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    1. I readjusted myself to this “new time” and the day continued without event until we agreed to meet for an evening meal at 1900

    2. · Ability to meet the demands of life by handling problems as they come

    3. Thank you for the pie and it was lovely to meet you, Curtis

    4. but still He expect us to meet the standard of uprightness

    5. I have this friend who believes that we always meet the same people in every lifetime

    6. The way I see it, every stranger we meet could potentially be the beginning of a relationship

    7. From there we can formulate where the United Order is most likely to meet to try and use the Super Chip

    8. Pleasure to meet you

    9. Wait until you meet the rest of the team,” Ackers said ominously

    10. 2Chr: 15:2: And he went out to meet Asa, and said unto him, Hear ye me, Asa, and all Judah and Benjamin; the

    11. They meet fellow-devotees and withdraw from an interest in worldly matters, except those of the family and close relations

    12. Their interest slowly dwindles, but the engagements continue so that they can pass time, meet people and feel wanted

    13. Senior Citizens who meet a wider cross-section of people are more likely to have healthy relationships than those who move in a closed circle

    14. The demand for electric power, petrol, diesel, gas, wood and manufactured materials is so high that we are forced to destroy the environment to meet the demands of the current population while making the future bleak for the coming generations

    15. Splashing cold water on my face in an attempt to perk myself up, I prepare to meet the day

    16. Scar forced himself to look back up and meet her cold, hard gaze

    17. Find out the nest egg that will be required to meet your retirement needs

    18. You should think about going out somewhere … it might do you good to meet up with some of your friends, Stephen, it’s a long time since you did anything social

    19. ‘I’d like to meet her

    20. He probably shouldn’t wait, but he wanted to meet her

    21. The secluded point to which one withdraws, is found to lie within oneself; the silent place in which the life of the soul is contacted is that point within the head where soul and body meet

    22. ‘I’ll meet you in the corridor in a mo

    23. that we’ll meet again

    24. Jamil stares dumbly at his fist, then his eyes meet John’s which are filled with fire and fury

    25. ‘I am sure you will meet her sometime, Emma, I have been given strict instructions that my family are to visit me as often as they like

    26. ‘She’s keen to meet you too, Molly

    27. So this was how the map worked, you go to the '+' and we'll come meet you

    28. I meet Stephen’s gaze over her head; he looks worried

    29. She learned to control her lusts so that she could meet with the mortals, taking advice

    30. So listen, nice to meet you and all, but I need to close up shop here if that's it?"

    31. This was close enough to what she and Morg promised each other wasn't it? If we meet again after this separation, they would give each other fully

    32. Who else is there? Oh yes, I expect you’ll meet Harvey Wadsworth … he’s a nuisance, fancies himself a bit

    33. ‘Lovely to meet you, Liz, after hearing so much about you

    34. ‘Nice to meet you

    35. ‘Jacqui meet Liz

    36. let's meet us on the other side

    37. ment, and take with her the love that still exists and may meet

    38. The two meet face to face with death

    39. to meet with the woman I love

    40. My friends are getting harder and harder to meet

    41. those men whom they feel meet the qualifications of the eldership

    42. This is how I made a new instance of something called sanity, how I reshaped my right mind to meet the needs of a madman

    43. I occasionally meet Mandy (aunt Hermione's extremely boring niece: the only thing she does is answer ''yes'' or ''no'' to my questions), Lena (an incredibly dull, married hen: I visit her once a week, and as soon as I get there she starts helping her sons with their homework; she won't stop until I leave) or Persephone (rather depressed, yet she is the only one with whom I have something to discuss)

    44. Anyway, I don't know if the would-be groom believed me; however, we agreed to meet again two days later and go for a swim at “a nice, isolated beach in Kavouri”, as George suggested

    45. Constantine Square on time, expecting to meet George at 6:30 pm

    46. The men of the congregation can meet and

    47. ‘Ah, nice to meet you Kate at long last – I’ve heard a lot about you

    48. Elders should meet with them periodically

    49. In those congregations which do not yet have a plurality of men who meet the Scriptural

    50. I had almost forgotten about it until yesterday afternoon, when she called me and we arranged to meet in the centre of Athens this evening

    1. "Why were you on the Brother's Formidable?" he asked about meeting her on that ship

    2. We simply use a clock and a calendar as a way of meeting up at specific moments of our life

    3. I recently rang the Hospital to arrange a meeting to clarify a number of points – arranging this transpired to be more difficult than I had ever 35

    4. She really hoped he didn't know her intimately, that was going to complicate the designs her loins already had on this meeting

    5. It was only more recently that she’d starting nagging him about getting married and meeting her parents

    6. I watch him as he crosses the room; avoiding meeting my eyes, he plants a kiss on my cheek

    7. He briefly toyed with the idea of convening a council meeting but knew how contentious that could be if aluminum was flashing in the area

    8. The Kassikan seldom sent a representative to the Annual Meeting of the council here in Gengee City

    9. ’ He said, meeting my somewhat belligerent gaze calmly

    10. ’ Emma said emphatically, ‘I’m looking forward to meeting her in the flesh, she sounds like quite a lady

    11. Meeting Emma is obviously something he is nervous about

    12. He yawned then asked "What time are we meeting her?"

    13. Some still glanced at the sunset the Haadij had selected for this meeting, but all had seen many like it at meetings during the crossing

    14. meeting his true love

    15. This meeting was the grand assembly of the Haadij

    16. This was a big formal public meeting held with all crewmen present

    17. ’ Rose tells me one morning as I angst at her about the forthcoming meeting I have with the Trustees

    18. This meeting is the crunch point; once this meeting is out of the way, I shall feel better

    19. business meeting where some were masters and others were slaves and the master giving

    20. I sent off my report as requested but haven’t heard anything from Brenda other than the information that I shall be required at the meeting at a certain time along with directions of how to find the place

    21. Poor old Nick gets it all when he calls round one evening just before the meeting

    22. Somewhat self-consciously, I relate at length how well the meeting went, how impressed the Trustees appeared to be and everything

    23. At one time I attended a business meeting and although I do not know all the past history of the congregation it seemed evident to me that some were still licking their wounds These matters ought to be dealt with initially on an individual basis and not be allowed to create havoc in a meeting of the congregation

    24. consensus of most present (business meeting) that we would go ahead with some plans

    25. once they are out of the meeting they will talk about the matter and it sows discord among the brethren

    26. Have your say in the business meeting but do it in love When emotions begin to take precedent over reason and (God's truth) then the business meeting can turn into a

    27. An eldership will be wise to have meetings with the men of the congregation and sometimes the ladies to get some input on certain issues but even then care must be taken to keep the meeting above

    28. To facilitate the decisions that are made in a business meeting it would seem

    29. * Important side note: The local preacher as a part of the business meeting is to have no more "voting power" than any other man of the congregation but remember he should be allowed equal input

    30. Moamar had to go thru the formalities of the meeting within a meeting

    31. Bahkmar noticed most people in this meeting opened new notebooks for it

    32. Theoretically he was not attending the meeting he was supporting because he was on duty

    33. The meeting went late, until the full moon was getting high over the ruins of Susa

    34. When he was not in a meeting, or otherwise on duty, Bahkmar was sometimes allowed to forget the woes of Haad politics and retire to his private quarters

    35. Majority rule is where more than half of the men in a business meeting vote or somehow

    36. " Not every man who is a Christian is qualified either by age, experience or meeting those things set forth in the New Testament

    37. As we munch our way through our slices of cake, Nick explains that the Troubadours won’t be meeting again until the New Year when we’ll start looking at the Easter production

    38. Minutes of business meeting should be read to the church

    39. It's been about two months I have been meeting Helen Tandoulou and Helen Tanagra quite often

    40. Anyway, I came over here to ask about the council meeting, you're not on duty for this one are you?"

    41. For some months now I have been meeting Christina on the bus to work every day

    42. He was glad he got that done for the last meeting and it was still viable crystal

    43. Bahkmar knew the meeting was being broken up and that the Haadij was involved

    44. As he took down the apparatus for the meeting a couple hours later, he felt let down

    45. Having women in the business meeting exposes them to the

    46. The offer of a meeting with a Catholic priest

    47. then open the meeting for questions from the public

    48. At the first meeting I took with me several translations of the Bible

    49. At that meeting I

    50. It occurs to me maybe Helen is lying and sabotaged my meeting with George, yet I prefer to suppress this suspicion quickly

    1. He meets my eyes

    2. Dust in places such as attic, crawl spaces, around outside house where wood meets the ground or other moisture

    3. Persa keeps mentioning names of old schoolmates whom, as she says, she meets on the road by chance and they become best friends at once

    4. Now, there is more that meets the eye here

    5. She meets my gaze and I can read very plainly just how unpleasant she finds the concept

    6. where late night meets the crawl of emerging city streets,

    7. where brick meets cold earth by a fringe of grass

    8. Wiesse meets us at the gate as we return to the villa

    9. "I don't care where she meets him, and I don't really care who she meets

    10. meets the powdery sand to create perfect waves

    11. “I think Yellelle has more to do with Thom’s discoveries than meets the eye

    12. scientific proof that there is more to you than meets

    13. Wonder what’s going to happen when she meets Cordra’s husband? I pondered as I walked away

    14. ‘Eventually, it meets up with the other path

    15. This meets with their approval; they dash off upstairs to tell Katie

    16. them meets a girl there

    17. With powder sand beaches and lush green mountains, banyan trees and volcanic outcrops, this is where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic in a sheltered cove of calm shores and beautiful coral

    18. Vatreel got a grip on the yandrille where the frame meets the control panel

    19. He lifted that and got his hand under the stand where the block meets the seat post

    20. After a little while Khume Lvateiya meets a streetcar tunnel

    21. ‘I think there’s more to this than meets the eye

    22. On the opposite end of the spectrum a similar phenomenon takes places while life goes on forever and ever, in an endless loop, where the past meets the present and goes on with its incessant renewal and evolution

    23. This is where pity meets technology:

    24. Meets ovum, with a metaphor for the metaphorical: Happy, sad, angry, afraid: with a sudden insight: An eyesore spots the light at the end of the tunnel…

    25. “Very well, I’ll make it clear that Odysseus only meets the shade of Heracles

    26. with your company and your product, not only meets but exceeds their

    27. It refers to the point where the conscious mind meets the subconscious

    28. Satisfaction of this goal meets two basic needs: relatedness to others and demonstration of competence

    29. skills will enjoy the competition levels, which range from club meets to national

    30. Hence, there will come a time when the spirit meets such a group of beings who will help with its spiritual growth, by offering guidance or advice

    31. The board of directors meets once a month to discuss the budget

    32. that meets your prospects wants and needs, you won’t have a

    33. However, if you have a product that meets their needs but your

    34. Usually the something bad is the club head turning as it meets the golf ball, with the ball careening almost one hundred and eighty degrees from the golfer

    35. It means Israel, the only state in the region that meets the president"s criteria for „self-determination," – an honest judiciary; an independent media; credible political parties; free and fair elections – must now negotiate its fate with those who want none of the above things

    36. Chapter 17 - The Shenandoah Meets the Milo

    37. There’s a lot more to her than meets the eye, and I wanted her to keep a hold of that

    38. He thought for a moment, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity…

    39. When the truth behind some proposition cannot be properly ascertained or supported by fact, opinion must serve as the final arbiter, provided it meets the (litmus) requirements of feasible plausibility

    40. Where Heaven meets the earth and The Eternal dwells with men

    41. Unfortunately, the drizzling and, at times, heavy rain of the first day interfered with our determination as tourists and deprived us from appreciating the night life of that stunning city, such as enjoying the sunset in one of the bars in front of Sentosa Island, or observing the nocturnal animals in the only Night Safari in the world, or participating in many other entertaining and instructive opportunities which can be found in the late evening in that large attractive modern city where East happily meets West and where the old and the new harmoniously mingle in a dramatic contrast of style and substance

    42. And of course the winners get to re-write history endlessly until it meets the needs of their mythology

    43. “Well, you certainly have more about you than meets the eye Hilderich D’Augnacy

    44. We could, after all, require that people not drive a car until it meets emission specifications, maybe even requiring that engines be replaced with newer, clean engines or scrapping the old cars

    45. Uncle Wes had rock star messy hair that was the Beatles meets Bon Jovi

    46. The search for a different interpretation, or understanding of an alternate acceptable behavior pattern that will overcome their reservations, can take many forms but inevitably meets with opposition from those whose authority governs and preserves the traditional dogma, or understanding

    47. When he touches me, I feel like everywhere his skin meets mine is changed by the connection

    48. Peter looks over his shoulder, and his gaze meets mine, just for a second

    49. These karmic imprints determine the quality of the next life, and some of the karma carried over will also come to fruition in this next life when it meets the appropriate conditions

    50. Christophe meets his girlfriend, as well as future-wife, in pre-

    1. There were only fifty million males in the whole urban universe of the Yakahn, and practically all of them that he had ever met, knew Venna intimately

    2. I'll invite some of the guys I've met there out to point beach sometime

    3. Since I first went north I met many guys that might have turned me into a farmer or a sailor or a financier, and I was infatuated with them partly for the romance of being someone new

    4. think this conversation is wise?” as I had images of being met by friendly armed police units at the station

    5. What a very strange man he was, apparently he insists on wearing hats indoors and would only answer to the name “Famous Author” even though nobody I have met has ever heard of him!

    6. But yeah, we’ve met

    7. "I never met Ava but I knew Tdeshi

    8. The first day he had ever met Kira, she had been wearing a pair of large clown trousers and a combat jacket, hair having been cropped off with scissors in a fit of self-protective misery after being the victim of yet another sexual assault

    9. He kept pining away for a blond girl he spent only one sleep with who was only passing thru Sinbara didn't he? The one he met just before Ava

    10. He hadn't met her yet, but she was practical and could cook and helped a little with the garden and had a nice enough body and wanted to play with his

    11. When we met in secret, he confessed to me that Sarah did not want him to associate with me anymore

    12. It was already getting warm as the rays of Kortrax met them full in the face

    13. The 'magic wand' principal was all I knew about starship engines before I met you

    14. That girl Ava you met, was born in Sinbara at the end of the 55th

    15. "I'll say I met your ex, you've told me more about him in the past year than you have about yourself

    16. I feel like I've met him anyway

    17. Were he a native he would have caressed her bottom also, she had not yet met one who wouldn't if they were a former lover or even applying to be a lover

    18. I met Vera in the fish section of the market while staring at the slack-jaw face of a salmon

    19. When she lived with Herndon, she had met Kulai only professionally

    20. "Yeah, some redhead we met on the way down here with a sexual appetite much more in line with Jorma's

    21. "But what would she want with an iron a year? She was on a nice passenger ship when we met, that voyage was close to copper by the time all was said and done

    22. "I can't very well go up to them, this man Jorma has never even met me

    23. The waters rose above the chimney and the man drowned and went to heaven where he met God

    24. Though it met its mark, he'd not tightened the drawstring the full amount

    25. The physical, social and spiritual needs of the children were to be met by the entire community with values inculcated by the elders

    26. "No," she said, "I've been in touch with one of the guys I met while migrating north, actually he's been in touch with me

    27. ’ He said, ‘Never met it before

    28. During lunch she met his current partner, a lithe, orchre-skinned Elf woman who was fascinated with his alien culture

    29. The waters rose above the chimney and the man was drowned and went to heaven where he met God

    30. doostEr knew of the immigrants from a far-away star, had even met and done business with a couple of them

    31. I met a Sikh gentleman over the summer who said something to this effect about religion

    32. I never knew she was sort-of famous when I met her, she found that refreshing

    33. I’ve never met her, though we have spoken on the phone … and I thought it might help if I could go round and perhaps talk to her

    34. He met my mother there when they were both in their twenties

    35. A bit shocked, Al Snafu peers with concern at John, trying to remember where they might have met

    36. Personally doostEr was more comfortable with the Brazilians he had met than some who lived out here on the sear plains

    37. So far this particular establishment was fine, but he'd been put off by some herdsmen he'd met in the past

    38. There it would be too obvious if he met someone

    39. When we first met in Kiev, he said: “I

    40. "No doubt, I've met some who are better than me but somehow I bet Juleel is not one of them and neither were the two we met

    41. I could have sworn Molly told me that she met his father somewhere in Dorset

    42. "The day before we met," Estwig said

    43. He was not one of the two Brazilians he had met, but he was big and barrel-chested like them

    44. He hadn't met her yet

    45. He had always met her in company and just missed engaging, somehow, for the whole 9 months of his study term

    46. In this data system she had met people five thousand Earth years old

    47. They met when they were

    48. It was a long time, an epoch or more, since they had last met, this

    49. Wates when I first met him in the

    50. "My son Rocco met Sammy only recently

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    Synonyms for "meet"

    meet sports meeting encounter play take on conform to fill fit fulfil fulfill satisfy adjoin contact touch come across run across run into see suffer assemble foregather forgather gather get together converge receive fitting competition tournament contest match meeting suitable appropriate apt proper suited befitting join unite come together intersect connect cross confront face front come upon close oppose jostle gratify comply with settle answer discharge collect congregate convene muster agree concur conjoin

    "meet" definitions

    a meeting at which a number of athletic contests are held

    come together

    get together socially or for a specific purpose

    be adjacent or come together

    fill, satisfy or meet a want or need or condtion ro restriction

    collect in one place

    get to know; get acquainted with

    meet by design; be present at the arrival of

    contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle

    experience as a reaction

    undergo or suffer

    be in direct physical contact with; make contact

    being precisely fitting and right