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Frightening in a sentence

But it was also frightening.
It was frightening and loud.
It's also kind of frightening.
It's a very frightening thing.
It is frightening her to death.
I apologize for frightening you.
I find it frightening that I do.

Frightening them with masks too.
If anything it was frightening her.
It was too frightening to consider.
It felt bad, dangerous, frightening.
Everything about it was frightening.
The images on TV had been frightening.
But it became manageably frightening.
Red smiled; it was a frightening sight.
That is a truly frightening thought.
That sounds frightening, she said.
The Ignorance is frightening, Mr Heins.
That is the part, which is frightening.
But it had been so real, so frightening.
Often, the most frightening thing about.
That guy is so ugly he’s frightening.
The surge of power was almost frightening.
This book is frightening in its realism!.
Because it’s frightening, that’s why.
This was totally unfamiliar and frightening.
The frightening thing was the cause of death.
It’s frightening when you think about it.
His face under the moonlight was frightening.
Island, his palm strength was too frightening.
It's vulgar, it's terrible, it's frightening.
I never imagined it would be this frightening.
The world that awaited was simply frightening.
Her meeting with Farzdbuk had been frightening.
For me it was frightening, unexplored territory.
Meaning: the frightening reality of a situation.
The Mojave is a big desert and a frightening one.
Tim stooped without frightening off the sandpiper.
Each problem if not solved gets more frightening.
As frightening as this new life was to her, she.
I was a frightened sort.
I began to feel frightened.
He was frightened at this.
And he was frightened, too.
A frightened boy, and grim.
He was frightened to death.
Of course I was frightened.
He is frightened of an ant.
He was much too frightened.
He was frightened and cold.
But the girl was frightened.
He felt frightened and weak.
She is frightened but stoic.
I might have frightened you.
Spirit as I was so frightened.
And it almost frightened her.
He grasped the frightened Mr.
The frightened moans of fear.
But still I am not frightened.
He is frightened, and stoops).
He was shocked and frightened.
He is frightened, and stoops].
They no longer frightened her.
But he was frightened more so.
Do not be frightened (he said).
Judy wasn’t frightened at all.
A Modi-led BJP frightened them.
The ewes were frightened of it.
He was exhausted and frightened.
She was so tired, so frightened.
He looked frightened and unsure.
Oh, Anne, I’m so frightened!.
She looked tired and frightened.
Slid! man, but I was frightened.
She was startled and frightened.
It excited me and frightened me.
This woman was really frightened.
Miriam looked, and was frightened.
Oddly, I didn’t feel frightened.
She looked shamed and frightened.
It frightens her.
What frightens you?
The magic frightens me.
So much that it frightens me but….
Imagining your childhood frightens me.
It is the not knowing that frightens us.
It’s the meanwhile frightens me, sir.
It frightens me, for I have seven children.
I hate it - probably because it frightens me.
To accept what comes as it comes, frightens me.
But it is not that remote peril which frightens me.
What frightens them, light or noise? Better sit still.
What frightens me is the savage nastiness of my opponent.
I'm still married, and until I'm not, even this frightens me.
Moving atmosphere to speech often frightens those unaware.
Upon my word, the fellow's power frightens me when I think of it.
She frightens them off with numbers and sulphur,’ Matsumoto said.
However, just an apparently lifeless object, frightens me, it tortures me.
It is not only the size of these redwoods but their strangeness that frightens them.
It really frightens me sometimes to know you and I have the entire responsibility for Gods Son.
You elves have such amazing power, so much that you take it for granted, and… it frightens me.
You’re scared of him, you all are! You’re no longer top of the food chain and it frightens you.
Of course the idea of sleeping frightens you: you fell asleep and something terrible happened to you.
That quality frightens me now, because I know what he told me: that I was broken, that I was worthless, that I was nothing.
What is there about units of ten that so frightens a man? When a man’s twenty-nine years old and nine months it doesn’t faze him.
It almost feels as if he has me pegged in every possible way, and the thought both thrills me senseless and frightens me out of my mind.
It frightens me to think of the number of people who left the town harboring family members or friends that had been infected in recent attacks.
This proposition frightens and offends her (she loves him), opens her eyes to her position and to that of her mother, and makes her suffer deeply.
The thought of letting someone into my heart frightens me yet…, she looked into his eyes, I can’t seem to help myself when I’m with you.
Realizing that a wooden gun is as good as a real one when it frightens everybody, the child used his substitute terms to shock his father and the world at large.
He's almost as big as a hare and there's something about his mere presence that frightens you, as if blood and fighting and killing were all just part of the day's work to him.
The lamp alarms and frightens Jonah; as lying in his berth his tormented eyes roll round the place, and this thus far successful fugitive finds no refuge for his restless glance.
Yes, he frightens me that way too, but what troubles me more is the idea of Mike or that skinny weasel in a hospital in Limon telling their entire story to the police right now.
He rushed at her with the axe; her mouth twitched piteously, as one sees babies' mouths, when they begin to be frightened, stare intently at what frightens them and are on the point of screaming.
He was pale as a sheet, trembling all over and smiling queerly, perhaps because any scandalous affair or terrible scene both frightens, and at the same time somewhat rejoices the outside spectator.
But it is not this distant peril that frightens me,—I see another, nearer, above all, a more cruel peril, more cruel, because it has no excuse, because it is absurd, because no good can result from it.
Truth be told she adjusted to her surrounding as expected from humans and it frightens me to say this also,' he hesitated before he added, `I think that some of the wizards may have found a way to overcome their shortcomings.
Ferrars is a very headstrong proud woman, and in her first fit of anger upon hearing it, would very likely secure every thing to Robert, and the idea of that, for Edward's sake, frightens away all my inclination for hasty measures.
I shrieked out---that frightens her---she heard papa coming, and she broke the hinges and divided the case, and gave me her mother's portrait; the other she attempted to hide: but papa asked what was the matter, and I explained it.
I shrieked out—that frightens her—she heard papa coming, and she broke the hinges and divided the case, and gave me her mother’s portrait; the other she attempted to hide: but papa asked what was the matter, and I explained it.

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Ma foi, you frighten me.
You want to frighten me.
I would not frighten them.
We should frighten the mother.
You are trying to frighten me.
Why does it frighten you?’.
He had expected to frighten her.
I don’t want to frighten the boy.
I’ll frighten him with my magic.
I must be careful not to frighten her.
The stranger alone did not frighten her.
I didn’t see the need to frighten you.
Stories told to frighten young children.
Which should probably frighten me even more.
I’m afraid all I’ll do, is frighten you.
It was there to frighten the Egyptians into.
Oh, you won't frighten me with your shouts now.
I will endeavor not to frighten you for real.
Another reason is to frighten away the attorneys.
These things are revealed to us not to frighten us.
No little brown snakes to frighten and confuse me.
I think she often does it merely to frighten me.
What he was concerned about would frighten even the.
I choked back my tears, not wanting to frighten Logan.
What they told him about Lazarus did not frighten him.
These threats did not frighten Tchin-Sing in the least.
Separate! That’s a thing to frighten me with!.
Come, ease me of my anxiety, or else frighten me at once.
You’ll never corner me, Rhett Butler, or frighten me.
They won’t attack, but we don’t want to frighten them.
He knew that his shouts would frighten them away no longer.
Yes, he said; it’s easy to frighten me, you see.
Q: Nature kills by the millions, but this does not frighten me.
Just frighten her and get her to tell you where it was hidden.
Isn't that neat! Electrical storms both frighten and delight me.
Either they frighten one out of one’s wits, or else—.
Not wishing to frighten him, she placed her face near his and said.
The prospect of speaking before a group didn’t frighten me at all.
All you are good for is to catch sturgeon and frighten Tartar women.
But if–as I believe–he only intended to frighten his son, then.