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    1. We must submit

    2. “Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your

    3. (17) “Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you

    4. We as members of any congregation must submit ourselves to

    5. If it is our utmost desire to please the Lord in all things (and what is the point of calling ourselves Christians if we do not submit to the headship of Christ in all matters?), we will go to the Word of God to learn the Lord's will on this matter

    6. Is man somehow mistreated because he has to submit to the headship of

    7. In replacing those two words (though He is indeed the Creator), we have allowed an excuse as to why people should not submit to spiritual authority

    8. I will never submit to a pastor who won’t allow for his congregation to chastise him

    9. We tried to submit proof; but that was

    10. You may also want to submit the draft charter to the staff of your sponsoring agency and/or school board for review

    11. She didn’t know if she could calmly submit to it happening again, but she had been beaten badly the time she tried to fight it, while she was still a child in Reston

    12. Would you submit in any

    13. Then I use a the other tool, an article submitter, to submit the articles at a

    14. Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your

    15. that was never going to submit to their ham-fisted

    16. This will be their first meeting but her visa has been approved already and she is now preparing all the papers she needs to submit at the American consulate here in Hong Kong and then for her interview

    17. I usually submit corporate words to the spiritual leaders such as pastors

    18. Scripture actually says to submit them to the prophets, but to do this we must have trusted prophets in place

    19. were free and not willing to submit to the Master

    20. subtly at first, but when prophets don’t submit to suggestion and

    21. You will submit to the Death Guard for inspection or be condemned as infected

    22. government refuses to submit to the authority of the

    23. There’s two ways to submit, the hard way and the way that’s

    24. I do not accept the dogma “God loves you under the condition that you believe and submit to my religion, or your life after death will be a permanent and endless state of despair in a dark place'

    25. type iliate program and then submit it to their

    26. directories you submit to

    27. Manually submit or pay for a service to have your affiliate program listed

    28. Use your detective skills so that you submit

    29. Submit your website to thousands of places only 19

    30. com to create a PDF eBook which you’ll then submit to three different eBook-Directories

    31. Unless this or some other method is fallen upon, and there seems to be none more ubvious than this, of preserving the importance and of gratifying the ambition of the leading men of America, it is not very probable that they will ever voluntarily submit to us; and we ought to consider, that the blood which must be shed in forcing them to do so, is, every drop of it, the blood either of those who are, or of those whom we wish to have for our fellow citizens

    32. How obstinately the city of Paris, upon that occasion, defended itself, what a dreadful famine it supported, rather than submit to the best, and afterwards the most beloved of all the French kings, is well known

    33. Submit your articles to the main article

    34. com and submit them to video sharing sites

    35. should submit your site to)

    36. But unlike before, he would not submit himself to its extraordinary power

    37. The home consumer is obliged to submit to this inconvenience, in order that the producer may import into the distant country some of his productions, upon more advantageous terms than he otherwise would have been allowed to do

    38. Even the greater part of those who survive the action are obliged to submit to him for the sake of immediate subsistence

    39. The thousand men whom he thus maintains, depending entirely upon him for their subsistence, must both obey his orders in war, and submit to his jurisdiction in peace

    40. As a military officer submits, without reluctance, to the authority of a superior by whom he has always been commanded, but cannot bear that his inferior should be set over his head; so men easily submit to a family to whom they and their ancestors have always submitted; but are fired with indignation when another family, in whom they had never acknowledged any such superiority, assumes a dominion over them

    41. When those companies do not trade upon a joint stock, but are obliged to admit any person, properly qualified, upon paying a certain fine, and agreeing to submit to the regulations of the company, each member trading upon his own stock, and at his own risk, they are called regulated companies

    42. Necessity, however, always forced him to submit at last, though frequently not till after many delays, evasions, and affected excuses

    43. was torn between wanting to submit to Jeff and her con-

    44. In France, the great easily submit to a considerable degree of inequality in a tax which, so far as it affects them, is not a very heavy one; but could not brook the arbitrary assessment of an intendant

    45. Aoife had been too giddy to submit to bed and Maureen had to allow her to stay up a little longer to let her calm down

    46. But instead, Aoife had become cranky with tiredness and it had taken a lot of coaxing to get her to finally submit

    47. We should submit to or be subject to elders, but that is

    48. concerned the believer will submit to an authority as a

    49. if everyone in the church would submit

    50. I submit that in the very context of warning the

    1. When a book's copyright owner submits their work to Foboko

    2. When a book's copyright owner submits their work to Free-eBooks

    3. He submits himself to God

    1. If we refuse submitting to the laws of life, it is natural that we are

    2. He even got out of there once again without submitting to a homosexual encounter

    3. of time submitting to hundreds of directories

    4. Strenhowell made him acquainted with their names and duties, each time presenting Harry as their new supervisor and reminding them of their responsibility to produce their work in a timely manner---always submitting their products for 'Mr

    5. The workmen, accordingly, very seldom derive any advantage from the violence of those tumultuous combinations, which, partly from the interposition of the civil magistrate, partly from the superior steadiness of the masters, partly from the necessity which the greater part of the workmen are under of submitting for the sake of present subsistence, generally end in nothing but the punishment or ruin of the ringleaders

    6. 18, reducing the fine for admission to twenty pounds for all persons, without any distinction of ages, or any restriction, either to mere merchants, or to the freemen of London; and granting to all such persons the liberty of exporting, from all the ports of Great Britain, to any port in Turkey, all British goods, of which the exportation was not prohibited, upon paying both the general duties of customs, and the particular duties assessed for defraying the necessary expenses of the company ; and submitting, at the same time, to the lawful authority of the British ambassador and consuls resident in Turkey, and to the bye-laws of the company duly enacted

    7. Paul was talking about submitting to

    8. not holding fast to the Head, Colossians 2:19, because they were submitting to authorities, Colossians 2:20

    9. But by submitting to leaders as a substitute

    10. Then one officer sprang to his feet, and in an impassioned harangue called all to swear to fulfil their oath, "Independence or Death," and face the latter before submitting to such American intolerance

    11. With far more weightier matters worthy of your newspaper‘s attention, it seems almost trivial submitting a letter to your office in reaction to a parking summons my wife received the other night at 12:30 AM while many of the hard-working citizens of Sterling Avenue were fast asleep

    12. But, the truth was that, they were busily robbing the government by submitting phony projects

    13. From when it was first proposed, Gordon had used all of his influence and politician’s skills to fight against submitting to US political pressure that Costa Rica increase enforcement against drug trafficking

    14. system works by having the state overpay the health care providers and then submitting those costs

    15. Description: Receipt Hog rewards you with coins for submitting photos of you grocery receipts and completing surveys

    16. daily, submitting the pain to Him and trusting Him

    17. Building after building, street after street, neighbourhood after neighbourhood, is submitting to the will of the mob—to mob annihilation

    18. After many months of submitting numerous documents and affidavits, Consuelo arrived in the United States, just before Chistmas

    19. More and more scientists around us are submitting to picodust-induced paralysis and death

    20. You would be submitting to our demands! And you would be addressing us in the proper manner as 'The Honourable' or 'Your Honourable'

    21. bosses, almost from the time of submitting her first report, including: repeated and

    22. To use hashtags for a contest, you simply ask people to tweet including a unique hashtag that you create, when they are submitting entries to your contest

    23. was as fol ows: “You are one day late in submitting your expense

    24. and apprised the Navy that we would be submitting a fully documented

    25. Department in response to biologists’ submitting falsified samples during a national study of the threatened Canadian lynx

    26. written a short story I will be submitting to a contest

    27. This is so out of character for them that it seems almost impossible, but apparently they even assist in the most mundane and distasteful of labors with as much stoic military discipline as any commander could ask! Imagine Dark Dragons expending their flame in flaring latrine pits! I would have thought that any of them would gladly die before submitting to such malodorous drudgery, but our witnesses have seen it with their own eyes, and reported that it was accomplished with no more griping and complaint than one would expect from any other soldiers!

    28. After he listened to Myers orally debrief and answer questions from the MACV people, Lochert said he had nothing to add except that Myers and Detachment A-302 of the 5th Special Forces Group were the best unit he had ever been in the field with, and he, Major Wolfgang Lochert, hereby notified the assembled officers that he was putting the Mike Force Team in for a unit citation and submitting SFC Charles Haskell, better known as Snake, for the Medal of Honor

    29. 2 For whoever that has tarried among you has not approved your most virtuous and firm faith has not admired your sober and seemly piety in Christ has not proclaimed your splendid disposition of hospitality has not deemed blessed your perfect and unerring knowledge? 3 For you did all things without respect of persons and walked in the laws of God submitting yourselves to those who have the rule over you and giving the due honour to the presbyters that are among you

    30. 1 And you were all humble boasting of nothing submitting yourselves rather than subjecting others more gladly giving than receiving content with the provision that God had given you; and attending diligently to his words you all received them into your very hearts and his sufferings were before your eyes

    31. Submitters could now see what was popular and fine-tune their submitting accordingly

    32. This is what got people to start submitting to Digg, in addition to or in lieu of Slashdot and other content sites

    33. Also be regular in submitting your website to other directories that

    34. Submitting your book could not be easier

    35. author, and embedded into the text file at the time of submitting to

    36. Wolfe asked him if he had worried, upon submitting the Pulitzer Prize-winning tome to publishers, about

    37. Everyone thinks they can be an artist, dancer, actor, singer without submitting themselves to the rigours of intensive and long training! Stuff and nonsense! Very few people will ever excel at anything

    38. ) had in getting questions answered, or that consumers had when submitting a claim

    39. The interesting thing about that book is that when I received it back from Harpers with the letter saying that they had decided to pass on it, I was pretty upset because I had been submitting books for years and had received a lot of rejections

    40. relocated the blond wig before once again submitting to Barbara’s ministrations

    41. Submitting a website to the Yahoo directory

    42. submission is that it doesn’t have to cost anything near to the cost of submitting a

    43. week focused in writing and submitting press releases could be an extremely

    44. information about his website before submitting his details

    45. There are often a number of options when submitting your link for possible

    46. Another thing to bear in mind when you are submitting your site to various

    47. Because you’re submitting your own website for prospective inclusion in a

    48. be worthwhile building a one-one one relationship with, and submitting unique

    49. Writing and submitting Articles to the internet is one of the quickest and

    50. As he knew none who ever stepped into the corridors of a publishing house, he thought, before submitting his fresh manuscript, it was an idea to make a name for himself

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    Synonyms for "submit"

    submit take reconcile resign posit put forward state accede bow defer give in put in present render pass on relegate volunteer proffer suggest propose affirm tender succumb relinquish comply abide

    "submit" definitions

    refer for judgment or consideration

    put before

    yield to the control of another

    hand over formally

    refer to another person for decision or judgment

    yield to another's wish or opinion

    accept or undergo, often unwillingly

    make an application as for a job or funding

    make over as a return

    accept as inevitable