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Fearsome in a sentence

Dragons fly with fearsome grace.
The fearsome presence was near.
It smelled of fearsome disinfectant.
She became fearsome and unforgiving.
It is a fearsome state of things—.
God is angry, and His rage is fearsome.
She has a fearsome aim with a doughball.

Ma was going to fly into a fearsome rage.
The Anarchists were a fearsome group of.
Her temper could still be fearsome, though.
Its headdress featured a fearsome vulture.
Which is enough to make a fearsome monster.
This is the fearsome ‘Atargatis?’.
The fearsome beast was surrounded with leaves.
This fearsome life, and what my destined end?
The Gestapo had a fearsome reputation, miss.
The sat and stared in silence at the fearsome Riaz.
It was merely the fearsome imaginations of her mind.
A big paddle riddled with holes is a fearsome thing.
As I was running towards the tunnel I heard a fearsome.
This is Mars – Roman god of war, fearsome and brutal.
They are fearsome shape shifting monsters of Navajo legend.
Tom was curious as to why such a fearsome animal would feel.
It was a fearsome weapon if it was stabbed deep into a body.
The Neelkanth was a celebrated dancer and a fearsome warrior.
Do we have to crawl though that fearsome wood again Grandpa.
This whole fearsome sequence of events appeared in my mind's eye.
And the stage at last comes when even this fearsome ocean.
In the land of illusion you show yourself as a fearsome cannibal.
Ermengarde looked round the attic with a rather fearsome curiosity.
Fearsome as they are, those horns and the neck-frills face forward.
It’s fearsome because it shows in no uncertain terms how you did.
For that I use an easy but strict system called the fearsome foursome.
During that day a fearsome school of sharks provided us with an escort.
Fearsome creatures in their own right this new arrival topped them all.
Though the most fearsome mode of newly acquired Ardaran transport were.
So she promised readily, though Ellen made rather a fearsome rite of it.
Candidates were not nearly as fearsome as their predecessors, which was.
The fearsome German Tiger tanks advancing with machine guns blazing or 88 mm.
Brandished in its captain's hands, the Nautiluswas simply a fearsome harpoon.

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