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Veer in a sentence

1. Lights veer toward her, then away.
2. Sheer luck caused the target to veer.
3. Others may veer towards the extreme of non-.
4. And then heading right as I veer left to grab my lunch.
5. Alexa, why did you veer off into the forested area?
6. The former CEO of Shell, Jeroen van de Veer, received a $1.
7. And as a main trail usually has branches that veer off from.

8. Hal saw a Mythos veer away from the house, turn a corner and.
9. I stayed strong, while he refused to veer off the path of weakness.
10. They’d go west and then northeast and later veer south for a stretch.
11. They veer into the parking garage, slipping between two cement pillars.
12. The motorcycle seemed to defy gravity, its speed and wings helping it to veer.
13. I don't want to veer too far off the subject of this chapter but please indulge.
14. It is best to focus on quality, and veer away from papers, which may have certain scents.
15. But he indulged the Patriarch, who seemed to be trying to veer him off course nevertheless:.
16. It wasn’t long before he caught up with the Expedition and watched it veer off to the right.
17. The undead always veer the paths of good intentions and twist them into the worst way possible.
18. She made Pegasus veer on the trail and follow it at a relatively slow speed for about 400 meters.
19. I figure I will shamelessly use this title’s play on words so that I may veer off into an area of.
20. Then, was surprised to see the last chariot on one side of the wedge waver and, as suddenly, veer away.
21. She hit the maneuvering controls wildly and tried to veer off to the left, but it was too little, too late.
22. He also certainly heard the cry for almost at the same time he let out a yell and tried to veer to his left.
23. The choice: whether to go back to Nature or veer off into the evil Imperialism of Emperor Franz Joseph street.
24. The two were forced to veer off without firing for fear of being taken out by the potential debris if they scored.
25. For a second she was afraid he’d veer off and make his way around the house to the front door, just to avoid her.
26. The officer gasped as Adam took the steering wheel and forced the car to veer onto a flowerbed at the side of the road.
27. All the evil undead scum hiding inside him and all around him seek to veer him away from all goodness, happiness and health.
28. In the end they thought that she may have gone to sleep at the wheel, or maybe she had to veer suddenly to avoid an oncoming car or kangaroo.
29. It needs water but who am I to have time to be a gardener these days? I veer off left past the mailboxes and towards the playground in a full run.
30. Out at sea hurricanes will build up force and begin to veer toward the pole, the wind speed usually being greatest on the poleward side of the eye.
31. His mother was long gone and his father was never home and although he was a popular kid he seemed to veer away from hanging out with the boys.
32. They were the first to veer off, and, not having run into them, Yigal ventured, we assumed that they were ahead of us and already with you.
33. If we can stay in the middle of the current, the rest won’t be able to snake off too far no matter where they veer off to, as long as the lines stay tight.
34. The next morning we rode up a trail along a pleasant river called the Yaguez until we left it around noon to follow another path that seemed to veer a little to the southeast.
35. The Japanese fighter then exploded into a fireball, making Ingrid scream in triumph and forcing the Japanese wingman to veer away to avoid the debris from his leader’s plane.
36. He nearly groans with frustration as they veer off to wrap around his waist, and he pulls her closer to make up for it, to try to reduce the demanding need to have her touch him.
37. After the intercept squadron had fired off a round of broadside shots, the two enemy ships that survived the encounter unscathed wisely chose to veer away and wait for reinforcements.
38. For hours, in fall days, I watched the ducks cunningly tack and veer and hold the middle of the pond, far from the sportsman; tricks which they will have less need to practise in Louisiana bayous.
39. Perhaps indeed the archenemies were lurking around, their malignancy somehow trying to veer him away from his newly found purpose, driving him to dark corners of his mind he did not wish to revisit.
40. I opened a can of apple juice for breakfast, thinking that today would just be another insignificant day, refusing to veer from the seamless sameness of other days, another sunrise in the millions of desert sunrises.
1. It is veering off to the left of the complex.
2. What are you doing out here? he asked, veering toward her.
3. He was trapped now, with the receiver veering above him, poised for the kill.
4. Her anger was as unexpected as every change on this evening of swift veering moods.
5. I have no intention of veering away from your directions, Aazuria said with a nod.
6. Yes, now that Sicarius had started her mind down that path, she had a hard time veering.
7. But sometimes it’s high-level investors whose strings of successes send them veering off course.
8. It sped ahead erratically for a while before veering off to one side and shot off into the distance.
9. The driver obeyed her at once, accelerating for a moment before veering and stopping across the road.
10. There the road, which had been veering southwards between the brink of the channel and a steep fall of the.
11. The monster trucks came and went, slowly approaching her position at times but veering off before they got within the kill zone.
12. The forces of Bergmark were here now, streaming out of the forest behind the Anduain lines, and also veering east, toward the bridge.
13. The two bogeys are now separating, with one accelerating sharply towards Haifa while the second bogey is veering south and staying at….
14. We kept on the ride till Taredd led us off the road and we took to a wide and rolling landscape, north of city-Calleva and veering towards the east.
15. Massive walls extended from the outer fortifications to the east and west, sloping down the hill and then veering south to eventually form a semi-circle.
16. Then that made me think of what it might be like to kiss this stranger in the Zorro costume…and I knew my thoughts were veering in a very dangerous direction.
17. A veering of the wind blew a cloud of smoke about them and she could no longer see the man who was speeding toward her, but suddenly she felt a great arm about her.
18. It surged up on our stern, only veering at the last moment, and gradually overtook us, passing to port since our outrigger was to starboard and theirs the opposite.
19. You would have seen the sun, when it rose, veering away from their cave towards the right, and when it sets, moving away from them to the left, as they lay in the midst of the cave.
20. With the next lane blocked by a black Range Rover coasting along at the speed limit, Colin cut across the breakdown lane and zoomed past a cluster of cars before veering back onto the road.
21. The pilot of the BEARCAT made his aircraft touch down after floating above the runway for a few seconds and bounced twice, veering left and right in the process and nearly leaving the runway.
22. I would have finished by telling Elly that only love and commitment prevented straying but she was very sensitive on the topic and veering away from her strict line meant that you were actually.
23. The French pilot still managed to land without damaging his aircraft, veering abruptly off the runway as soon as he had slowed down, in order to leave the landing strip free for the use of his three comrades.
24. We all looked over at ten thousand chickens veering this way and that in tides, suddenly panicked by wind or startled by cloud shadows or dogs barking off on the prairie, or a lone car moving on the hot-tar road.
25. Now having gloomy thoughts about possibly ending in an Israeli jail, Stavro kept watching the Israeli helicopter as it made a full circle around his ship before veering towards the incoming armada of small boats.
26. A few days of frost, with a great red sun dropping behind the low range of western hills each late afternoon, and then a sudden veering of the wind to the south, and out rushed the crocuses, and up rushed the larks.
27. The attacking boats then split further up, with the three boats armed with machine guns veering off a bit to run past the Keshet while peppering it with bullets, while the three remaining boats, manned by single drivers, sped directly towards the missile craft.
1. He braked and veered to.
2. It then veered into the dome.
3. Away from Me they have veered.
4. Her thoughts veered towards Tadeo.
5. For a moment the birds veered away.
6. He veered around and leapt out the.
7. A blue and red hovercraft veered out.
8. The wolf veered into a heap of crates.
9. But suddenly the wind, of itself, veered.
10. Actually, my path veered one night when.
11. She veered off to her left to investigate.
12. Suddenly the rear Vets cab veered sharply.
13. Right? Her voice had veered to a high.
14. As I said, the Nautilus veered to the east.
15. Suddenly the truck veered into Batistuta.
16. The machine wobbled and veered alarmingly.
17. In typical fashion, he veered near the is-.
18. Not until they veered left and crossed the.
19. Abruptly, the figure veered to her left, and.
20. Having no choice she veered away from the door.
21. The boat veered to the center of the whirlpool.
22. After a while they veered closer to the outpost.
23. A truck veered around the studio backlot corner.
24. Libby’s thoughts veered away from the question.
25. Tina knew she was in trouble and veered off the.
26. The cars veered off and hauled ass the other way.
27. I grabbed it as the car veered off to the right.
28. As he closed in on the water, the trail veered.
29. Blue stretched out his wings and veered slightly.
30. At the last second, Granite shifted and veered.
31. The third and fourth waves veered off to regroup.
32. All six veered off and went after it instead of me.
33. Lexus suddenly veered from one side of the road to.
34. The mob veered off as if he had pronounced a plague.
35. When they drove past a WAWA the cruiser veered off.
36. The truck quickly veered to the east and jumped the.
37. It floated overhead, and veered off, describing the.
38. Paul grimaced and veered the Navigator closer to the.
39. Suddenly, it veered sharply into the east, breaking.
40. But to her surprise, the big cat suddenly veered left.
1. The jet veers off and away.
2. A single white sail veers out of the harbor.
3. He veers over to the side of the road and slams on the brakes.
4. So John’s account, after the feeding of the 5000, veers.
5. When he veers off course, strangers guide him to the chow-line.
6. Cass veers right and stops in front of a second hand clothing store.
7. A group of kids are trying to fly a kite, which veers dangerously close to her head.
8. It’s where the northern Canal, the Tyrant’s Stripe, veers southwest to become the Maw.
9. She passes through trees and road signs, veers around curves; she is as inescapable as a moon.
10. If a wind is strong and dry the weather will remain constant until the wind drops or veers, then it may rain.
11. He veers left, then right, then left again, losing control as he cuts over the median into oncoming traffic.
12. One of these is in A Shropshire Lad, Hughley Steeple in which he writes, 'The Vane on Hughley steeple, Veers bright, a far know sign'.
13. As the broadcast enters its second half hour, Reagan veers away from Vietnam and waxes poetic about the greatness of the United States.
14. It is also a rather sad fact that my underwear veers on the sensible side of practical and maybe I ought to think a little more in terms of sexy ….
15. The light hovers there another moment, as if allowing Werner to absorb their situation, then veers to the right and wobbles toward something nearby, and in the reflected light, through skeins of dust, Werner can see the huge silhouette of Volkheimer ducking and stumbling as he moves between hanging rebar and pipes.

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