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Cheap in a sentence

That cheap ass.
a cheap used one.
Done on the cheap.
with a cheap feel.
do not come cheap.
Whey is as cheap.
They are not cheap.

it was a cheap shot.
and serve as cheap.
Grace is not cheap.
are just being cheap.
It was a cheap shot.
and for cheap prices.
Isn't that cheap?.
But words were cheap.
Cheap guitar string.
Guardsmen came cheap.
The rent was cheap,.
It's not as cheap as.
you have done is cheap.
I try to travel cheap.
We don’t work cheap.
Cheap companies that.
and would not be cheap.
cheap knock down stuff.
At least it was cheap.
was an easy, cheap lock.
Cheap no-one would buy.
Sold him cheap, he did.
and other cheap fiction.
They aren't that cheap.

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