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    1. As she tallied the slips and listed the preferences, she noted with amusement that Hipolyta and Titania had each listed several plays and set themselves to all the roles attendant to them

    2. The inventory of big homes tallied by executives hired and moved to Ithaca indicated that Park’s advice was often followed, and that included the substantial house I eventually chose

    3. At the end of that time, scores were tallied and posted, and the best four couples in each category were announced

    4. tallied list of significant information that we’ve derived from

    5. I would carefully check that the amounts of cash tallied with the lists and then I would give Jones’ man a receipt and sign it

    6. The sensors tallied a hundred pods

    7. Rachel tallied her combat resources

    8. When you tallied all the wins and losses, I am a loser at the racetrack

    9. The council had been gone for several hours when it was announced that the votes had been tallied, and the results would come soon

    10. “Got it: How many misspoken promises would have to be tallied before it was obviously a pile of

    11. Back in the hustle and bustle of the big city, they booked into a hotel and Murray deposited the last of the casino money, they now had eleven keys and he still had thirty one thousand dollars of his original money, he had two bank accounts, one a deposit account with four thousand dollars in, the other, the account that his tenants paid into had close on fifteen thousand dollars, his house he guessed would fetch two hundred thousand, Murray never having tallied it up before, although he stole money he’d never had a fixation about it, was surprised and wondered why he hadn’t retired years ago, he mentioned this to Shirl and she totalled her assets coming to a figure around two hundred thousand

    12. “What is the exact position then?” He checked it with the instruments and it all tallied

    13. corporation decides to incur debt at this rate, interest expense will be tallied and

    14. Below are the tallied costs of equity for the years 2002 - 2006

    15. over and the final totals were tallied

    16. Once the vote was tallied, Churchill looked gravely at the men around the table

    17. But the message had come from the Dead Realm, that place where the final tasks had all been tallied and measured

    18. “The vote is tallied

    19. Told out: Numbered; counted; tallied

    20. The votes are tallied in secret and it comes out a tie

    21. knowledge they had as well as tallied up the skills

    22. We have tallied all things in a Clear Record

    23. He encompasses what they have, and has tallied everything by number

    24. Sculpture and monuments and any thing inscribed anywhere are tallied in you, The gist of histories and statistics as far back as the records

    25. There is no endowment in man or woman that is not tallied in you,

    26. Decide for thyself in thy wisdom, reader; for I am not bound, nor is it in my power, to do more; though certain it is they say that at the time of his death he retracted, and said he had invented it, thinking it matched and tallied with the adventures he had read of in his histories

    27. 'Relate your story, madame,' said he, wishing, no doubt, to profit by the absence of the husband, so that the latter could not influence the wife's story, to see if the two recitals tallied

    28. If he might use the metaphor, he said, he was their spiritual accountant; and he wished each and every one of his hearers to open his books, the books of his spiritual life, and see if they tallied accurately with conscience

    29. If their accounts tallied in every point to say:

    30. Carlos Norman Hathcock II, the most famous member of the sniping profession, a true legend and a man whom I look up to, tallied ninety-three confirmed kills during his three years of tours in the Vietnam War

    31. Carlos Norman Hathcock II, the most famous member of the sniping profession, a true legend and a man whom I look up to, tallied ninety-three confirmed kills during his three years of tours in the Vietnam War

    32. When all the votes—including fractional votes—had been tallied, the resolution had failed, 58

    33. The record of ten thousand nights like this one was tallied in the white hairs sprinkled liberally in his black brush-cut

    34. When I’d hold up the bloody stumps, she’d sigh and turn to her secret mental notebook on which she tallied all my deficiencies, forever noting disappointments, frailties, shortcomings

    35. net, provide ways to chart an underlying option’s average implied volatility, in which multiple implied volatility values are tallied up and averaged together

    36. When all the losses were tallied, in April 2000, the Quantum Fund was down 22% and the Quota Fund was down 32%

    37. The others, the married women, the mothers, the widows, the grandmothers, were a race apart who tallied their age not in relation to the number of years they had lived but in relation to the time left to them before they died

    38. Professional investors are an exceedingly competitive lot, unsurprising given that their chosen field is one where the score delineating winners and losers can be tallied at every market close

    39. At their weekly meeting in the bank boardroom, they tallied individual losses and perfected new methods of hiding the ebb of bank capital

    40. The blue / Bared its eternal bosom, and the dew / Of summer night collected still to make / The morning precious: Beauty was awake! / Why were ye not awake? But ye were dead / To things ye knew not of, — were closely wed / To musty laws lined out with wretched rule / And compass vile; so that ye taught a school / Of dolts to smooth, inlay, and clip, and fit, / Till, like the certain wands of Jacob's wit / Their verses tallied

    41. The same post brought me a letter from Westhouse & Marbank, of Fenchurch Street, to say that the description tallied in every respect with that of their employé, James Windibank

    42. And have I not tallied the whale, Ahab would mutter to himself, as after poring over his charts till long after midnight he would throw himself back in reveries—tallied him, and shall he escape? His broad fins are bored, and scalloped out like a lost sheep's ear! And here, his mad mind would run on in a breathless race; till a weariness and faintness of pondering came over him; and in the open air of the deck he would seek to recover his strength

    1. In 1696, tallies had been at forty, and fifty, and sixty

    2. During the great recoinage in king William's time, when the bank of England thought proper to put a stop to its usual transactions, exchequer bills and tallies are said to have sold from twenty-five to sixty per cent

    3. “I think my tallies are nearly complete,” he reported

    4. He documents how the CMM reported early the close tallies that favored Gore, and held back reporting the results that favored Bush

    5. The figures, estimates, and official tallies were all in

    6. Like Rush had stated, the documents contained nothing of note, save for tallies and estimates from the technicians

    7. Luke in his two historical books tallies in every respect with what is learned of them from other sources

    8. In subsequent months, death tallies exceeding 500 were common

    9. I go upstairs and sit on the bed and think about the conversation I had with Andy, the fact that it tallies with what I remember

    10. Perhaps it’s because, although what I remember tallies with what other people remember, something still feels off

    11. The composite tallies IBD’s five SmartSelect measurements, with extra weight given to earnings per share and relative strength

    12. In æsthetic literature you will incessantly meet with opinions on the merit and importance of art, founded not on any certain laws by which this or that is held to be good or bad, but merely on the consideration whether this art tallies with the art canon we have drawn up

    13. We have London news, by the way of the river, up to the 6th of March, which tallies to a day with what we have received by the way of the States

    1. with his tales and tally and salt calluses,

    2. I stare at the map, trying to tally the map in front of me with my memory

    3. He keeps a tally in his head of people absent mindedly picking their noses

    4. He had reached the remarkable tally of nine before a police car ran a red light and smashed into Ratford’s car, only to discover a dead, well dressed teenage boy in his trunk

    5. add a couple of thrushes to their tally of victims

    6. The feel of the lining did not tally with the design and cut of the velvet

    7. “Casey, I got the tally for that catch we checked on

    8. the tally is off and he feels it’s his fault

    9. played a part in the plot to pad the tally? By coincidence, just

    10. he put down the tally sheets with a broad smile

    11. There was some decline in business at supper-time, so that Colling and Ferguson were able to tally up the day’s receipts

    12. ” Would anything of this get back to him? She was sure that she would only know that when they brought the flock in for the seasonal tally

    13. When the final tally was made, there were 143 of us left, not counting the jagun that had broken through with the horses at the start of the battle

    14. The accounts tally,

    15. tally retarded, but merely withdrawn, irresponsive

    16. Does it tally with the other view?

    17. tally wrong with the U

    18. This brought his final broadcasting tally to seven television and, because he sold four radio stations in Duluth and Roanoke between 1977 and 1985, back up to twenty-one radio stations, and ended his expansion in the broadcasting field

    19. They were dutifully processed by bookkeeping and the tally for the Scranton manager kept growing

    20. "Tally ho the flares," Spooky said

    21. Nonetheless, the diligence of the USCG and federal allies resulted in impressive tally sheets

    22. USCG Station Bayfield, located ten miles north of Washburn (Wisconsin), responded to 174 SAR calls in 1995, doubling the previous year’s tally, and surpassing the annual call totals of the larger Lake Superior Coast Guard stations of Marquette (18) and Duluth (89)

    23. The response tally was due to the large number of fishing and recreational vessels which operate out of the ports of Bayfield and Ashland, and the severe weather conditions caused by the prevailing westerly winds coming unimpeded across the Lake (“USCG Station Bayfield,” 1995)

    24. “Let’s tally up this money,” I said

    25. Lydia stood there for a moment as the tally light on the camera switched off

    26. Summers stored this away in her mind, adding it to the running tally of things she would include in her first report

    27. After 10 days of bidding, one advertiser bought them for $38,100, and brought the final tally to $1,037,100 in gross income

    28. Okay then, let's tally up

    29. and overheads into that tally before you start to calculate the profits

    30. tally devastated when she heard of my death, and how she and Rolande would

    31. We are not saying to you that you must record tally marks of incoming and outgoing energy

    32. Governor Tally heard about what'd happened to my daughter

    33. “Mister Bailey, what is your tally of ships sunk and aircraft destroyed by the scoutship TEEN TEAM?”

    34. This is just a conceptual way to allow voters to see their vote in the final tally so that all voters could do this and ensure that their vote counted

    35. Some combination of their access code and address with their intended vote on a piece of paper would be their proof of the change needed to fix that vote in the tally for a regular polling and elections

    36. Changes in voting procedures and systems to show the voter that his vote counted in the final tally should be accomplished, with built in vigilance for fraud

    37. Was their some sort of software out there that could tally the exact number of times he had called a person a fucktard and provide her with that total upon request?

    38. With true patience, he managed to build the count up to a three balls and one strike tally

    39. Arthur Vandenberg did his best to control his emotions as the Sergeant At Arms of the Senate brought him the official tally of the votes from the assembly of 96 senators: he could already say that the verdict had been adopted by at least two thirds of the votes

    40. Fine tuning established businesses: at this level, most businesses have established processes with data collection using automated process flows or as the very least through excel sheets and Tally systems

    41. In cases where the client is open to upgrading their platforms, we work with our partner companies to introduce open source ERP and BI reporting platforms which even integrate with existing Tally systems, therefore allowing transparency to existing accounting processes, but giving the client real value for their money with automated reporting on a whole range of aspects of their businesses

    42. ‘Yeah, it was to tally on impulse

    43. “That doesn’t tally, Chief

    44. That brought the tally to 45 Democrats and 45

    45. porarily imagined his tally whacker was over a foot long and protruded his

    46. Soldiers wielded their spear butts liberally, and most of us collected welts to tally how many times we’d slowed or tripped

    47. Behind her, a markerboard held a running tally of total number of voters going through each polling station

    48. "Tally ho Bobby

    49. but their projects did not at all tally

    50. charge may check and tally the register maintained at check gate as well as weigh

    1. tallying the last few votes, though the secular party had already started rolling

    2. that I could learn about them along the way, tallying it onto my

    3. The sunlight that lit the room was considerably dimmer by the time they were through tallying the total

    4. Tallying the gifts of earth, large as the earth,

    5. Preludes of intellect tallying these and thee, mind-formulas fitted

    6. of those Turkish beauties of her, tallying with the hollow made with the

    7. Her gallant, who was a gentleman about thirty, somewhat inclined to a fatness that was in no sort displeasing, improving the hint thus tendered him of this mode of enjoyment, after setting her well in this posture, and encouraging her with kisses and caresses to stand him thro', drew out his affair ready erected, and whose extreme length, rather disproportioned to its breadth, was the more surprising, as that excess is not often the case with those of his corpulent habit; making then the right and direct application, he drove it up to the guard, whilst the round bulge of those Turkish beauties of her's, tallying with the hollow made with the bent of his belly and thighs, as he curved inwards, brought all those parts, surely not un-delightfully, into warm touch, and close conjunction; his hands he kept passing round her body, and employed in toying with her enchanting breasts

    8. The Cadillac driver was tallying receipts for his seven different accounts, Western Union, MoneyGram, faxing, photocopying, FedEx, UPS, and DHL

    9. As the traders wonder why they always get stopped out just before the market turns, their broker is tallying up the commissions generated on the day

    10. The checker at the loading station wore a sheepskin coat, and when he was not tallying, thrust hands and book and pencil into his breast pocket and moved his feet restlessly

    11. The tallying officer, without regard to the person of the visitor, slapped Nekhludoff on the back

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    run tally count counting enumeration numeration reckoning add add together add up sum sum up summate tot tot up total tote up chalk up hit rack up score agree check correspond fit gibe jibe match register enter record enumerate write down number inventory amount calculation

    "tally" definitions

    a score in baseball made by a runner touching all four bases safely

    a bill for an amount due

    the act of counting; reciting numbers in ascending order

    be compatible, similar or consistent; coincide in their characteristics

    gain points in a game

    keep score, as in games

    determine the sum of