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Crummy in a sentence

Crummy, pathetic seconds.
worked in a crummy bakery.
It was a crummy line, but I fancied you.
fact, I worked harder with the crummy one).
was too polluted, overcrowded and too crummy a.
The fight at hand was so crummy it was almost funny.
Thankfully, Bob and I were able to bypass this crummy law!.

One day you'll be begging me to eat at your crummy restaurant.
It had been so empowering to quit that crummy job this morning.
I went to his crummy, one-room office and explained the situation.
crummy ones get marvelous credit for stories that should never be told.
physical body by destructive consumption of booze, drugs or crummy food.
He felt pretty crummy about giving up the address of Alfred and Viktor.
his crummy shack, but Darek didn’t care—or rather, he was used to it.
You must have seen some male clerks that were rather crummy at typing, General.
It’s one of those crummy towns prone to misery: A bus collision or a twister.
I was starving for one measly, crummy fact to prove what I was starting to believe.
Every last crummy, pathetic second that's left will be utterly miserable, thanks to you.
We already lost one—that lad with the crummy leg—and I ain’t gonna lose another one.
But Buffett pointed out that even a crummy paper can prosper if it’s the only one in town.
They had to see all the choices, including some of the crummy ones that they used at the moment.
While I was plotting his doom in my crummy little cabin that smells of moldy towel, he loved me.
I’m not going to touch you, okay? I need one crummy hour of your time, and you’re going to benefit.
It might be a crummy way to treat my little brother, but it does have one advantage – it usually works.
Good stocks drop in price frequently and speculation bids the price of crummy stocks high on a regular basis.
It was a crummy three hours, and after, as he was walking across the school parking lot, she’d plowed into him.
So it is, with the crummy wiring job a lot of crooked and bribed contractors did on our house, our human way of life.
But in this game it’s possible that you could actually throw away a winning hand, or even turn a crummy hand into a jackpot!.

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Synonyms for crummy

bum cheap cheesy chintzy crummy punk sleazy tinny