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Tally in a sentence

Tally ho Bobby.
Tally, oh, Tally!.
Quick rocket tally.
(He hated the tally).
The accounts tally,.
tally wrong with the U.
Barbara Tally was real.

To the tally of my soul,.
Okay then, let's tally up.
They did not tally at all.
That doesn’t tally, Chief.
tally strained, and another —.
‘Yeah, it was to tally on impulse.
The indications and tally of time,.
"Tally ho the flares," Spooky said.
Does it tally with the other view?.
but their projects did not at all tally.
Let’s tally up this money, I said.
tally oblivious to this fundamental truth.
Interestingly enough, they did not tally.
Had I the choice to tally greatest bards,.
with his tales and tally and salt calluses,.
Here again I found the tally agreeing exactly.
the tally is off and he feels it’s his fault.
The final Electoral College tally is 525 to 13.
That brought the tally to 45 Democrats and 45.
he put down the tally sheets with a broad smile.
tally retarded, but merely withdrawn, irresponsive.
Tallying the gifts of earth, large as the earth,.
that I could learn about them along the way, tallying it onto my.
Preludes of intellect tallying these and thee, mind-formulas fitted.
of those Turkish beauties of her, tallying with the hollow made with the.
tallying the last few votes, though the secular party had already started rolling.
The sunlight that lit the room was considerably dimmer by the time they were through tallying the total.
The Cadillac driver was tallying receipts for his seven different accounts, Western Union, MoneyGram, faxing, photocopying, FedEx, UPS, and DHL.
As the traders wonder why they always get stopped out just before the market turns, their broker is tallying up the commissions generated on the day.
The checker at the loading station wore a sheepskin coat, and when he was not tallying, thrust hands and book and pencil into his breast pocket and moved his feet restlessly.
Her gallant, who was a gentleman about thirty, somewhat inclined to a fatness that was in no sort displeasing, improving the hint thus tendered him of this mode of enjoyment, after setting her well in this posture, and encouraging her with kisses and caresses to stand him thro', drew out his affair ready erected, and whose extreme length, rather disproportioned to its breadth, was the more surprising, as that excess is not often the case with those of his corpulent habit; making then the right and direct application, he drove it up to the guard, whilst the round bulge of those Turkish beauties of her's, tallying with the hollow made with the bent of his belly and thighs, as he curved inwards, brought all those parts, surely not un-delightfully, into warm touch, and close conjunction; his hands he kept passing round her body, and employed in toying with her enchanting breasts.
The vote is tallied.
The sensors tallied a hundred pods.
Rachel tallied her combat resources.
Told out: Numbered; counted; tallied.
over and the final totals were tallied.
We have tallied all things in a Clear Record.
If their accounts tallied in every point to say:.
knowledge they had as well as tallied up the skills.
The votes are tallied in secret and it comes out a tie.
Below are the tallied costs of equity for the years 2002 - 2006.
tallied list of significant information that we’ve derived from.
There is no endowment in man or woman that is not tallied in you,.
He encompasses what they have, and has tallied everything by number.
When you tallied all the wins and losses, I am a loser at the racetrack.
Once the vote was tallied, Churchill looked gravely at the men around the table.
corporation decides to incur debt at this rate, interest expense will be tallied and.
What is the exact position then? He checked it with the instruments and it all tallied.
Got it: How many misspoken promises would have to be tallied before it was obviously a pile of.
When all the votes—including fractional votes—had been tallied, the resolution had failed, 58.
When all the losses were tallied, in April 2000, the Quantum Fund was down 22% and the Quota Fund was down 32%.
But the message had come from the Dead Realm, that place where the final tasks had all been tallied and measured.
At the end of that time, scores were tallied and posted, and the best four couples in each category were announced.
The record of ten thousand nights like this one was tallied in the white hairs sprinkled liberally in his black brush-cut.
I would carefully check that the amounts of cash tallied with the lists and then I would give Jones’ man a receipt and sign it.
The council had been gone for several hours when it was announced that the votes had been tallied, and the results would come soon.
At their weekly meeting in the bank boardroom, they tallied individual losses and perfected new methods of hiding the ebb of bank capital.
In 1696, tallies had been at forty, and fifty, and sixty.
I think my tallies are nearly complete, he reported.
The figures, estimates, and official tallies were all in.
In subsequent months, death tallies exceeding 500 were common.
Luke in his two historical books tallies in every respect with what is learned of them from other sources.
Like Rush had stated, the documents contained nothing of note, save for tallies and estimates from the technicians.
Perhaps it’s because, although what I remember tallies with what other people remember, something still feels off.
The composite tallies IBD’s five SmartSelect measurements, with extra weight given to earnings per share and relative strength.
I go upstairs and sit on the bed and think about the conversation I had with Andy, the fact that it tallies with what I remember.
He documents how the CMM reported early the close tallies that favored Gore, and held back reporting the results that favored Bush.
During the great recoinage in king William's time, when the bank of England thought proper to put a stop to its usual transactions, exchequer bills and tallies are said to have sold from twenty-five to sixty per cent.

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