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Flashy in a sentence

A flashy knight moved forward.
That explains the flashy suit.
Everything he had was new, but it was not flashy.
It’s not time for flashy banners and buy now buttons.
Because we didn’t have any need for flashy navies then.
Aside from his sole ring his clothes were trendy but no flashy.
Not a flashy aircraft, but a very expensive luxury nonetheless.

Your first plan should be to ditch that flashy car, said One.
But, for all her paint and flashy clothes, she was buxom and almost.
Like its mistress’s attire, the room is elegant but not flashy in any way.
If you have a flashy, involved top section at the top of each of your website.
They’re full of brawn and macho crap and flashy bollocks and not much else.
I WAS BEING INTERVIEWED at a restaurant for a flashy, nationally circulated magazine.
Rosie arrived a little later, flashy and glamorous, and I introduced her to Djamila.
She could still remember the day Inacio abandoned his true home for a flashy future.
Grab their interest with a flashy statement; exaggerate a little, hell, exaggerate a lot.
Don’t settle for the flashy, magnetic personality with nothing underneath to back it up.
You and those flashy F-151 Bitzers have speed, maneuverability a decent sensor package….
At least the hair on his head; trimmed and with a short crest in the center, was less flashy.
I tried to temper their tendency towards the elaborate and flashy that seemed to attract them.
Looking up at the flashy building towering over me, I consider searching every room in the hotel.
I smile and line a few choice bottles up on my counter, and try my hand at pouring high and flashy.
Still, such comparisons might mislead, for no man was more incapable of flashy make-believe than Mr.
Maybe he was still here, alongside the man whose name is plastered in big flashy letters on the door.
This bike wasn’t as flashy as the Ducati—a matte black colour, shorter in length and not as shiny.
Like its power tools, Emerson was never flashy, but it was reliable—and showed no sign of overheating.
The flashy stripes and epaulets threw me off so I had no clue this big black man was only a security guard.
Nothing very flashy or stylistic just stomping like a soldier in a combat zone while swaying from side to side.
Underwood had bought a flashy, new car, a convertible I believe, and was showing it all off to his girlfriends.
He weighed about two hundred pounds, wore very nice clothes, but not flashy, and loved spending time on his boat.
With his neat appearance, accompanied by the flashy car, the vivacious females drew closer with each passing step.
He wasn’t dashing or flashy, but he was handsome once she’d talked him into wearing contacts and buying nice suits.
Not because of the gifts, and not because of the flashy, expensive paper, but for the joy it brings to everyone involved.
These firms spent millions of dollars on flashy advertising that goaded their customers into trading more and trading faster.
He let them fly with flashy swordsmanship and more quotes from The Princess Bride as the pair of them circled around the refreshment tables.
The havtrol lay dead at the feet of a young female elf, dressed in the flashy robes of a dominator, the most dangerous of Anduain spell-casters.
They were not so interested in having the flashy car in their driveway and owning a shore home and driving around the shore line in an $80,000 boat.
He was heavily tanned, had brown hair that curled below his ears, a square jaw, and a flashy smile that would melt the heart of the coldest spinster.
And so she did, after a while, and of all people to that flashy fellow Edward Montmorency, the last sort of man he would have imagined she could endure.
Right then I was glad Sydney had talked me into wearing that flashy dress, because from what I could see, the stranger’s expression was more than a little admiring.

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