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Discipline in a sentence

You need discipline and a.
The discipline helps us see.
I guess they call it discipline.
If they need discipline, he is.
Discipline was harsh and absolute.
This is a great mental discipline.
Discipline of the mind is dynamic.

Everyone has a sense of discipline.
It was the others—and discipline.
Numbers serve to discipline rhetoric.
I had to discipline myself to give.
Forming new ones required discipline.
A first step in restoring discipline.
Have the discipline to repeat these.
That would be good discipline, you.
The discipline was intolerable to him.
It is very hard to discipline the mind.
The key is consistency and discipline.
A very rare discipline of harmony and.
Summers was glad to see the discipline.
Discipline and routine have their uses.
What was the Japanese secret? Discipline.
Saturn is discipline, limitation, karma.
This is the secret of mental discipline.
Without discipline they will be useless.
Their talent is knowledge and discipline.
Nothing but the stern discipline of her.
They value truth, justice and discipline.
It is never too late to instill discipline.
I need training, discipline, and strength.
I don't accept anything without discipline.
But discipline was sacrosanct for Brundage.
The training and discipline was needed too.
Without discipline, there is no life at all.
Similar to the Law, love requires discipline.
Without any discipline or guidance, or love.
There are other, better, ways to discipline.
Failure of discipline - causing over trading.
The discipline of children was shared with.
The Ordu is a marvel of skill and discipline.
Sociopaths often had difficulty disciplining their children.
Exerting control on the wild senses and disciplining them into.
We have a right to provide for arming and disciplining the militia.
In this sense Education means disciplining the behavior of an individual.
Disciplining children or children figures in your life is a high art form.
From the Heros’ Careers for Children and Babies (Disciplining of the Greengrocer) -5-.
From the Heros’ Careers for Children and Babies (Disciplining the Greengrocer) –5–.
That probably meant most of the damage had happened when he was very young, while his stepmother did the disciplining.
This attack had no strokes; it was simply that of a father disciplining his child or a strict teacher disciplining his protégés.
Despite the camp commander’s statement, he was sure the Warriors would be told to hit below the head when disciplining the slaves.
Common sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.
He just stands there looking confused, and for a moment I wonder if he is confused, if in his sick heart he believes his own lies about disciplining me.
I was introduced to a meditation tool by a mentor of mine which actually takes the effort out of disciplining an active mind to achieve deep relaxation.
Allen; he has served with me upwards of five years, and to his unremitted exertions in disciplining the crew is to be imputed the obvious superiority of our gunnery exhibited in the result of this contest.
Instead, humans have trained their brains just like they have trained their brats… by spoiling them with indulgences when they need discipline, and disciplining them when they need freedom, love and acceptance most.
Caitahno Raisahndo remained as stubbornly low born and uncultured as ever, and he was still far too soft when it came to disciplining common seamen, but much as it irked Rohsail to admit it, he had a good head on his shoulders otherwise.
It would be remarkable if, instead of disciplining him, hospital managers agreed that he should work only with male medical students and doctors and even that the new head of surgery, a woman, should delegate his supervision to a male colleague.
The great change introduced into the art of war by the invention of fire-arms, has enhanced still further both the expense of exercising and disciplining any particular number of soldiers in time of peace, and that of employing them in time of war.
But they were ill disciplined.
But Henry was very disciplined.
A few were cold, disciplined, watching.
His life becomes thoroughly disciplined.
But he disciplined himself, they both did.
This is their reward for being disciplined.
Disciplined traders live to fight another day.
Focus is the first born of a disciplined mind.
Being disciplined will save you on your trades.
All the bank traders must be disciplined traders.
Is the business disciplined in choosing locations?
You are disciplined and you take your job seriously.
If you go near those cases, you’ll be disciplined.
The army had disciplined his body, but not his soul.
Stephen - I've actually become much more disciplined.
Although this model needs a disciplined approach to.
Daily death means that my disciplined self is to be.
If the need arose they disciplined and re-enlightened.
This was all performed in a highly disciplined fashion.
Be disciplined and follow your predefined exit criteria.
Poorly disciplined, they looted and burned York, Ontario.
Teacher; and, the more you try to dance with disciplined.
Finally, I disciplined myself and made a CAN SLIM checklist.
In fact, whatever your goals are, and you have disciplined.
And being highly disciplined that was exactly what they did.
The Disciplined Trader (Prentice-Hall, 1990) by Mark Douglas.
I myself would like to become more disciplined within my work.
You need to be self disciplined and if it is study time, do it.
God saves from within; they disciplined themselves from without.
A quick read of a chapter will not make you a disciplined trader.
Surely in that are signs for every disciplined, grateful person.
Disciplined, as were all Tardanians, he could not afford to relax.
There are hundreds of indicators of a disciplined mind, not one of.
It wasn’t easy, but I can be very disciplined when I have to be.
A disciplined mind is the most crucial element in mastering any art.
It taught me how to be disciplined and how to learn from my failures.
The pill is a matter of concepts followed by extreme disciplined action.
But if you are not disciplined, a small loss could become a giant loss.
But it is within the reach of one who has disciplined his thoughts and.
Thus, when disciplined by the practice of selfless action, the mind of a.
He disciplines the ones he loves.
There are many other medical disciplines.
Duo-piano playing has its own disciplines.
He stayed a brown belt in several disciplines.
I test investment disciplines, not trading strategies.
When external forces impose very strict disciplines (e.
Strangely, the magical disciplines rarely overlapped….
That’s why we have to stick to the disciplines and not.
This includes habits, strategies, routines, and disciplines.
Hoffman has studied most of the major disciplines in the broad.
It also shows that there are disciplines in place for longer term.
But know this, I am also He who corrects and disciplines those He loves.
Monthly reporting disciplines had been implemented and consolidation of the Group's.
But you should not overlook the fact that even divine love has its severe disciplines.
Each of these disciplines holds that its findings apply everywhere and over everything.
As with other disciplines, there are challenges and barriers to realization of the ideal.
In option evaluation, as in other disciplines, a good starting point is historical data.
It was one of the reasons that Vulcan’s had so many rules and disciplines for telepathy.
But is traditional that the majority of members have an easier time with certain disciplines.
Yet in the New Testament all these disciplines were taught and practiced by the early Apostles.
In the past these disciplines have successfully controlled the excesses of Kings and even Emperors.
On the one hand, he lacked the mental disciplines that she believed all sentient beings should share.
For me, many long evenings of study led to precise rules, disciplines, and a plan that finally worked.
Chastity is one of the greatest disciplines without which the mind cannot attain requisite firmness.
They know and can describe well the situations they're looking for and the disciplines they use to find them.
Other disciplines may have had this same method of evaluation monitoring, so it wasn’t limited to mathematics.
I needed to ask Bonnie how I could recognize an imbalance in my practicing of these three disciplines, early on.
In previous chapters, we have gathered knowledge from the mix of the academic disciplines of philosophy and science.
The initial risk point and the disciplines surrounding it are perhaps the most important elements of these examples.
While studying math preparatory to other disciplines seems to make sense, that approach has some considerable drawbacks.
If he misbehaves, his master can assert his authority by giving him a mild electric shock; this is how he disciplines it.
The class of NP-hard problems is very rich in the sense that it contains many problems from a wide variety of disciplines.
Who can deny that there is a need for balance in the imposition of disciplines? They should be neither too strict nor too soft.
Most of these bodies are responsible for large numbers of technical and manufacturing standards in many different disciplines.
In most disciplines a leader could not be unrecognizable from an innovator – most of it got simply said to the really curious.
When it comes to other branches of science, many of the same ideas are incorporated into those disciplines in order to find the truth.
Bullivant presently saw her being talked to by one who had once been a general but now in retirement wreaked his disciplines on bees.
With the acceptance of this truth, the Lessons of Scope were added to the disciplines, and each member became both student and teacher.
There are some disciplines that are for our private walk with the Lord and some disciplines are for the assembling of the body of Christ.
Consciousness in divine unity, after selflessly following the spiritual disciplines, results in losing any sense of separateness of other.

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