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Tinny in a sentence

Tinny clangs echoed in the hall.
I thank God, she said, in a tinny voice.
A toy machine-gun sent tinny blasts into the air.
Then the doorbell rang: one, two, three tinny rings.
added the young soldier, his voice tinny through.
The water tastes tinny but she is so thirsty she cares not.
And inside my ear was a tinny noise which only I could hear.

watched as she screamed and yelled above the tinny sound of.
"Whose that with you?" a tinny voice sounded from the intercom.
I couldn’t hear Yuki, but Twilly’s voice was tinny and clear.
somewhere above her Karen could hear the tinny sounds of Strauss.
This time, Sister Rebekah heard the thin, tinny sound of the response.
The taste of stale smoke was in my mouth, like steel wool, tinny, coppery.
Yes, who is it? the tinny sounding speaker blasted out with Grant’s voice.
The tinny notes fired from a large hand-cranked device in the middle of the room.
Buckle up, children, Bill’s voice sounded tinny in the confines of the car.
We scooted down a country lane in a tinny little car on the wrong side of the road.
Larry was singing to himself along with the tinny sound on the radio in the Transit.
"That's it, Copperhead," said a tinny voice on the FM, "we're about 100 meters south.
He was a small man, but still had a good six inches on me, and he breathed on me hard, his breath all warm, tinny beer.
Apart from the tinny hiss from Lucy’s headphones the Roach household was as silent as the grave for weeks after the murder.
Saul eyes it suspiciously, but his jaw drops when Tony presses a green button and the thing starts to speak in a tinny voice.
Instantly, the computer screen showed a green ceiling, and the sound of gentle snoring rasped from the tinny computer speakers.
They were chirping and she thought that it sounded as though they were saying Emma! Emma! Emma! in their tinny bird voices.
MC Frank-N-Stein took out his mobile phone and, after a few seconds fumbling, started the track playing through its tinny speaker.
The tinny voice dryly rattled out of the speakers on the console, carrying just a hint of silent amusement, and a whiff of sarcasm.
LP manoeuvred the boat trailer down a small cement ramp next to the Noosa barge and slid his fourteen foot tinny into the murky brown water.
Throwing the paper on the floor, Alex punched the replay button on the answer-phone and his daughter’s frightened voice issued from the tinny speaker.
The moon had risen higher, and floating in the Sound was a triangle of silver scales, trembling a little to the stiff, tinny drip of the banjoes on the lawn.

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Synonyms for tinny

tinny bum cheap cheesy chintzy crummy punk sleazy