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Horrendous in a sentence

The pain must have been horrendous.
Roger had a horrendous empty feeling.
You did, however, suffer horrendous losses.
The death and suffering will be horrendous.
Horrendous is the only word I can think of.
The Jinn fought each other with horrendous.
Mind you, this probably the most horrendous.

Besides, the implications would be horrendous.
Jody, she and I got into a horrendous argument.
The horrendous pain stopped and it was all over.
Leave you with a horrendous itch and a scar that.
It spoke and filled me with a horrendous feeling.
One was a horrendous incident when he was at toddler.
It was the most horrendous site that Chunt had ever.
It was horrendous and it was MY love, MY display of.
As horrible and hellish and horrendous as it was to.
Hereafter, it was recovery from a horrendous hangover.
Sue hadn’t been alone for that horrendous experience.
And then Katherine made this horrendous gasping sound.
The proofs are horrendous and may not even be possible.
The pain was horrendous but through it, as he started.
Does that mean the horrendous crimes didn’t actually.
Even with that advantage, we suffered horrendous losses.
It was going to be a horrendous day for him and his men.
For a moment I envisaged triffids or something horrendous.
The officer let out a horrendous laugh, not being able to.
He suffered horrendous injuries, just one of the brave and.
His own experience with girls thus far has been horrendous.
The outfit was not horrendous, it just had a sexy quotient.
Yes, she’s guilty of the horrendous crime of attempting.
He is no longer this unknown monster capable of horrendous.
Some of the exceptionally horrendous and abominable things.
That is a horrendous and callous way of dealing with people.
With a horrendous ear-shattering shriek the ancient lake of.
No one would be spared a role in this horrendous theatre of.
His captors asked him why he'd committed the horrendous crime.
Many would mourn Anna after learning of her horrendous murder.
It had been both a rewarding experience and a horrendous one.
I gather that the costume changes are going to be horrendous.
Then the world erupted again behind them with two horrendous.

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