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Soma в предложении (на )

  1. TO: Students of SOMA.
  2. Welcome to SOMA, Massie Block.
  3. I think that the place was called Café Soma.
  4. Soma Chandra ignored them while he scooped out a bit of the.
  5. Soma Chandra, you are guilty of sedition and moral incontinence.

  6. Indra was right in supposing that Soma might sense their accession.
  7. Momentarily Soma arrived, floating above the epicenter of this disaster.
  8. Following several related questions from other bird-men, Soma Chandra (who.
  9. Perhaps Berunni has forgotten that Soma is the Devata entrusted with the.
  10. Regis Hotel at the corner of Third and Mission in the vibrant SoMa district.
  11. Shortly following those momentous events and when the ashes had settled, Soma.
  12. Soma had felt it necessary to underline their scheme with an indispensable caveat:.
  13. Massie Block was standing in the courtyard of the prestigious school, SOMA, or School of Musical Arts.
  14. Soma had complied with this order on the assurance that neither Kali-Ma nor her Yoginis would interfere with his plans.
  15. Those negotiations were brief since Soma had foreseen as much and hence proffered to favor the three of them with Amrita.

  16. My best guess is that Kama gave you a charm of the same kind that Soma has used to maintain Lady Tara at his beck and call.
  17. How would you suggest I proceed now that I’ve resolved to reunite the three tribes and mobilize them in favor of Soma?
  18. YUKI’S DATE WAS SITTING next to her in a booth at Renegade, an elegant waterfront restaurant in SoMa with a full view of the Bay Bridge.
  19. Now they were at Town Hall in SoMa, the former Marine Electric Building, one of the best places around for casual dining with a sophisticated twist.
  20. During the interval in which the last battle took place Soma had restored the wing of his palace damaged when Ashura and Yogini crossed swords earlier.
  21. Viswava had taken his contingent ahead to play the part of scouts and for the second time in as many nights Soma shrouded the Devata’s hemisphere with uttermost darkness.
  22. Soma may not be changed but our perception and our attitude can be shaped anew by bombarding ourselves with positive and up building thoughts and practice thought stopping when negative memories or painful messages flood our consciousness.

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