Yorthops turned east toward the basin and went to the far end and found a table among the lush pots of mushroom ferns they had in the corner

    10. They had built up the skeleton of the building enough so that it could support the several hundred tons of materials and furnishing

    11. Looking through the skeleton of the building, he could see dark clouds approaching in the distance; but where Travis was standing, there was still sun and blue skies

    12. They're about the size of a large house cat, they're called mindunes and there were at least a dozen on the building, including the one on this railing wanting its chin scratched

    13. Or try building a nesting home for owls and other birds

    14. Building strength through exercise is a good first step

    15. It’s in a United Order base hidden within the city in the basement of a building posing as a bank,” Ackers said in one large breath

    16. As Ackers spoke, a three dimensional representation of the building came up on the screen

    17. He zoomed in and out, cycled through the floors of the building and drew X’s and lines through different rooms

    18. Suddenly, she disappeared, and the only thing left on the displays was the three dimensional map of the building

    19. Both doors were ripped off their hinges as they came apart from the building

    20. An activity that brings the young, the middle-aged and the seniors together is much better than a group dedicated only to the interests of the senior citizens, from the point of view of building relationships

    21. “That’s no fun,” he replied as he peered into the building

    22. “There are two sets of stairs and an elevator leading down,” Vinnie said beside Johnny as he consulted a schematic of the building

    23. “Good,” she said as they walked down into the depths of the building

    24. plastic bags, garbage, blocked drains, blocked ‘Nalas’, unauthorized constructions blocking free flow of drain water and sewage and non-removal of materials after building constructions

    25. " He parks in a spot reserved for visitors next to the building

    26. Zitteraal walk out from the administrative building into a large rectangular courtyard surrounded by other buildings

    27. Zitteraal motions to a nearby building

    28. A corridor in the same building

    29. The project also trains local health workers, sensitising them to the needs of older people and building links between the community and service-providers

    30. In one of the windows of the building he just exited, he sees himself, dressed in hospital patient attire, looking out the window

    31. John pulls away quickly, watching the building he just exited, turns out of the parking lot and races down the street

    32. There is a stone patio next to the building overlooking the pounding waves and a couple of local men sit drinking a beer at a plastic table and talking

    33. A few students in white thobes and checkered ghutras loll about the main building

    34. including Russ, John and Bolt, pile off the bus as one of the doors of the building begins to creak open

    35. and crash! The door falls over, shattering glass all over the steps of the building

    36. John pauses, touches some of the big Christmas lights hanging from the building, looks about before entering

    37. low and hazy to begin with but building slowly and surely to the point where Cat

    38. It was a typical small town Garda station; a low squat building with a couple of aged squad cars parked badly outside

    39. The building was a rambling old hangleaf with a good second floor

    40. The second nods at the wall of the photo-ship building

    41. At the edge of the community, they pull up to a long, low concrete-block building roofed with corrugated steel

    42. Russ nods at the back of the building

    43. occupied the frontage of the building

    44. I storm past the girl on reception, ignoring her polite greeting and do my best to slam the door as I leave the building … I’m thwarted by the fact the blasted thing has an automatic door closer, a fact which merely inflames my temper even more

    45. "I like it, thanks for the building site and the installation

    46. It was built in low orbit and could be seen from the ground for it was nearly the size of a hundred story office building

    47. “But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith,

    48. This building put most of the residence about twenty floors above the ground with a courtyard in the center and balconied residential turrets extending out and above that

    49. As the sequence drew closer around the planet and built up more integrations and matches against data files, a better match on that shuttlecraft was building up

    50. The window of my bedroom faces the front of the building so I hear the taxi drive over the gravel and the sound of the two them letting themselves in - judging by the amount of giggling going on, I’d say they have had a good time

    1. All this carbon builds up in the atmosphere, creating a “greenhouse effect” and causing a rise in the earth’s temperatures

    2. The snow builds up, and the weight causes it to pack into the ice and push southward from the north pole and northwards from Antarctica

    3. But it is the victory in this struggle that builds the character of

    4. Unless the corpses are frozen, all the pressure of the impact builds up in this fluid wave inside a body and within a couple thousandths of a second…

    5. King Solomon builds the Temple to the Lord

    6. Many times we read the story and we think, “Oh good for Abraham!” He gets onto the top of the mountain, and builds the altar, and Isaac asks, “Where is the sacrifice?” Abram then says that God will offer the sacrifice

    7. It is possible this is what Jesus was referencing when He said, “If you don’t follow my teachings, it’s like a man who builds his house on the sand

    8. who builds a boat, an Ark,

    9. This mineral builds strong bones and teeth, aids heart action and the clotting of the blood, and helps to establish the correct balance of vitamin D in the body

    10. And remember that animal fats include lard, butter, liver and egg yolk, these so-called saturated fats being high in cholesterol which substance builds up in the arteries and causes untimely ageing

    11. Dave drives on in silence for some minutes as the tension builds between us

    12. She lives in a universe of complete magic tied to ours by that ‘fabricator,’ the device that builds her virtual world out of Narrulla

    13. Shaun is learning the trade, marking time while he builds a future, well aware of the rumours that Jock is getting ready to sell up

    14. The loop builds

    15. The crowd builds up in there before dusk fades

    16. My brother builds houses for a living so he gave me a

    17. Prophecy builds the Church and strengthens it

    18. Church, as God completes His bride and builds His army

    19. As God builds His Church, there will be seasons that He

    20. "Something shocking that's yet to be discovered, basically the wind sways the stem too and fro and this builds up a charge in the flower

    21. Any philosopher builds his

    22. As negative energy builds, your thoughts, speech and actions become more

    23. He also immediately builds more curiosity by removing typical beliefs

    24. And that information builds trust

    25. Flickering torch light illuminated the corpses of varying sizes and builds, and that was about as much as he could discern

    26. This creates a cycle of learning – success with simple tasks builds skills and confidence to try more complex tasks – and results in also trying to solve problems in different ways, prompting creativity

    27. Fourthly, Whole Life Practice builds the skill of becoming tranquil and appreciating the value of that tranquility

    28. It builds the blood and stimulates brain activity

    29. Knowledge builds understanding

    30. For one, who truly receives of Me, has caught the scent of My aroma, and within them a great hunger builds

    31. Vanity is a rope, and pride builds the gallows;

    32. days, that builds into the human spirit the noblest

    33. Plaque is a very soft material, which builds up on the teeth

    34. At Banvasi, in Karnataka, a man complained that every time he builds a

    35. It builds fantastic wealth with total availability through the behavioural change for the production process and use of the resources with elimination of the chain of successive possessions between suppliers and customers

    36. It builds its operational base through the dynamical interaction of the activities with its diverse actuation levels and visions of reaching

    37. Our innovation builds fantastic wealth of products and services and it accomplishes its equable circulation without there is concentration of the income to accomplish the so desired dream of the distributary justice

    38. The interesting point is that this systematics builds the wealth of the nations and of the people; it generates partnership in the competitiveness to the organizations with effective control of the goals and the certainty of the conquest of fantastic results for the development and individual and collective progress

    39. 18 He builds his house as a moth, and as a booth that the keeper makes

    40. Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish one pulls it down with her hands

    41. into a number of entities called objects and then builds data and functions around these objects

    42. Each subsequent spiral builds on the

    43. builds his house by unrighteousness, and his chambers by wrong; that uses his neighbour's service without wages, and gives himself

    44. builds the memory that will sustains you when all else are bleak and


    46. The only things left standing were a few concrete builds, their first and

    47. forgotten his Maker, and builds temples; and Judah has multiplied fenced cities, but I will send a fire on his cities, and it shall devour

    48. 6 It is he who builds his levels into the Heaven, and has founded his troop on

    49. 12 Woe to him who builds a town with blood, and establishes a city by iniquity! 13 See, is it not of the Lord of hosts that the

    50. 8 He who builds his house with other men's money is like one who gathers himself stones for the tomb of his burial

    1. that Abraham built an altar unto the LORD, who

    2. If she wanted the camp she would have just had it built, not snuck the aluminum in my sandal

    3. They had built up the skeleton of the building enough so that it could support the several hundred tons of materials and furnishing

    4. It’s actually ten times faster, and has built in power for circumventing other computer bottlenecks

    5. Whatever had happened to Earth that caused its interstellar signals to cease, the culture that built his daedalus sleepership was as gone as the solid fuel chemical booster by the time those signals ceased

    6. They built a megalopolis of a hundred million around that, using animal carts and sailboats

    7. "So you built that camp with it, anything else?"

    8. In the mad rush of things we have built a culture of ‘instant’

    9. I mean, why ever should she act now when she's moved on … built a new life for herself

    10. "You said he built his wealth by stealing the detents out of hospital carts

    11. Of course, the reason the workers were like that was because they were androids, built for accomplishing tasks and not for looking realistic

    12. She built the fire back up once she got back

    13. Archimedes, after all, wasn't built to build ships

    14. He was built to solve mathematical equations and predict the outcome of certain events

    15. To the naked eye, a human would think that Archimedes had built his ship poorly

    16. Tiny Robot Archimedes, however, had built his ship efficiently enough so that it would traverse the extent of his vision of the ocean: 2

    17. Cultivate the realisation that eternity is long and that that which is slowly built up endures forever

    18. I saw the other candidate and, without wanting to sound big headed, there really was no argument! She was built like a brick privy, as the saying goes!

    19. As we walk through the entrance into the house – a pretty mansion originally built in the middle ages and rescued from dereliction early in the 20th century – he gives himself a little shake

    20. That spring we’d built a little garage in our back yard and I was

    21. The station had been built for the smaller generations of the past

    22. We built a nest way up, at least a hundred feet from the ground

    23. "Because it was first used to move great boulders, I built the whole thing for one project, a canal project I think

    24. It was getting pretty cold and they had built up the fire pretty high

    25. That sound did not die away but was replaced by a scream and roar that built in volume

    26. It looked like an old Brazilian design that was still built up until the days of her mortal childhood

    27. It was believed that this system was originally built around 3200bc

    28. She could amuse herself exploring all the outdoors that Ava had built up

    29. The ship was built when the first human simulates were running in China

    30. It was built in low orbit and could be seen from the ground for it was nearly the size of a hundred story office building

    31. This ship was built in an era when some humans retained the idyllic fantasy that flesh and blood mortals had remained in control of civilization

    32. It's written for cherons, I built a whole hierarchy from the base up, I didn't use any of the standard derived classes of cherubs, not even pets

    33. They built with the abandon of someone discovering a new magic

    34. As the sequence drew closer around the planet and built up more integrations and matches against data files, a better match on that shuttlecraft was building up

    35. i have built my faith this way

    36. their God, and they built them high places in all their cities, from the tower of the watchmen to the fenced city

    37. So”, replied MacKenzie, gesturing at the thick stone walls of his cell, “you built all

    38. "This ship is built for one thing and it isn’t survivability

    39. As he triple-checked his gunner’s load and ammo feed, he said, "Those Squidies all got propulsion built in their suits

    40. " That was no doubt a dusty pitted hulk for it was over two and a half centuries old by now, built of bulk aluminum and steel using big bolts

    41. I started to shake and tears broke through the dam of sullen resistance that I had built up during these last few days of torture

    42. My dreams of achieving true rapport with The Kid were built on foundations of sand

    43. I turned from the madness of rebellion built on the unstable foundations of solitary impotence and started to want to live

    44. I’d been told he had a view but … wow! This row of houses is built over halfway up the side of the hill overlooking the village and is considerably higher than I’d anticipated

    45. All things considered, it was much nicer than I thought; the asram has been improved a lot since 1992: A spacious cottage has been built to the west, and another one is under construction nearby

    46. He built a 3D model and was able to account for every cubic inch of the ship

    47. He could look around the room, something built

    48. It was a pretty good imitation of what he would have liked back home, a sprawling ranch built out of earthenware blocks with a tile and beam roof

    49. It was built to get here fast

    50. Just the fact that his home was proudly built out of cut timber and earthenware block was enough to mark it as foreign

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