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Punk in a sentence

You are a punk.
The punk with.
Called me a punk.
Punk had started.
He’s a punk kid.
Punk then walked.
Steam Punk knew it.

Punk leaned in closer.
Punk walked into the.
and held it up to Punk.
canon, shit house punk.
Punk shifted from the.
aching hand out to Punk.
He recognized the punk.
That’s right, punk.
He nodded slowly at Punk.
Free ride west, punk.
He fol owed Punk up the.
―Z, stop bein‘ a punk.
Punk nodded and the KDM.
'I am a cyber peace punk.
Punk then pointed to the.
The punk hogged the table.
, Punk cal ed behind him.
This is it, Punk said.
Not that awful Joey punk.
You’d think he was a punk.
But if that - Punk said,.
I’ll be nice to you, punk.
You should have seen this punk.
and saw Punk was not behind him.

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