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Horrific in a sentence

It was a horrific fate.
It was horrific to watch.
It was a horrific experience.
As if things weren't horrific.
He’d seen the whole horrific.
The horrific realization had come.
It really was horrific at the time.

He endured horrific hal ucinations.
The horrific visions of South Afri-.
Then something truly horrific happened.
The horrific reality that there will.
It was so violent and just… horrific.
The horrific thought shook both, tired.
That’s horrific, it can’t be…’.
It was horrific, medieval and barbarous.
I can see the horrific gash on your neck.
It was the most horrific time of my life.
Orang-utans are enduring a horrific ordeal.
These horrific tales were meant to scare.
Mengele to continue his horrific experiments.
The picture was clear, in color and horrific.
Most survive, but they often suffer horrific.
There had been horrific pain and then nothing.
And so began a horrific game of cat and mouse.
The smell inside the house was horrific, I hear.
Ailia, the devastation down south is horrific.
The injuries they sustain are horrific; sometimes.
I didn't want to end up in a horrific car accident.
I couldn’t determine the cause of this horrific.
The beast roared and growled with horrific intensity.
The brutality of the Japanese soldiers was horrific.
Then all hell broke loose with a horrific explosion.
For one horrific moment, Rod thought that it would.
Some Chinese child beggars can be seen with horrific.
Singleton only served 8 years for that horrific crime.
It was horrific and I asked Baba how I could have done.
We didn’t believe the odds were that horrific, sir.
That is the most horrific thing I heard, I gasped.
A horrific thought brushed aside everything in his mind.
And snatch it away, assaulted by horrific images again.

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