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Hale in a sentence

His tag said DAVID HALE.
How could so hulking and so hale a thing.
Hale: England and the Italian Renaissance.
I recognized him, David Hale out of Central.
That was when the first hale stone hit the pane.
Hale is this what the preacher meant last Sunday.
JBZ Director, William Hale, couldn't have cared less how.

If it all went to plan then he would need Webber and Hale.
Hale that was big__ and __beautiful, young Pete replied.
They are hale and healthy as they know the art of living well.
Hale, The Captive Press in the Third Reich (Princeton, NJ, 1964), p.
I don’t know if you remember but there’s a law firm, Webber and Hale.
In it, she begged Hale not to give up searching; Louie, she wrote, was alive.
Mother Coxtart also seem’d very hearty and hale after last Night’s Debauch.
Okay…Jamie, shouldn't you have Dan Hale handle this for you, maybe tomorrow.
She penned a letter to Major General Willis Hale, commander of the Seventh Air Force.
A hale of small arms fire came within minutes as the remaining mercenaries opened fire.
He looked as hale and hardy as usual, but I noticed his hair was beginning to turn gray.
He could re-sell Webber and Hale if his plans went pear shaped, but there would still be a loss.
New York, still young, vigorous and hale, prefers its drama in lumps, and suffers from no dyspeptic results.
Mounting pressure to determine the whereabouts of Agent Hale brought Barnes storming back into interview one.
The picture represented America as a hale youth, about eighteen or twenty-one, with a huge purse in his pocket.
Like Nathan Hale, they gave their lives to ensure freedom and a high quality of life for those of us living today.
The legal barracudas, including Sam’s own lawyers at Webber and Hale, would now be hounding UVS for compensation.
He is described in the opening chapter as being ‘of a hale and strong complexion, lean-bodied, and thin-faced’.
The worthy man was hale and hearty, not exceeding three score and seven, and had never dreamt of being superannuated.
Do you know from which tomb they hale? Not that it matters, research will provide the answer if you do not have it.
Matt had even had the gall to name his little gunboat the USS Nathanael, after the Revolutionary war hero Nathaniel Hale.
What evil, my jewel? If your old man was hale and hearty, 'twould be a different matter, but he's neither alive nor dead as it is.
He bought his mum a huge house out in Hale Barnes not too far from the old neighbourhood but far enough to keep her old friends away.
Nathan Hale began spying for the Americans when he was twenty years old and became an American hero when he was executed by the British.
Seventy beds keeps he there teeming mothers are wont that they lie for to thole and bring forth bairns hale so God's angel to Mary quoth.
Technically it was the male child who was the heir, but since Kristen and him had both just became adults, Will Hale told them to rule together.
If you are an avid air traveler and hale from Great Britain then you will probably remember the August 10, 2006 event wherein security inside the U.
I left one patrol officer behind to radio in for a full lockdown of the building, and the rest of us followed Hale through the museum’s central hall.
Ma’am… you would prefer to have a dead son in the hands of the paramedics or a hale and hearty son in your arms? I said as respecting as I could.
He was, it could be discerned, tall, broad-shouldered, and of a hale appearance, in spite of his invalid state, though he was somewhat thin and looked ill.
He shook his head to clear his thoughts, then he showed Jai and Ceder that the enchanted eggs had been safely recovered, with both Syn and the El fish hale.
Derrick Herrington sat in an uncomfortable high back chair, having tea with his sister Kristen, a foreign ambassador, and their childhood guardian, Will Hale.
I was so moved by this experience of silence that I immediately turned around, went home, called Hale, and asked him if I could come to an advanced training, even though I was just a beginner.
She was giving up her room in Haling, of course, and she asked if she might leave a trunk and a suitcase in the box room of my flat till she came back to England.
He haled it.
Where ye be haled from?
It was bruited about that I was seen with them, and so today I was haled into court, and a judge asked me where the lad had gone.
Her pity was swallowed up in admiration for the victor, who, lightly ignoring the marks of her teeth and nails, haled her along to his den.
I had cut my knuckles against the pale young gentleman's teeth, and I twisted my imagination into a thousand tangles, as I devised incredible ways of accounting for that damnatory circumstance when I should be haled before the Judges.
The Avro was all bombed-up with four 12-pound Hales bombs.
Lord-chief-justice Hales, who wrote in the time of Charles II.
Wilding continued, You think Mitch Wilson murdered Hales?
The bullet struck Evan Hales Edwards between the eyes and he was dead before his body hit the floor.
His calculation, therefore, though different in appearance, corresponds very nearly at bottom with that of Judge Hales.

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