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Behind in a sentence

Ma came up behind her.
I jump out behind him.
A noise behind her —.
They go behind the door.
All that was behind him.
A twig broke behind him.
Laino came up behind her.

Behind them: the fat one.
The big one stays behind.
He touched me from behind.
The door shut behind Matt.
That is behind all nature.
Alan was right behind her.
Out on a canvas behind her.
They had left him behind!.
It seemed to be behind me.
Nic was standing behind me.
Behind us, the ragged lip.
There's a pit behind us.
Nate was standing behind me.
The men behind him laughed.
I hid behind the menu again.
Look behind you, I said.
Peter is standing behind me.
That hides behind the race.
The Ford 150 chugged behind.
The women pulled in behind.
Behind the Arch the Temple.
Tears stood behind my eyes.
The door banged behind him.
Someone had to stay behind.
He stepped from behind the.
We ran and he stayed behind.
Maybe she left them behind.
The others gather behind her.
Jock is back behind the desk.
Headlights cut on behind her.
The main reason behind the.
The crowd behind him hushed.
Eddie slid behind the wheel.

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