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Cheesy in a sentence

It sounded cheesy.
Yes, this sounds cheesy.
one of the cheesy kind,.
cheesy if it wasn't his last.
God, that was a cheesy movie.
He has this cheesy 80’s ring tone.
He flashed a cheesy smile at Higgins.

The teacher on duty was Cheesy Chambers.
I love that flick, as cheesy as it is.
As cheesy as that sounds, and yes I know.
God it sounds cheesy being called that! Lovers!.
The corners of his mouth turned up in a cheesy grin.
She smiled with the same cheesy grin and showed him.
He opened his mouth, and she tasted his cheesy breath.
Carter's hand and then looked at his own cheesy cup of.
I watched him closely, as he picked at his cheesy fries.
like one of those cheesy beds in hotels where you put a quarter.
that cheesy shit, and then I rolled my eyes and groaned on the.
Cheesy title and Joe is long dead, but that was the very first.
lonely hearts club [groan: cheesy Beatles’ reference: I would.
He just looked over at me with a cheesy grin and didn’t answer.
Jack always said the nicest things, and not in Mike’s cheesy way.
All it needs is some cheesy seventies music and you’d have a party.
Its cheesy chimes lost their charm when the button was pressed incessantly.
That cheesy bit of cosmetic enhancement probably cost twenty grand at least.
Cheesy because of the smell of his bare feet through ill-ventilated sandals.
Usually saying that would sound really cheesy, but it only made my heart swell.
Hey, here’s Godzilla, and Mothra; this must be the cheesy Japanese section.
toys and posters with cheesy messages like 'I am the boss' adorned the walls of.
Have we had enough yet? you ask her with that patented cheesy grin you wear.
Dont have to go that far to find cheesy, she smirks, then rubs Peters head.

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Synonyms for cheesy

bum cheap cheesy chintzy crummy punk sleazy tinny