screw sätze

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Screw sätze (in englisch)

Faces screw up in pain.
A screw up in our favor.
They have a screw loose!.
Where did I screw up?
Screw it, he’d still leave.
Don’t screw with my family.
Don’t try to screw with us.

I screw up my nose in distate.
I hope I didn’t screw it up.
Screw you, I spat at her.
And then screw out the other.
Screw this waiting around crap.
I never want to screw that up.
Most of all, don’t screw up.
Screw Miss Zinn and screw Anya.
Angered now by the pesky screw.
Maybe he could screw it all up.
Do you have a screw loose?
Probably an accounting screw up.
We can’t screw around with her.
The output washer and screw head.
Screw the fire! They need me!.
I'm not a triple screw propeller.
I don’t want to screw things up.
I like to screw beside the chimney.
Screw her and her smelly house: I.
Does that screw up the mission?
They screw into holes and seal them.
Next, screw the cabinets to the wall.
Stocks were not created to screw them.
Molly said, He could screw us all up.
Screw Walt and his stupid prejudices.
There was no more room for screw ups.
One screw up and he’d be voted off.
Step 5: Use snap to screw the battery.
No, Linda, I didn't screw that woman.
Don't screw it up this time, Sebastian.
Nobody was attempting to screw with my.
Screw him; he is lucky I even showed up.
Wilks proceeded to screw it into a ball.
He was screwing with me.
He was screwing with my head.
Was he screwing with me now?
He was just screwing with us.
She must be screwing with him.
Is he still screwing you?’.
He was screwing you, wasn’t he?
You’re screwing the rest of us up.
I had no intentions of screwing with him.
Within minutes he and Esther were screwing.
So why was he screwing up so badly lately?
There was much less worry about you screwing.
I’m not screwing this up, Sebastian!.
They are screwing us over, and I want to know why.
He was pacing and a frowning, screwing his face up.
The screwing up! Aach! But what did it matter, now.
He really didn’t have any time for screwing around.
The last by a cute little Czech woman he was screwing.
Gee, mon, he said, screwing up his brow in thought.
Max didn’t press, figuring Mitch was screwing with him.
Lordy Momma! Here I was screwing Minnie Mouse and falling.
She’s probably screwing some guy from one of these bars.
That brought all screwing to a complete halt and led to an.
Now stop screwing around with these plates and let me help.
Doctors repeatedly screwing him up… That sort of thing.
The Baroness went on screwing up her mouth and shaking her head.
You were screwing her - right Ted? Thats what Terry told me.
She’d had to earn her daily bowl of gruel by screwing a never.
Me neither, Terrie answers, screwing up her face in thought.
Then I’m up and through an open exit, screwing on the old face.
These aliens were screwing themselves up because they preferred to.
Mother stands still, her pale face screwing up as she glares at John.
The parents obviously had no idea their son was screwing his teacher.
First of all, you should probably stop screwing watermelons and sheep.
That liquid is vile! she said, wheezing and screwing up her face.
Screwing around with which is what got this friend of mine in trouble.
He was still screwing his waitresses and still running his restaurants.
This is screwing ma mind! Is this never going to end?, Alcor cried.
Hey Daisuke! He said enthusiastically while screwing another panel.
When these genius types run out of work they start screwing with each.
Max screwed up his face.
I had really screwed up.
Sampson screwed up his face.
Vinnie knew he was screwed.
Who cares? They screwed us.
Then they screwed me anyway.
Granddad screwed up his face.
She screwed on the silencer.
If she screwed this up would.
Life says you screwed Death.
And she screwed up big-time.
Screwed refusing to pay his fare.
On 31 March 2012, he screwed a 3.
Andre's face screwed up confusion.
Gun…? He screwed his brow.
She screwed up her face in thought.
Her face was screwed up with anger.
His eyes are screwed shut against.
The only question was how screwed.
His face was screwed in disbelief.
Gary was beyond screwed and knew it.
That the SFPD screwed up, of course.
Barker screwed up his face in thought.
Something was screwed in his kingdom.
You weren't there when he screwed up.
Rodney had his head screwed on right.
He screwed a silencer onto the barrel.
Diggory screwed up his face in disgust.
He popped the case, and screwed the cue.
Her people could die if she screwed up.
Otherwise, both of us would be screwed.
Tom screwed up his eyes to look at Zach.
It was the feeling of having screwed up.
Clara had screwed another man after all.
He screwed it up and dropped it on the.
But things got screwed up by the ash.
She screwed up her face in concentration.
Jock has really screwed it up this time.
In other words, I was screwed once again.
The screws used a six point star bit.
A few screws were missing on this one.
His face screws up in tortured thought.
If he screws himself up to go, he'll.
John screws up his face after he drinks.
Within seconds, she had three screws out.
She screws her eyes shut and starts to sob.
Your headmaster has several screws undone.
The panel was held in place by four screws.
Ensure all screws are tightened before use.
There are only screws holding this grate.
I sighed and dug into the box of screws again.
William shows up, screws up his plans and then.
The device had thumb screws that lengthened the.
Steel components such as handles, screws, hinges etc.
I will have to put some screws and a plate in there.
If that screws up, the whole crew will be in deep shit.
But even after this was done the two screws still held.
Remove outlet covers/switch plates (put the screws back).
He turned to the screws and told them who was after him!.
Too late, she realised she should have used longer screws.
She screws her eyes tightly shut and tries not to remember.
Jefferies walked into the office and joined the other screws.
When the advantage of his screws was added to that equation.
Found a screw-driver and some screws on the wash-hand stand.
Besides that, when given a chance to put the screws to that.
Then he selected the necessary screws and nails from the bag.
The screws that held down the lid had been covered over with.
With screws and pins in my ankles, that poses a fair challenge.
He adjusted the thumb screws until it snugly pulled on his worm.
Smiling, he inserts the thing into my turret and screws it in.
He ripped it off the desk and quickly zipped the four screws out.
Hacker (Chief Torturer, and Purveyor of Novelty Thumb Screws).
Greg removed three of the screws with a battery powered screw gun.
Three of the four screws were the six point star that Greg expected.
Here is one of the many areas where the government really screws you.
There were several leaves and loose screws on the inside of the vent.
The screws check them as they go through the gate but not thoroughly.
The same with the screws, springs, and plates that held them in place.
I pulled a screwdriver out and undid the screws on the side of the CPU.

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