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Dreaded in a sentence

It was what she dreaded.
I had dreaded he was mad.
She dreaded the next day.
It was as she had dreaded.
We dreaded it, but at the.
In those dark and dreaded.
He dreaded what was coming.

She heard that dreaded word.
I dreaded what was coming next.
The dreaded day finally arrived.
We’ve dreaded this day coming.
I dreaded the return of Smiler.
He dreaded going back each fall.
I hung my head as I dreaded my.
He dreaded the terrors of night.
But then, the dreaded act occurred.
He dreaded telling Caris the truth.
I dreaded alike his splitting me.
He had dreaded this moment as well.
She dreaded that look on his face.
I so dreaded hearing her voice.
She dreaded having to be courageous.
I prayed for and dreaded his return.
Always she had dreaded buttonholers.
Jeremy dreaded to think of the future.
Then came the dreaded wasting disease.
Have you dreaded these earth-beetles?
I dreaded the meeting, but she was a.
Thomas dreaded when he had to answer.
Stil , I dreaded eating on the terrace.
I dreaded to think how it tasted to him.
It is the moment I have dreaded the most.
It is the weapon most dreaded by tyrants.
I dreaded the truth in what he was saying.
I dreaded the words Renfield might speak.
I dreaded that more than dying in Ireland.
This was the answer she had dreaded hearing.
He dreaded that he would see pleading there.
On that dreaded evening, I got home at 8:00 P.
Few prowlers were so dreaded as Montparnasse.
I was dreading what Pa.
He had been dreading this.
I had been dreading this moment.
Dreading the thought of Vernon.
He had been dreading this moment.
I’m dreading that part, too.
I was dreading the response but.
She was already dreading tomorrow.
He had been dreading telling her truth.
I was dreading my next question as I asked.
Then the moment I’d been dreading arrived.
Then came the day that Louie had been dreading.
I was excited but also dreading that encounter.
After two years of dreading the arrival of the.
She'd done this once before, and was dreading the.
I was dreading having to tell you about Morgana.
Nothing was said, and she was dreading a punishment.
Godwyn watched helplessly, dreading some last-moment.
I held my hand out to Williams, absolutely dreading it.
She closes her eyes, dreading his inevitable cold warmth.
She was dreading the move and he was beginning to plan it.
And now she was saying the very word he had been dreading.
Then the order we had been dreading came as Lt Pearson said.
This was something that I was dreading but expecting to find.
You know how I have been dreading to give birth to this child.
What I have been dreading this past decade is finally happening.
And how did you do that? Cassidy asked almost dreading the answer.
Max took a deep breath, dreading the answer but having to ask the question.
He paused, but Thomas said nothing, dreading the lecture he knew was coming.
As soon as she said it, Patty knew she’d been dreading just exactly that.
Orphenn thought it over, scared out of his mind, and dreading anything that.
Quickly Sam passed the door and hurried on to the second storey, dreading at.
I spent hours sitting in Fred’s favorite chair, dreading my own imagination.
She left the office flushed and angry, dreading to explain the delay to Trask.
Dreading what those memories would bring, it was Hallen who changed the subject.
At our feet, I found the Punjab lasso which I had been dreading all the evening.
He let out a sigh, as if he’d been waiting for this question—and dreading it.
Bounded by society rules, he was withering, dreading the thought of becoming a.
When the time came for Ralph to appear, she found herself dreading the encounter.
Scrapes followed by a lurching sound alerted them to movements inside, dreading.
Barnes dreads most,--I was encouraging Dolly.
Flying from something that he dreads than one.
He dreads the consequence, the burden of a soul.
Matthew’s dreads had been completely sheared off.
Again, such dreads are natural and understandable.
Because Dreads is staring at you like you're wasting his time.
As I fell past her, to the ground, I plucked a hair pin from her dreads.
We are hear to witness the hearing of Chloe, said the man with dreads.
He had everything: massive dreads, gold bling, a knitted hat, a beard, the works.
Richard rubbed the palm of his hand over her forehead and then her dreads, smiling.
His glove must have had some voodoo, because when I touched it, my hair grew out into long dreads.
He was a cool guy, quiet and polite, kind of good looking, in a rough way, even with the rastaman dreads.
It’s horrible in its familiarity; every criminal knows and dreads the rise and fall of the police siren.
A white female student with black dreads, a ring in her lower lip, peeked out from behind an overturned table.
Gould's mission is to save him from the effects of that cold and overmastering passion, which she dreads more than if it were an infatuation for another woman.
Granted that man does nothing but seek that mathematical certainty, he traverses oceans, sacrifices his life in the quest, but to succeed, really to find it, he dreads, I assure you.
He has not the deepest sense of sin who most dreads the avenging rod, but he who most keenly feels the hatefulness of insurrection against the Father of Spirits and the All-satisfying Good.
The man of modern times, whoever he may be (I do not mean a true Christian), educated or ignorant, a believer or an unbeliever, rich or poor, married or single, does his work, takes his pleasures, and dreads all restrictions and privations, all enmity and suffering.

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She grew to dread him.
The dread of Hell has.
It evoked a sense of dread.
It causes dread in us all.
I Dread The Winter Because.
The crowd groaned with dread.
Of such a dread hallucination.
Oh, that would be so dread.
I faced the South with dread.
I believe you they dread him.
Their thorns you should dread.
The dread locks turning point.
Do I dread the journey?
Her stomach churned with dread.
The feeling of dread which had.
And dread the time that is to be.
His dread increased by the hour.
My chest was filling with dread.
The men of Judah said in dread:.
I can see the dread in his eyes.
My stomach had shrunk with dread.
With a look of dread, Alec turned.
The feeling of dread intensified.
Dread of dying is fear of living.
What the anvil? what dread grasp.
A sense of dread descended on me.
I did not repeat the dread epithet.
A feeling of dread was in the air.
Saul now looked at him with dread.
I realised with a feeling of dread.
A dread thought entered Sally's mind.
A sense of dread spread through him.
And sermon—but in that dread hour.
Not as much panic, but far more dread.
I dread sleeping: my dreams appal me.
A thin scream of dread his final act.
One look at your lordship’s dread.
Dread replaced my temporary happiness.
A feeling of dread passed through Star.
I dread sleeping: my dreams appall me.