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Off in a sentence

I turn the TV off.
All bets were now off.
You run my legs off.
He turns off his light.
He turns off the radio.
It failed on take off.
Fuck off, you old git.
He was off in his own.
He decides to back off.
Now fuck off out of it.
I'll get off your back.
Or when Rocky took off.
Check them off your list.
She turned off the water.
He flicked off ash and.
This was pissing me off.
You are going off track.
She turns and storms off.
He and Alistair set off.
Rex stood alone off stage.
I send off a quick reply.
Turn that cell phone off.
He slopes off to his room.
And it all went off again.
Alan's off to the Yakhan.
But they all got off here.
The practice has paid off.
John tries to shake it off.
Turn off the lights there.
He flew off along his way.
Brad swung off his cloak.
Jannson took off his shirt.
They never got off campus.
He turned and walked off.
But you don't break it off.
It sparkled off the water.
Marjory had pulled it off.
With that he was off again.
He packed up and headed off.
No one takes off their coat.

Thrane in the offing, Ripos.
Blomkvist had known that the story was in the offing.
What museum docent? There’s a pun in the offing.
Then we realised we may have been a bit quick offing the pirates.
They have a well-reasoned fear that some kind of tragedy is in the offing.
I don’t think I suggested there was a coup in the offing, he said.
At last we gained such an offing, that the two pilots were needed no longer.
The sound of his voice alerted me that another messy challenge is in the offing.
It didn't take me long to realise that a great gift was in the offing, and that the.
A foodwhoop, an indication that dinner was in the offing, was a signal to get to work.
And the mother-son duo saw an opportunity to realize their goals with the dowry in the offing.
All Joshua could see was Syd addressing the group and would fear that rebellion was in the offing.
On, on we flew; and our offing gained, the Moss did homage to the blast; ducked and dived her bows as a slave before the Sultan.
Despite the speed at which the actress was signed to a deal, there were no movies in the offing for the newly named Marilyn Monroe.
Some writers are very successful bloggers but I feel as though I’ve got nothing to blog about unless I have a new book in the offing.
Deciding to sidetrack him, Gautam dispatched him post-haste to Madras as the In-charge of Global’s southern operations in the offing.
And to Gautam’s gratification, what with the Green Revolution on the cards, dozens of licenses for fertilizer plants were in the offing.
The porpoises (who are by nature inquisitive creatures) were still hanging about in the offing to see if anything of interest was going to happen.
How this new-found obsession is ruining many a match in the offing? Well, it’s only love that has the power to maneuver through these encumbrances.
Roopa Rao at some point of time? Would Sandhya then object to his bigamy? Oh no, never, life in the offing would be thrilling and vibrant, with Saroja too propping it up.
Meanwhile, the price of the kits in stores was coming down, and original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) sales were in the offing; both meant lower margins, if higher volume.
Sensing trouble, Ranga Reddy, who was sitting beside his inebriated friend, thought it fit to preempt the embarrassment in the offing, and announced thereby, ‘I request Dr.
At the base hospital there, with the navy and fleet of transports in the offing, there was a lack of everything, and men were virtually dying for the want of nourishing food.
When all were up and starting off, we were forced to head almost directly into the wind so as to gain offing, not willing to risk grounding on any bars the river outflows might have created.
JayJay still hankers after his piano and I believe there is an idea in the offing to send someone across to look into how this and other instruments requiring a fixed venue are manufactured.
When she was in the family way, she instinctively knew that Satish was the father of the child; and as the issue in the offing began to draw her towards him, she thought about the ethics of its upbringing in the existing setting; as her maternal instinct got the better of her feminine infirmities, her husband’s position in her life seemed untenable in her perception, and it took little time for her to resolve that my son was the man of her destiny.
The shooter still hadn’t offed himself.
The Dielengann Path offed the animals and took the weapons off.
They up and offed last night when I offered to rent the place.
What I hear, he was the one who offed those kids on the beach last summer.
So you know this city like your wifes ass! Junya said as he offed a.
He knows who the fuck I am and that I’m the guy that offed that kid back home.
Cam jumped up "YOU KISSED CHRIS ABELEY AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME!" he said pissed offed.
Jenny Kryss was venomous, you would have killed him if he hadn’t already offed himself.
Jillian asked herself, could it really be Midge? It's pretty clear that she offed her last husband, Barney.
What kind of answer was that? Am I going to get rolled later by her goons? Maybe even offed? No, I think she’s just playing.
Sawed offs tucked.
Show offs always get it in the end.
There could be a lot of other spin offs in this job.
Thanks for the offer, but I don’t need your cast offs.
Your operating costs, including insurance are in the form of inventory write offs.
The chairs and table were plastic, cast offs collected from the garbage pile outside of the Honeybee Inn.
But why would he be giving us tip offs if they are involved themselves, I don’t understand Jenkins eventually replied.
Then again, four holodecks wouldn’t have accommodated all of these people at the same time, so there were always trade offs.
The volatility in the price of gold and silver has increased in 2008, and the spikes and sell offs are more common for the metals.
Natural gas stocks suffered major sell offs during the global recession and I believe there is opportunity for willing investors.
Although George was a bit of a loner, he did his bit to protect his patch of land from wildfires by yearly burn offs, and was a member of the volunteer State Emergency Service.
There was more of a sea breeze than there had been before and Keturah in the absence of my attention had already unfurled the sail and made the necessary tie offs of ropes attached to it.
The space gear on the man was ergonomically designed to be comfortable even planet side, in vertical lift offs while experiencing additional G’s, and in space, regardless of temperature.
How many harebrained plans did we devise? Do you remember all of the Hollywood movie like plots and rip offs we designed but never executed? Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't we even want to start a militia in the 1960's? Knowing what I know now, with the wisdom and understanding that has been given to me, it’s a wonder we didn't blow up the world somewhere along the way.

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